Photos: Ribbon Cutting For New Airport Building

December 9, 2020

[Updated with photos] A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today [Dec 9] to mark the official opening of Bermuda’s new passenger terminal building at the LF Wade International Airport.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda’s new, state-of-the-art passenger terminal building at the LF Wade International Airport is officially open.

“A press conference was held earlier today with remarks from Aaron Adderley, Skyport President; Steve Nackan, Aecon Concessions President and Skyport Chairman; His Excellency the Governor; Lester Nelson, Bermuda Airport Authority (BAA] CEO; Lovitta Foggo, JP,MP, BAA Chairwoman; Ianthia Wade, JP, MP, widow of the late L Frederick Wade, video remarks from Canada’s Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, The Honourable Mary Ng; and Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC] Interim CEO, Ernie Briard.

“A ribbon cutting marked the official opening before passengers entered the new terminal to check in for Delta flight 616 to New York’s JFK International Airport.


Aaron Adderley, President, Bermuda Skyport, says: “With the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC] and prime contractors, Aecon, we were able to find a turn-key solution, bespoke in nature, that afforded Bermuda the opportunity to do what many small airports in the world our size have found difficult to do – namely, to successfully attract private sector investment to finance a major capital redevelopment.

“Once again, Bermuda has blazed a trail in setting new standards internationally for others to follow. Whilst the project’s business model has proven innovative, its economic impacts have proven to be widespread. Nearly 400 local businesses have been contracted since the start of the project and nearly $400 million has been invested in the local economy. Over half of the 1.6 million manhours spent constructing this world class facility were by Bermuda’s own men and women. We should be proud of their quality craftmanship.”

“The 288,000 square foot facility provides improved passenger processing, increased passenger capacity, greater resilience to extreme weather conditions, modern amenities and infrastructure, greater energy efficiencies, enhanced security, enhanced specialty retail and food & beverage outlets, and covered passenger jet bridges,” a spokesperson said.

Lester Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Airport Authority, says: “Several weeks ago, in my role as CEO of the Airport Authority, I notified Skyport that we agreed the conditions of Substantial Completion of the Airport Redevelopment Project had been met. The level of effort by the Authority’s oversight team and the robust framework behind this notification was significant.

“Today is a major milestone and you will be pleased to know that this building has been completed to the required technical specifications and contractual obligations. I congratulate Skyport, Aecon and all construction workers for a job well done.”

“The new terminal enables Bermuda to comply with the latest, most-advanced U.S. facility requirements for Pre-Clearance. Pre-Clearance allows for U.S. bound passengers to clear U.S. Customs and Immigration in Bermuda, instead of on arrival in the U.S. where longer lines often exist. This service, present in Bermuda for nearly 50 years, is extremely beneficial to passengers and provides the island with a competitive advantage when seeking new air services to and from the United States.

Steve Nackan, President, Aecon Concessions, the project’s developer and financier, says: “The genesis of today’s success story lies in the deep-rooted ties between Canada and Bermuda. Built upon the kinship of our two countries, the Canadian Commercial Corporation [or CCC] and the Government of Bermuda partnered with us to develop this much needed new facility. CCC – supported by the extended Government of Canada family – have been a true and valued partner – and their diplomatic approach has been a hallmark of the project’s success.

“Together, we mobilized nearly $400m of private investment – drawn to the long-term promise of Bermuda – and the opportunity to play a part in the revitalization of Bermuda’s economy. And through innovative thinking – we built and proved the model for how small airports can nevertheless achieve world class outcomes. Sincere partnership and collaboration were keys to this success – between the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Airport Authority, CCC, Skyport, the Aecon team, our operational readiness team from the Munich Airport – and all of our international and Bermudian business partners.”

“There were 885 Bermudians who worked on the site over the course of the airport redevelopment project, which began in March 2017 and a total of 1.6 million construction manhours. Additionally, the project engaged almost 400 Bermudian companies, vendors and suppliers in what became an extraordinary collaboration of local and international efforts.

Ernie Briard, Interim President & CEO of CCC, says: “The new terminal not only helps to showcase Bermuda’s unique identity, its development is part of the unfolding story of the people of this extraordinary island and their aspirations for economic prosperity. We are grateful to Skyport and the Bermuda Airport Authority for placing their trust in Aecon and CCC to lead an enterprise of such national importance.”

“The airport redevelopment project was completed on budget, on time and on spec,” Skyport added.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Check the PLP playing low key with the new airport.

    • Steve Kendell says:

      It wasn’t so long ago that the PLP were complaining that the new airport was a complete waste of money. It just goes to show that politicians can speak out of both sides of their mouths and expect to be believed.

      • wahoo says:

        They love a camera and some sandwiches.

        • Mixitup says:

          Just like you love and need Suntan lotion is my guess. Bermudian right?

          • Mark says:

            The above blogger is and will always be detached from reality and at the head of the line for the Koolaid.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        “Keep you eye on the prize” . Remember that ?
        What a great reward we all got , eh ?

      • doc says:

        in the govt case its outta their butt

      • Ringmaster says:

        The Premier and his Cabinet are pathetic and disrespectful towards Canada and Bermuda and behaving like petulant 2 year olds by not attending today’s ceremony.

        • Ray says:

          You obaUBPers still crying since your parth is dead at 6 and your own supporters gave up on you last election. Look on the brighter side vote for 2 strong parties PLP or FDM. The ONE BRoken Alliance is over. Lolol

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Who said anything about the OBA / or whatever silly other names you might use ?
            Sounds like you’re still crying that it didn’t go the way of Berkely , the court building , Port Royal , Grand Altantic , Docykard pier , TCD centre , shall I go on ? They worked out really well didn’t they ? Why do you think the OBA insisted this get done before they got voted out ?
            Stay mad.

            • Mixitup says:

              Are you dense? This project will cost the taxpayers a heavy price and you goons are still hailing it a success? Not to mention that the building has zero Bermudian character. The One Broken Alliance was a mess of a party and left a mess in its wake.

              • Toodle-oo says:

                So there were no overruns and complete accountability on the above projects ? And the hospital (wing) deal with all its redactions is .. ?
                You are aware of who got us into this mess aren’t you ? I bet you still think the OBA ‘doubled our debt in half the time’. Why do you think that it was critical that the OBA got this done before their term ended ?
                And you think others are dense ? ? LOL

              • question says:

                How much do you think has been wasted on the Grand Atlantic over the years? $45m, plus (so far) 9 years compound interest because all the money was borrowed, plus the costs a year ago of all the ‘upgrades’, new elevators, landscaping, repainting, redoing interiors, none of which was made public. It’s easily $100m all in. We’re getting a new airport, which is actually necessary and will be useful, for way less.

              • Ringmaster says:

                The airport is an infrastructure asset and will be cheaper than the hospital wing and far cheaper then the interest on the debt created by the PLP with nothing to show for it.

          • Question says:

            You sound like stupid teenager.

            • conspiracytheory says:

              Your grammar is like that of a stupid teenager.

          • sandgrownan says:

            $3bn+ in debt. 20 years of PLP “power”….

            See the connection?

          • Mark says:

            Another prime candidate for the Koolaid table.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      They went straight to the VIP lounge.

    • Hmm says:

      Trust me she didn’t want to be there. Even with a mask you can read her expression.

  2. Altitude says:

    Where was Bob Richards, was he not invited?

  3. Let"s Keep It Real says:



  4. joewade says:

    i feel that the OBA should have been there.. since this was their deal. Cant wait for all the naysayers and the PLP math to be proven wrong.

    • Mark says:

      PLP can’t do math – look at their record for the Education system.

  5. Juice says:

    When the oba put forth the plan to build this airport and the plp resisted, I stood with them, the deal was a bad one. But at the end of the day, the deal went through and we now have this new facility along with the bad part of the deal that comes with it, it is what it is and no amount of “beaching” and complaining will change what is.
    Bermuda now has this very nice facility (that we’ve paid a hefty price for), but it was built by Bermudians, for Bermudians and I won’t decry our handiwork and I for one intend to enjoy it as much as I can.