What Should Be Offered At Southlands Park?

January 16, 2021

The Department of Parks is inviting feedback and suggestions on “what amenities, activities and experiences” should be offered at Southlands Park.


A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Parks is inviting your feedback and suggestions on what amenities, activities and experiences should be offered at Southlands Park. Please visit the Citizen’s Forum at forum.gov.bm and share your thoughts.”

The relevant page on the Government website said, “As a result of the Morgan’s Point land swap agreement, the Government of Bermuda acquired Southlands Park, a priceless open space in Warwick with a beach front, quarry gardens, tree collections and unlimited potential.

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“Southlands consists of 38 acres and is located in Warwick Parish. It is zoned National Park and preserved under the 1986 Bermuda National Parks Act as a ‘Class B- Amenity Park’ protected area.

“Southlands Park provides an opportunity to restore a unique area to create a tourism destination and environmental education center for the Island’s residents and visitors to enjoy.

“The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback from the public regarding amenities, activities and experiences that should be offered at Southlands Park.”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Nothing. Do nothing beyond some walking trails. That’s it.

  2. sage says:

    Renting the arable land to some newcomers, small scale farmers looking to expand, maybe purchase and propagate fruit trees and create edible landscapes/fruit forests.

  3. puzzled says:

    What should be offered?

    It’s right there.

    Don’t abuse it.

  4. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Casino,Strip Joint and Fish n Chip Shop.
    I’ll supply the fish.
    Private Sector for Security and Parking Marshalls.
    Govmint can Tax it.
    Police can Ticket and nap Drunks and Illegal Parking.
    People get much needed jobs.
    Govmint can Tax.

    It’s a win win deal!

  5. Fisherman says:

    Clean it up, out in walking trails and have security throughout the day and lock it up nights.

  6. TB says:

    Do nothing. Its a beautiful place. Leave it as it is.

  7. Question says:

    If you make it attractive enough, maybe the vagrants will go there every day instead of stinking up Hamilton.

  8. Marcus says:

    I like it hammer thats a great idea

  9. FLEVE says:

    Protect it. Don’t install tourist attractions that would damage the vegetation or grounds. Once you let people in they will destroy it. Guaranteed. What studies have been done to protect the wildlife that live there? The vegetation? These things live there and should be protected. The island is too small and beautiful to let people destroy another area forever. There are plenty of other attractions on the island for tourist, including the most beautiful beaches in the world. Save this space. Protect it.