New Regiment Soldiers Complete Recruit Camp

February 28, 2021

Bermuda’s newest soldiers finished Recruit Camp at the weekend ready to start the next phase of their careers in the military.

Almost 50 recruits completed two weeks of training on Friday and will begin to build on the basics from next week.

Private Naphtali Smith, 18, from Pembroke, said: “I’m happy that it’s over – but I’m looking forward to going back and learning more new skills.

The sail training instructor added the hardest obstacle he faced was mastering the complexities of foot drill.

Privates Naphtali Smith and Donavon Burgess on exercise as part of their Recruit Camp training

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2021 (1)

He said: “It was the about turns and things like that. But I got it.”

He added he had considered the RBR Coast Guard or B Company, the Regiment’s humanitarian aid and disaster relief specialists, as he developed as a soldier.

Pte Katy Wright, 41, who works for the Yellow Pages and at a stable in civilian life, admitted: “I’m still recovering.

The mother of an 11-year-old daughter, from Southampton, said: “I’m a little sore and a bit tired – but I’m delighted I got through it.”

Private Katy Wright with Recruit Camp section leader Corporal Melissa Brangman

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2021 (2)

She added she was considering her options, but was keen on looking at the RBR Coast Guard, the medics or Motor Transport as specializations.

Pte Wright, who works for the Yellow Pages and at a stable in civilian life, said: “I don’t have any experience as a mechanic, but I would be keen to learn if they took me on.”

Pte Gianluca Guglielmucci, 23, from Paget, said: “I’m feeling pretty good – I’ve had a couple of days’ rest to catch up, though.”

He added: “It’s been a good experience and I’m looking forward to going back next week.”

Pte Gianluca Guglielmucci awaits the finishing touch to his uniform – an RBR beret – on his first day of Recruit Camp

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2021 (3)

The accounting and finance graduate of the University of Kent in the UK said: “The hardest part for me was dealing with all the different personalities. But we all managed to make it through as a team.”

Pte Guglielmucci added that he was keen to progress through the ranks and undergo officer training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in the UK.

He said: “I’m thinking about the officer route – that’s definitely one of my goals. I’ve also got an interest in seeing what the Coast Guard is like.”

RBR Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Ben Beasley said he was pleased by the quality and quantity of candidates for the first of two Recruit Camps this year.

The island’s newest soldiers work on infantry skills in Hog Bay Park, Sandys

Regiment Bermuda Feb 28 2021 (4)

He added: “The numbers are looking decent, but it’s been a hard-fought battle and required a lot of resources – but we are headed in the right direction.

“People come in with some ideas about the training and once they’ve started, they appreciate the journey they’ve begun.”

But Col Beasley said the modern RBR was not a one way street when it came to new experiences.

He added: “It’s a journey of growth in their personal development, but they also bring their own qualities to the unit as a whole and that helps to build confidence.”

Col Beasley said: “Young people bring a different way of thinking and new ideas on how we can deliver our services on island and regionally.”

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