Centennial: Scholarship Application Assistance

April 30, 2021

Centennial Bermuda Foundation is offering assistance to students who have had difficulty submitting their final application for the foundation’s scholarship programme.

A spokesperson said, “Centennial Bermuda Foundation’s scholarship application deadline is today; however, Centennial understands many students are unable to submit their final application due to the Bermuda Scholarships’ website being intermittently unavailable this week.

“Centennial is asking students to please send an email to Ms. Kim Pratt, who manages their scholarships, at kim.pratt@butterfieldgroup.com, if you are experiencing challenges submitting your application today.

“Centennial is only looking to hear from applicants trying to submit for the April 30th deadline; if you have previously submitted you do not need to reach out.”

“We can appreciate that applying for scholarships is a most stressful time for students and parents, without adding the woes of the pandemic, and now website challenges into the mix,” said Allison Towlson, the Managing Director of Centennial Bermuda Foundation.

“This is indeed a frustrating time and we empathize with students and parents. As much as you want to submit your applications, we want to receive them, so we are in this together. We are partnering with students and parents to work through the process.

“It’s important that you connect with us so we have details of whose applications are still pending. We hope you can breathe a little easier knowing that our team is making every effort to support you, and that we will be accepting applications currently in the process.”

The spokesperson said, “For more information on Centennial Scholarships, please visit here.”

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