Changes To Regulations Take Effect On Tuesday

April 16, 2021 | 46 Comments

[Updated] From 5:00am on Tuesday, April 20th, a number of adjustments to the regulations will take effect, including a curfew from 8:00pm and 6:00am, retail stores being allowed to to open for curbside service and delivery, and restaurants being allowed to offer takeout and delivery services, Premier David Burt announced at this evening’s press conference.

Summary of the changes to the regulations that will be in place on Tuesday

  • Curfew from 8pm – 6am
  • Retail stores can open for curbside & delivery
  • Restaurants can open for take out & delivery
  • Parks reopen
  • Remote working continues to be mandatory where able
  • Tynes Bay will reopen
  • Groceries stores & gas station continue on alphabetical system
  • Laundromats open by appointment to one household only
  • Farmers & fishermen allowed to sell
  • Courier services allowed to operate
  • Recreational boating allowed
  • Mixing of households “is still unlawful”

Speaking at this evening’s press conference, Premier Burt said, “Therefore, from 5:00am Tuesday, April 20th, the following adjustments to the existing Stay at Home regulations will take effect.

“First thing, is that a curfew will be in place between 8:00pm and 6:00am every day. Permitted businesses will continue to be able to be open between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm.

“Retail stores, including pet stores, will be permitted to open for curbside service and delivery services. Restaurants and food service will resume for takeout and delivery only, subject to all necessary public health precautions, just like retail stores.

Extract with the Premier explaining the new regulations:

“Remote working will continue to be mandatory, however, we are working with the Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders to provide a framework of testing employees before the return to work in those areas such as retail and food service that will reopen. This will promote a safe working environment for workers and customers alike.

“The Tynes Bay drop off facility will reopen for its usual operating hours on the alphabetical system. Supermarkets, grocery stores, and gas stations will continue to operate on the alphabetical system.

“Laundromats will permitted to open, and similar to last year, they will be open by appointment with one household at a time to minimize the mixing of households.

“Licensed fishermen and registered commercial farmers will be permitted to sell local fish and local produce respectively, the roadside and also to engage in delivering.

“Outdoor construction and landscaping services will be able to resume. Courier services will be permitted to operate. Parks will reopen, but the mixing of households, as I must remind, is still unlawful.

“Recreational boating will be allowed, but the mixing of households will not be allowed. This will be strictly enforced. All of the restrictions at this time are unchanged.”

The full 70-minute video, while we tried to extract the key portion as above, the Premier does mention the regulations at other times as well

“The regulations announced tonight will remain in place for at least the next 2 weeks, unless the data on the ground shows that we can move to the next phase sooner,” the Premier added.

The text above may not represent every single change, but is what was said during that section of the press conference. Normally the Government post an official document, which is usually few pages long, outlining all the changes to regulations, and we assume — not know — one will be posted for this as well, so when/if it is, we will post that. It tends to be released the day after the announcement.

Update April 17, 8.40am: The Government media posted this on their social media


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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Are restaurant take always subject to alphabet days also or everyday for everyone?

    • widea wake says:

      what i want to know is this at 5am on april 20th is the stay at home
      order still in place.
      cause the people that deliver the food from restaurents will be out all over the island

    • widea wake says:

      at 5am on april 20th will the stay at home order still be in place

  2. Vortex says:

    And where are the promised concessions for vaccinated people??

    Punish the good guys Burt, why don’t ya.

    I’m going rogue soon, had enough of the lies!!

    • Michelle says:

      There should be zero special treatment for those whom have had the vaccine. Some folks really can’t have it. And it isn’t anyone business of those whom have had it vs whom haven’t had it. There are new strains of the virus also, and the vaccine hasn’t been made to help all the different strands of the virus. Also. To all of them whom say that they’re are fully vaccinated, guess what, you aren’t. Pfizer is now saying that you will need a 3rd shot. So going forward it looks like you will have to take it continuously.
      For years we were told not to put certain things into our systems and not to take on peer pressure yet Governments around the world are trying to force people to take this vaccine. Everyone just needs to to look out for themselves.
      My response dosen’t say whether I am pro or anti Vax. I’m just speaking my opinion.

      • Question says:

        Rubbish. Anti-vaxxers can stay at home, away from people. The rest of us have things to do.

        • Pinksly says:

          Nonsense! To each his own. Don’t judge! You don’t know the reasons people are not being vaccinated.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          Did you not comprehend that the restrictions apply regardless if you have been vaccinated or not? Nothing has changed. Nothing done by governments has stopped the virus – nothing!

          If at first, second, third, etc, you do not succeed, just keep repeating the same failed policies over again with a new spin.

          The “experts” are now saying vaccinated people will require a booster shot in 6 months. Testing will continue for another year or more. Shutdowns and economic losses will grow and grow. Being vaccinated does not stop you from carrying the virus and infecting others.

        • Wow says:

          First of all, we aren’t “Anti Vaxxers” we are “Anti THIS Vax.”

          We are being asked to INJECT AN UNAPPROVED LIQUID INTO OUR BODIES! Read that again, out loud! Tell me that doesn’t sound INSANE!

          Who does that?

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Shame there isn’t a vaccine for stupidity although I doubt it would work on you.

        • Reality Check says:

          Why should anyone “stay at home” by force?
          It’s absurd and a clear nonsensical political overreach.
          Remember this by our Premier last March “ the estimates and models show up to 870 Covid 19 deaths. A better case scenario is 270 deaths”.
          Hmmm, apparently those magnificent models were destructively incorrect. Oh, I forgot, the narrative says BECAUSE we stayed at home we fared so much better.
          Well, that flies in the face of the facts that most Covid was actually spread amongst family members and social gatherings not from interactions at places of business or retail stores and restaurants.
          99.87% survival rate across all demographics for healthy individuals with no underlying health issues. That mirrors a bad flu season.
          Those are the facts. You may not like them as they don’t fit the mainstream narrative of vaccinate
          Or you are selfish, ignorant and dangerous to your fellow human beings.
          And yes, I choose not to be vaccinated at this juncture.
          Of the 4 vaccines have approval from the FDA . All are only approved for “emergency” use.
          Many concerns about mRNA technology that only time will aid in dispelling.
          Look it up. There is an accurate website by the U.S. government.“VAERS”. (Vaccine adverse effects reporting system). Wont find this on CNN or the NYT.
          Clearly doesn’t fit the narrative.

      • Gina says:

        Covid is here to stay. It will never go away much like the flu, but it’s not a strain of the flu or the common cold that many people have posted here and on the RG. It mutates so much and so fast that boosters will be required, similar to flu, but again, this virus is totally different. Look at how many people it’s killed. According the Chief of Staff at the BHB, none of the people that are in the hospital are fully vaccinated. Although you can still test positive, your viral load is so low that you won’t get sick, and the chances of you passing it on is very low. I do think however think that those who are fully vaccinated should not be held to the same regulations as those who are not. This is a choice, I get that……

      • Gina says:

        Yes it does.

    • Unbelievable says:

      @Vortex….what lies?

      • Vortex says:

        Hang on both of you. Check the stats.

        We are held to a much higher standard than Public Health England and the CDC – the most powerful PH body in the world. Why is that? We know more than the CDC?

        And more than that, if I have vaccinated and done my bit for us all, yes I do expect preferential treatment, and I am offended and concerned by those who haven’t.

        You are the ones with the issue.

        • Sick of you says:

          I didn’t ask you to do anything for me. Now you think your choice is noble? All what is happening against the unvaccinated was what was predictable. Not surprised at all . I’m willing to accept the consequences of my choices. It sure beats your self-preservation sheeple mentality. By all means please get what you deserve

          • Wow says:

            Thank you! Newsflash people: the non vaxxed have never asked you to get vaccinated to take care of us. We all, including you, have a 99.98% chance of survival without this experimental liquid and that’s ONLY IF WE HAPPEN TO GET INFECTED with it. So get off your high horses and stop patting yourselves on the back. Open things up and get back to normal. We will be just fine, thanks.

            • Open your eyes says:

              I’m not pro-vax but I’m definitely pro-choice. Full disclosure: I’m fully vaccinated, but I believe it’s an individual’s choice. Just like wearing a seatbelt, everyone knows the risks and the Science is there to back it. If you don’t wear it, that’s your choice, but no one is going to force you into lockdown and make everyone stop driving cars because a few people decide not to wear a seatbelt.

              So it’s exactly the same. You have a choice on the vaccine and you (presumably) are fully aware of the risks. The REAL ISSUE is that the Govt keeps forcing lockdowns and stay at homes, hurting small businesses and doing irreparable damage to young school children and everyone’s mental health. It’s a complete infringement of human rights and Burt needs to stop forcing everyone into a house arrest.

              • Well said says:

                (@open your eyes)
                We need more people like you with your perspective. This is a true neutral position that I can respect. Well said

                • trufth says:

                  I respect this too. I am pro choice and will choose to wait to get the vax when it is FDA approved and not experimental. I agree that being forced to stay in our homes is ridiculous and is doing more harm than good. The non-vaxxed are not asking for this to be done – we are saying “let us out” right along with you. We made a choice, we know the risks just as I hope the vaxxinated know their risks.

                  Enough of this GOVT BS!!

        • Fisherman says:

          Have friends who have been hospitalised after receiving your precious non-vaccine. Last one was healthy, had stroke and remains in hospital. I have endured cancer and other sickness and am NOT going to be taking people like you to tell me what to do. The Lord has saved me from death before and will continue to do so.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            And I know people who said there’s no way anyone’s putting that experimental ***t in my body , my natural immune system is strong and I’ve been dosing up on seamoss ,ginger , lemon grass , garlic and soursop. In the next few days they’ll be attending their own funeral.

    • Sick of you says:

      Punish the good guys??? Are you retarded!!? What makes you a good guy??Anybody that has the right to what goes into their bodies is NOT a criminal!!. Here we go with this BS intolerance against minorities again! And people’s right to choose. If you want a fight then your sure as hell going to get one if you keep going down this road of creating a second class citizen because of their choice . I’ll say it again. If your vaccine is so bullet proof then why the f$$k are you concerned about the rest of us. Oh I know ..maybe because it doesn’t work! Take you vaccine and shut your a$$ up!
      Nobody cares what you do with your choice. Have the decency to respect others. Freaking sheeple

      • Sandgrownan says:

        It’s called collective responsibility.

        Would you smoke, stop wearing seatbelts, drink drive? What about my freedom and choice to drink drive home from the pub? My choice?

        Don’t be so disingenuous. You are an idiot.

      • trufth says:

        THANK YOU! Agree 100%.
        Get your experimental vaxxines and SHUT UP!
        And stop calling yourselves the “good guys,” you are guinea pigs.

    • Hope it’s soon. There has to be a benefit. Not saying you need to get vaccinated if you don’t want to. That’s your choice. But if I chose to I get vaccinated I should be free to move about.

      • A Reality Check says:

        So if you are vaccinated and “immune”, why are your concerned whether or not I am? It’s nonsensical that I should be restricted. I can’t cause you to get sick because you are immune.
        However, you may still carry the virus but be asymptomatic .
        Therein lies the rub.

        • dc says:

          The reason people who have been vaccinated are still concerned that others haven’t is that until enough people get vaccinated we will continue to have lockdowns, the economy will continue to be impacted, (some) people will continue not to be able to work and we will continue not to be able to get on with our lives. We are in lockdown to protect the hospital from the strain the influx of cases is putting it under. None of those in hospital have been fully vaccinated. So whether you like it or not, the choice not to get vaccinated is impacting everyone on this island, not just you. That is still your choice of course and I respect that, but let’s not pretend that it doesn’t impact others.

          • Open your eyes says:

            I think therein lies the problem. This correlation between vaccines and lockdown. Herd immunity will not happen in Bermuda as we will have nowhere near the required 70%. So by Burt continuing to push this logic of herd immunity and vaccines are necessary to stop the lockdowns is a fallacy.

          • You answered your own question says:

            Your right that this is the reason why and the only people to blame for it is your governments tyrant policy’s to keep everyone hostage. They are hell bent on oppressive methods and continue to impoverish people to get what they want. And in the process they have convinced people otherwise and turned the attention away from themselves . The unvaccinated have never been the problem and the science doesn’t add up. Legislation is there weapon here.Has nothing to do with science. If you you wanna go down the road of science that cannot be denied then here’s one for you. 99% chance of recovery without a vaccine. 95% vaccine efficacy.. it’s a no brained who has the better odds of beating this thing. Looks like my amune system is doing a better job without help. So why don’t the vunerable get the jab ? Just like any other compromised person would do during the flu season and protect your self . That’s all that is needed here. End of story

        • SandgrownAn says:

          For the same reason I’m concerned if you drive pissed.

      • LOL - the real one says:

        Being vaccinated does not stop you from carrying the virus and infecting others. The restrictions are the same and nothing changes.

        • Question says:

          So we’re doing all this to ‘protect’ anti-vaxxers.

          • Wrong again says:

            My family have had our lot of vaccines over the years. So let’s be clear! We are not anti vaxers! WE ARE ANTI STUPIDITY!! And yes this is exactly what they want is to turn the vaccinated against us . It just makes their job easier .Non of the science makes any Sense. I dare them to be challenge with the information the vomit out. But they wont. Because it will expose all their lies. They are just playing on your emotions to get back to normal and you will be desperate enough to do anything to yourself to do so. That’s the bottom line!
            So just except then if you got vaccinated and you have no freedoms then you got played too. You will not see any freedoms until the government get there stupid “hurd immunity” through vaccinations only. If your immune system is weak then take your jab . That’s all you need to do. You should be satisfied with that. But the government would rather us be divided and have you “the vaccinated after us who our not. Here’s what’s funny . You tell me that it’s my choice and then insult me for making that choice. Lol! You need to check yourself

          • LOL - the real one says:

            Why do sheep do anything? Why did our vaccinated Premier go into quarantine? Where are the Government’s metrics to determine actions and declare the problem solved? Why is the Government doing the same things over and over, and the problem escalates?

            BTW, the illustrious Dr. Fauci REFUSED to answer the question asked in a congressional hearing, what are the metrics to determine the crisis is over? Why does Fauci say even vaccinated people should wear masks, social distance, stay at home, etc.? Go figure! Nothing is changing.

            Per the pharma companies, booster shots will be required in six months. No end is in sight.

          • trufth says:

            Do you hear yourself? “Protect anti-vaxxers” – you mean the people who have a 99.98% chance of survival if, and only if, they actually get infected?

            As for those unvaxxinated in the hospitals – tell me how many are OBESE, elderly or couch slugs. If you fall into any of those categories, YOU SHOULD GET VAXXED.

            THESE PEOPLE are the ones putting a strain on the hospital and healthcare in general. Go after them with your ridiculous conspiracy theories and BS. Leave those of us that are healthy, active and have a 99.98% chance of survival ALONE!!

  3. ????? says:

    Landscapers are back, so golf courses can be mowed. Can I play golf with a family member and walk? I can go to the beach or a park with them. I could go out in my boat with them, if I had a boat lol

    I think the Premier said only sports with family members.

  4. Who dat? says:

    Is the post office a courier? Can we pick up packages from there???

  5. I require clarity from Mr. Burt . I own a construction company employee 8 local employees . How can I operate a construction company when I can only get curbside or delivered materials Mr. Burt ? You know better than this your father was a contractor most of his life and a good friend of mine . Sal , Gorhams, masters, Bac , IEL , all construction suppliers can not do what you have ordered we need access to construction suppliers facilities. Please correct this issue .

  6. Enough says:

    Is the mandatory stay in place or stay home still
    In place

    • Gina says:


    • Mike Hind says:

      “Speaking at this evening’s press conference, Premier Burt said, “Therefore, from 5:00am Tuesday, April 20th, the following adjustments to the existing Stay at Home regulations will take effect.“

  7. iyiyi says:

    We need clarity on many things . Outdoor construction ? What does that constitute …. building a wall or a pool ? Can you change a front door on someones house or an addition on an existing house ??
    Builders cannot practice social distancing nor can landscapers but a person who has a small business like a cycle repair shop , a carpentry shop or a body /spray shop and works by themselves cannot go to work ?? Does not add up to reducing the numbers and is totally unfair !!

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