Column: We Will Get Through This Together

May 8, 2021

[Opinion column written by MP Michael Weeks]

“On any given day, those who operate food shelters and deliver to the needy are constantly asked the question, “When will things get back to normal?” I assist at a food shelter, so I hear your questions and concerns firsthand.

Thousands of Bermudians are working from home, some have been sent home permanently; children have to attend school via zoom, with some having either no device, or working between devices. Parents are struggling to divide their time working from home and facilitating their children’s education.

Hospitality workers have been out of work for much of the last 13 months, and many small businesses are just trying to hold on. Our Taxi drivers, who have had very little work, are struggling to keep their heads above water. This government has spent over $80mil in unemployment benefits to our community since March 2020.

Everyone is asking the same question, “When will things get back to normal?”

Sadly, there is no returning to normal for families who have lost loved ones over the last few months and I extend sincere condolences to them from my family to yours. Our prayers are with you.

Family, as a country, we have to make the best decisions to get back to some sense of normalcy. Not just for ourselves, but for those we love and care about; our children, parents and the many seniors in our communities.

Make no mistake, there are steps that can be taken, which can guide us toward getting back to a state of ‘normalcy’.

First, we all need to continue to follow the Department of Health guidelines such as sticking to the curfew times and gathering sizes. Ignoring these guidelines can result in the serious spreading of the virus and variants, as we have seen with the latest outbreak. We may not like the restrictions, and believe me, the government doesn’t either, but they have been shown to be the best ways to minimize transmission and to maintain our healthcare system.

Second, as simple as it might sound, wearing a mask, washing or sanitizing your hands often and physically distancing, has proven to lower the transmission of Covid-19 and as a result – save lives.

Third, taking the Covid-19 vaccine is completely a personal choice. I would like to encourage each of you, to research from reliable sources and please speak with your doctor to confirm if you are able to take the vaccine. Then you can make an informed decision. I have taken the vaccine to protect myself, my family and my community. Those that choose not to be vaccinated, for whatever reason, we ask that you continue to adhere to the public health guidelines in the event that if you do contract Covid-19, your exposure to others will be limited.

Over the next few weeks, the Ministry of Health will have pop-up testing and immunization stations around the island. If so inclined, look for the one closest to your home.

Each of us has a role to play in stopping the spread of this pandemic, whether vaccinated or not. We will get through this together!

As most of you know, I am always a message or telephone call away. If you need to reach me – I’m here.

Stay safe everyone.

- Michael Weeks


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  1. Paul singh says:

    Welldone MP Weeks.I got my 2 safe

  2. Scott Pearman MP says:

    Thank you MP Weeks for addressing the important issue of vaccines in this way.