Video: BIU President Holds Press Conference

June 11, 2021 | 16 Comments

Bermuda Industrial Union members have started a ‘Work to Rule’ and will not work overtime for one week, BIU President Chris Furbert confirmed at a press conference today [June 11], with the Union President explaining his member’s position as far as decertification.

The full video of the press conference is below:

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  1. Great to hear the BIU members will now work to rule, finally we might get 6hrs of work out of the the 8hr they are supposed to work each day!

  2. Amazing! says:

    The BIU are a spent force, they would go on strike at the drop of a hat, they are workshy!

    Can you imagine the furore if Dunkley was in power, hard to take any of this seriously.

  3. Bermy says:

    Chris is one of the last remaining true leaders in Bermuda. I have had the please of working on a project with him where I got to know how knowledgeable, passionate and committed he is to Bermuda and Bermudians.

    Courageous leadership sets people apart. Chris should not be taken for granted and Hayward should not forget his roots. In a battle of union against any government, the people always win. Hayward has become absorbed by his role and forgotten his recent history when he use to be a voice for people………..not himself. He does not stand for Bermuda labour. I am happy to provide proof of the fact. He is in with the F&F

    Keep on doing what you do Chris. You should be leading all unions in my opinion

    • Drinking Cool Aide says:

      He is a disgrace! And now restricting my ability to earn some overtime! Just when things are opening up he pulls my overtime! He doesn’t care because he getting his money! Time to go BIU!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Fact check: NUM vs Margaret Thatcher

    • Proof Please says:

      Ok inquiring minds want to see your evidence otherwise STFU!

  4. Dunn juice says:

    Maybe about the bus schedule

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    So does this mean we get improved service if it’s a work to rule? Hard to see the downside?

    • wahoo says:

      Well the service couldn’t get any worse could it?

      • Paul says:

        I think Chris Furbet,needs to be replaced, he is loosing the respect of union members…when he is being interviewed he is so angry and it is hard to make out what he saying…a lot of people are saying this is the wrong time to have a go slow ….people remember when you go on strike you do not have a pay check at the time, and the union will not pay you for the days that you may strike,but guess what the union members will still get their hefty checks….wake up Bermudians.

  6. Wow! says:

    I rarely agree with the Union leader, but in this instance Mr. Furbert is right.

    A law of this nature being implemented under a Labour government is unbelievable! Emperor Burt needs more control but he finally met his match!

    This is a clear move to control and hence oust a in ion or Agency.

    Think about it. Management and or the Government control hirings. So in interviews you can figure out if the potential candidate is for or against unions. You hire only those individuals who do not support unions and real soon you have your 50% to oust the Union. Before this law their hiring didn’t impact the other workers right to be part of a Union.

    Hire workers and especially expats and tell them you are bound by the union wages but they are better workers than Bermudians and if there wasn’t a union you’d pay them more! This will be the end of the Unions and all the rights many people fought for to protect workers!!!

    Be careful, this government is out of control.

  7. The dinosaur sees extinction on the horizon says:

    Ok Union. You win. You have killed tourism for Bermuda.

    Happy now?

    Why not just match off into extinction now. Bermuda workers can manage without the spin hate and duplicity.

  8. Peter says:

    PS The union should be working on showing the members the financials THATS REALITY

  9. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Again I ask. Where is the People’s Campaign. Looks like their leadership is fighting amongst themselves. Furbert on one side and Hayward on the other. What side is Tweed on??? Maybe he is the negotiator…..LOL

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