Wallpaper Wednesday: Eye On Bermuda, Azores

June 16, 2021

In celebration of the new SATA airlines flight from the Azores, this week’s Bernews ‘Wallpaper Wednesday’ features the Bermuda and Azores flags.

On June 13th, Bermuda welcomed SATA Azores Airlines, with Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott noting that the flight is “the first in a series of SATA charter flights until September 2021.”

Looking At Bermuda Azores TWFB

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Ernest Peets previously said, “This is a significant milestone for Bermuda, particularly from a cultural and heritage standpoint. While we’ve had various charter flights to the Azores over the years, this is the first time we’ve had a dedicated direct flight. As such this truly solidifies the ties between Bermuda and Azores.


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Looking At Bermuda Azores Wallpaper Wednesday

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