RA Publish Principles Of Consumer Protection

July 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has published the first phase of its Principles of Consumer Protection campaign to “bring awareness to the public about the rights and responsibilities of Consumers and Service Providers in the Electricity and Electronic Communications sectors.”

“The legally enforceable Principles of Consumer Protection is designed to protect Consumers’ interests, promote the delivery of high-quality services and products such as fixed or mobile telephone, long distance, internet access, subscription television and the supply of electricity, and encourage best practices by Service Providers,” a spokesperson said.

Tristy Smith, a Legal Advisor for the RA and project lead for Consumer Protection, said “The RA is committed to protect and empower Consumers, and ensure that Service Providers deliver services that are safe, efficient, reliable and adequate.

“The Principles of Consumer Protection is a formal set of service delivery standards for Consumers and Service Providers to better manage their expectations and interactions with one another. As this is the first phase, we will continue to enhance these standards and advise the public accordingly.”

The RA said, “Highlights of phase one include the following:

“Consumers have the right to:

  • “Have their complaint acknowledged by their Service Provider within one business day; and
  • “Cancel a contract with their Service Provider within the first two weeks of service;

“Consumers also have the responsibility to:

  • “Understand the Terms and Conditions of a contract before signing for service[s]; and
  • “Know their ability to pay their bill prior to signing a contract;

“Service Providers have the right to:

  • “Enforce their Terms of Service and Conditions of a signed contract; and
  • “Receive payment for services provided to the Consumer on or before the published due date;

“Service Providers have the responsibility to:

  • “Provide fair treatment and access for vulnerable persons; and
  • “Refrain from sending unsolicited direct marketing without consent from the Consumer.

“For a complete list of the Principles of Consumer Protection, rights and responsibilities of Consumers and Service Providers, visit www.ra.bm.”

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