Cup Match Classic Highlight Special On Aug 24

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The Cup Match Classic Highlight Special will premiere on Tuesday, August 24th, set to be broadcast on Channel 82 and Bernews.

A spokesperson said, “This was a Cup Match Classic that many thought would not happen; It was off, it was on – then off. In any event, this local team made it happen in 10 short days. When the call was made for the best of local talent to assist Neil Paynter and the St. George’s Cricket Club with the production for a stellar broadcast during the Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day Holiday, without hesitation many responded.

“The producers [Amir X and Lamone Woods] centered would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of: [Left] Nina Webb, Trevor Lindsay, Tevin Bassett, Kaz Godfrey Lamar Ible and Sharmaine Butterfield [Upper] Brandon Morrison, Andrew Paynter, and Desai Jones. Mr Magic [Not pictured].


“The 2 hour Highlight Special that will premiere on Channel 82 August 24th at 8pm will be sure to keep you glued to your television!

“This year’s Cup Match Classic received over 100,000 views across all media platforms and we anticipate the ‘Highlight Special’ to do just as well.

“During this broadcast we’ll be bringing you all the greatest moments of the match, interviews with the Captains, Coaches, Players, Fashion and all the vibes from the camps around the field. Hosted by Sean Tucker and Jugglin Jason, members of The Voice of Summer, who together ask all the questions cricket enthusiasts want answers to.

“I feel that the popular cricketers in Bermuda are the local celebrities and need to set more of an example when they’re off the field because the youth are impressionable and influenced by us,” Onias Bascome, St. George’s Cricket Team Captain said.

“We knew we were going to win when Rodney got out. Just looking at how St George’s was batting, we knew we would win – it was a matter of by how much, Jordan Desilva, Somerset Cricket Team Captain said.

In addition to Channel 82, on One Communications, The Cup Match Classic Highlight Special will be showing at the same time on and repeated frequently on the channel throughout the month.”

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