Official Document: New SafeKey Regulations

August 20, 2021 | 7 Comments

The official regulations — the  Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] [Phased Re-opening] Amendment [No. 6] Regulations 2021 — that cover the new SafeKey rules which took effect at 6pm today [Aug 20] have been posted online.

The new regulations require that people attending bars and clubs, indoor dining at restaurants, “gymnasiums, gyms and sports clubs” and an “island boat that is to accommodate more than 20 people” must possess and present for “verification, a valid SafeKey to the appropriate official.”

The official document is below [PDF here]:

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Richard OLSON says:

    Dow’s the Governor Ned to sign first ?

    • Question says:

      A truly remarkable post. Well done.

    • Jen Marcel says:

      Nope, Kim has all the power to mandate I believe.

    • Josh says:

      No the governor does not need to sign anything. The Minister of Health is acting under the authority granted to her by section 107A of the Public Health Act.

  2. Rig says:

    Lazy law making from a Government that seems tired.

    - Children? Assume this doesn’t apply to under 15s, those legally unable to gain a Safekey
    - Tourists? – are they different, especially in hotels
    - Why are churches exempted?
    - Can those without Safekeys use indoor bathrooms?

  3. People should not adhere to the safe key scheme because all your doing is allowing certain leaders amongst us to line their pockets with wealth, there is no real benefit to the safe key, except for those who are reaping the financial gain from it. This is where P.A.T.I is needed and the paper trail to follow the money will reveal all regardless what some leaders say.

    Bermudians for the most part have been very respectful in adhering to all restrictions and health policies but this Government really takes us for stupid, but exposure is coming sooner than they think.

  4. LOL - the real one says:

    Killing business seems to be PLP’s goal. Go figure, putting people out of work is good business for the government.

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