Free Golf Clinic At Port Royal Attracts Interest

September 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

The “Port Royal Golf Course 50th Anniversary Complimentary Golf Clinic” — which is now on its second week — has attracted great interest among entry level golfers, with the weekly free golf clinic to continue every Sunday at 3pm until the course closes in October.

A spokesperson said, “The 2nd week of the “Port Royal Golf Course 50th Anniversary Complimentary Golf Clinic“ attracted great interest among entry level golfers.

“Our aim is to grow the game by expanding the awareness of our world class public facilities and introducing the game of golf to as many people within the Bermuda Public as possible.

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“The passion of our Chairman Kim Swan., a former PGA European Tour player [who is a product Port Royal Golf Course who is also celebrating 50 years in golf as a result of Port Royal] is a huge part of this weekly outreach.”

Kim Swan shared, “ I owe my life to the establishment of Port Royal Golf Course – as a world class Championship public golf course – which was built in my community. I give thanks to God for the vision to build a public golf course at Port Royal and those persons who carried that vision forward and made it a reality. “

“The renovation of Port Royal in 2008 was also acknowledged as a huge initiative that brought world class golf to our shores and helped increase our global awareness as a tourism & a desired international business destination.

Mr Swan added, “ Former Premier.& Tourism Minister Dr Hon. Ewart Brown deserves credit for his vision which spearheaded the upgrading of Port Royal and transformed into an ideal made for television location that captures the natural beauty of the course and offers 360 degree panoramic views.”

“Our aim with these complimentary golf clinics make the entire country aware that Port Royal is a public golf course and to use the occasion of our historic anniversaries to attract more people to play this great game and enjoy this world class government owned public golf facility.”

The 50th Anniversary Complimentary Golf Clinics will continue at Port Royal Golf Course with Kim Swan Golf Coach every Sunday at 3pm until the course closes in October to make final preparations for the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship.

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