Woman Injured After Collision On Laffan Street

October 5, 2021

af4a5687-93d0-4fac-a4df-32ef75aa871bA motorcyclist traveling on Laffan Street “apparently struck a newly installed speed bump and lost control of the bike,” today the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 2:55 pm today, Tuesday 5th October, 2021, police and other first responders attended a single vehicle road traffic collision on Laffan Street, Pembroke.

“Reports are a 43-year-old female motorcyclist was headed east along Laffan street, when she apparently struck a newly installed speed bump and lost control of the bike.

“She was thrown from the cycle and struck her head on the roadway. She was reportedly in and out of consciousness and was subsequently transported via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where at last check she was being attended to for a serious head injury.

“Anyone with information on this incident, is asked to call 211 or, the main police number 295-0011.”

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  1. Mixitup says:

    Well Surprise Surprise, who didn’t see this coming, other than the Corporation… That bump is a bit over the top even when you know its there. Why not just put a row of rumble strips in front of them for good measure and to alert motorist. I hope for a full recovery of the lady.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I fee bad for the lady too, but the speed bump is only doing its job and if the lady was paying attention she would not be in the trouble she is in. I go over that speed bump every week.

      Why blame the speed bump or the Corporation of Hamilton for a lady riding a motorcycle and not paying attention?

  2. Ringmaster says:

    This has got crazy, and there are many “speed bumps” that are dangerously built and badly marked or unmarked. This accident proves how dangerous they can be. There are some at the back of Belco that will ground many vehicles they are so high and wide. Surely there is some kind of rule regarding how wide and high so they reduce speed but don’t create a launch pad that Evil Knievel would be proud of.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    I feel for this lady and hopes that she turns out OK. A few years ago I was nailed by the one outside of the Somerset BoB branch. Almost crushed a few vertebrae , and that was going slowly .
    As for these speed bumps .. They’re appearing with increased frequency all over the place and the problem I have with most of them is that the ‘warnings’ are a) too close to the bump itself and b)posted on signs way too high out of one’s line of sight .
    If one is driving/riding along on a road where there’s no exits or gates in sight they are normally looking way ahead not 8′ in the air for what would otherwise be an irrelevant sign or warning.
    The advance warning for a speed bump should be on the road at least 30′ ahead of the bump and in white or florescent orange paint not on a small lollipop sign 8′ in the air out of your line of sight.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Are you by any chance the bus driver who launched his passengers into the air when he was not told of the newly-installed speed bumb in Somerset in 2011 and went over it at speed?

      Any driver who launches himself or herself into the air by going over a speed bump is either trying to be Evel Knievel or is not paying attention (“driving with due care and attention”). Either way, it is not the fault of the speed bump or the person who put it there.

  4. No surprise!!!!! says:

    No surprise. This speed bump is poorly designed. It’s almost a peak, it’s the strangest shape. The first time I encountered it in my car, I contacted all my relatives and friends to warn them about it!!! It wasn’t even marked at the time. I knew that a bike would hit it and someone would go down.

    There needs to be a standard for speed bumps. Width, size, height, markings.

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!

  5. Dunn juice says:

    That’s corporation for you , bunch of with a side of arrogance

  6. SMH says:

    I hope she takes them to court for that ridiculous dangerous mountain they have in the road.

  7. bad roads says:

    Speed bumps are a nuisance. All they do is encourage speeding up and before the bump, and would be more effective if they did not exist to begin with. In Bermuda, we have the most ridiculous and violent speedbumps that thrust you up and down even at 5 or 10mph. We have bumps that send you airborne and invisible bumps. get rid of them all! they hurt my head when i drive over them! sick of it

  8. Frank says:

    Clearly people don’t read Signs that are on the road