‘Bermuda Road Users Are Being Held Hostage’

November 9, 2021

“Bermuda road users are being held hostage by dangerous road conditions created by delays on Harbour Road between Highwood and Lovers’ Lane,” MP Susan Jackson said.

Last month the Ministry of Public Works acknowledged  that repairs to that particular section of Harbour Road “continue to face significant delays.”

Ms Jackson — the Shadow Minister for Transportation – said, “Bermuda road users are being held hostage by dangerous road conditions created by delays on Harbour Road between Highwood and Lovers’ Lane. Bermuda’s roads are dangerous enough without incomplete road works adding to dangerous corners and slippery road surfaces.

“Harbour Road construction delays now face further delays caused by a property dispute that should have been addressed before the project began. Why hasn’t Public Works completed its due diligence and identified any conflicts with neighbouring property owners, increased road safety risks and weather delays before starting the project?

“Government must be held responsible and acknowledge the burden placed on tax payers who have to pay the price for the delays from private property disputes and dangerous road conditions.

“Back in March, a concerned road user suggested hiring a private [marine] contractor to complete the project and reduce the impact on traffic. If the Government is genuinely listening to the community, please explain why these suggestions were not adopted? Road users deserve an explanation.

“The One Bermuda Alliance questions why this project wasn’t included in the infrastructure plan and why an impact assessment didn’t address property infringements, weather delays and dangerous traffic conditions?

“It’s time for Government to acknowledge their mistakes, publicly announce policy improvements, make amends for delays and allow traffic to flow freely.”

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  1. And another thing says:

    … and middle road between Verdmont Road and Store Hill
    … and Harrington Sound Road
    … and for what???

  2. Dunn juice says:

    If someone has an accident because of out sheety roads, can we hold the geniuses accountable.
    800k to unknown would go along way..

  3. hair says:

    Harbour road is so dangerous now that W&E had to be called off the job due to one lady that is querying land rights, this is so sad, she got more money than brains!!!

  4. Vote for Me says:

    Ms. Jackson
    I applaud your energy in your newly appointed role but ‘me thinks thou dost protest too much…’

    Is it really the government’s fault that a property dispute is holding up repairs. And as a general comment, all of Bermuda must be equally frustrated by what seems to be stop lights everywhere.

    What price progress?? We will all be happy with new piped water opportunities and a sustained Belco infrastructure as they replace underground cables.

    I have learned a lesson… better planning and leaving home just a little earlier

  5. Holly says:

    I’m sure if we complain some more that will speed it along

  6. Rig says:

    Our roads are a complete mess, and the Minister for Public Works is MIA, apparently sick.

    The Premier must address both issues, it is not wholly a private matter when it so squarely impacts the public.

    It actually comes across as arrogant.

  7. DangerWillRobinson says:

    It is dangerous. On the rainy Sunday just gone we waited for the light to turn green, headed West with our 2 babies on board and were greeted by a speeding bike and then a speeding car who had both run the red light on the other side (and there’s clearly a delay between when one side turns red vs. when the other side turns green so they obnoxiously ran a light that had been red for at least 20-25 seconds based on where we met each other). Luckily we ran into them at the widest point of the one way and were able to avoid a catastrophe, but something should be done to combat that sort of reckless behavior before it ends in tragedy. This whole mess of a situation could have easily been avoided with appropriate planning. I’d also love to hear why we needed a sidewalk on that part of Harbor Road…whoever came up with the brilliant idea for this project, please explain as from my perspective it seems like a phenomenal waste of tax payers’ money with little to no benefits for the general public and any benefit one might argue has already been far outweighed by the detriments to the island’s traffic system.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Jumping the lights seems to have become a national pastime seeing we have so many to chose from now.
      I’m one of those sane bikers who’s never in a hurry and if I’m approaching a light at one of these construction sites and it changes to red , even if I’m 20′ away , I stop.
      Then I watch the cars and trucks behind me all continue on . One day recently I counted 14 vehicles that kept on going after I was stopped.

  8. Question says:

    She is right. This should have been sorted out before the project began. It’s another administrative failure by the government.

  9. Bright and Early says:

    The motor bikes use our roads like its a speedway and they are racing all the time overtaking cars etc. Also some cars do the same racing past slower drivers. Most of the time I abide by the speed limit but sometimes I speed up not dangerously but then I am a senior. I spoke with a lady at the grocery store the other day and she said she stopped driving because she felt unsafe in a car these days due to the dangerous driving of some people. Why hasn’t anything been done about this????

  10. Umdoinme says:

    Bermuda roads are Deplorable which is also the cause of alot of bike accidents, in which the road levels are badly put back. Person’s doing the asphalt need professional traing to say the least in getting better work done. Many rider have encountered being thrown off of thier bike as a result. Department needs to be sued. Tax payer want better for what we pay for