Wallpaper Wednesday: Bermuda Window Views

November 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

The latest design in Bernews’ weekly Wallpaper Wednesday series features a view of Bermuda, as seen through a window frame.

Phone Wallpaper Wednesday TWFB Pale Blue Window Frame Bermuda Scenery 43242

The design is also available below in two colour shades as a Facebook profile cover image, and you can check back on Bernews every Wednesday for our latest free phone wallpaper download.

Pale Blue Window Frame Bermuda Scenery Facebook Cover Bernews 43242

Pale-Pink-Window-Frame-Bermuda-Scenery-Facebook-Cover-Bernews-43242 (2)

To access more phone wallpapers with Bermudian themes, as well as social media cover graphics, visit BermudaCovers.com, and if you would like to request a specific Bermuda-related phone wallpaper design, please feel free to email us at support@bernews.com.

Pale Blue Window Frame Bermuda Scenery Phone Wallpaper Bernews 43242

Pale-Pink-Window-Frame-Bermuda-Scenery-phone lock screen-Bernews-43242 (1)

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