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January 23, 2022

The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors said they “would like to invite members of the public to express an interest in becoming a Litigation Guardian.

A Government spokesperson said, “The role of Litigation Guardian provides extra support for individual children and young people who are subject to family court applications in Bermuda.

“The Litigation Guardian role is a vital check and balance on assessing and analysing a child’s situation and in the court’s decision-making process. Situations involving children at risk in the home or in the community are rarely clear-cut or straightforward. Evidence can be capable of more than one interpretation which is why an independent view from the child’s perspective is so important in the court process.


1. A minimum of a Master’s Degree in Social Work or a closely related discipline.

2. At least five years of practical experience whereby exposure to the legal system would be a definite asset.

3. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others particularly in a collaborative team environment.

4. Ability to conduct themselves appropriately within chambers or in open court.

5. Ability to compose professional concise court reports that clearly illustrate the attention to family systems and well-presented recommendations that are in the child’s best interest.

6. Willingness to participate in all recommended continuing education/training seminars or conferences.

“A panel of Litigation Guardians is appointed by the Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert.”

Minister Furbert stressed the vital role that the Litigation Guardians play in the court system, stating, “We are very pleased to open the invitation to members of our community to assist as Litigation Guardians.

“This is an essential role in the process of assessing what is in the best interest of the children who require intervention through the Bermuda court system. We appeal for those qualified individuals who are interested to fill in the required application, stating Litigating Guardian Panel, as well as include an updated resume.”

All potential applicants will be invited to a combined familiarization and induction session to be held in the week beginning 21st February.

Minister Furbert added, “I look forward to receiving the expressions of interest and I want to thank our community in advance for their support, interest, and commitment to what we are seeking to achieve.”

The Litigation Guardian application form can be accessed at

For more information, contact the Ministry of Social Development and Seniors at: 444-2466.

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    They left out vital piece of information. The PLP Government will not pay you for your efforts. That is why the Government was sued by Tiffane Thomas.