Minister Furbert Updates On Road & Trench Work

January 20, 2022 | 8 Comments

Wayne Furbert Bermuda February 2019Acting Minister of Public Works Wayne Furbert held a press conference this afternoon [Jan 20] to provide an “update on the ongoing trench work being carried out across the island and to share the plans for asphalting the roads.”

Acting Minister Furbert said, “Firstly, I want to recognize the frustration experienced by members of the public who have had to contend with what must seem like a never-ending series of stoplights. Your patience is very much appreciated.

“I am pleased to announce that the critical work carried out to reinforce the section of Harbour Road between Lover’s Lane and Highwood Lane has been completed.

“I would especially like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the long hours and dedication from the cross-departmental team at Public Works for coming together to get this project to a successful conclusion.

“Those departments include the Highways Section, Planning and Estates. Some of these individuals worked in the cold and rain to ensure traffic flow during peak times. I was happy to join them sometimes to understand better how the traffic was moving so that we could make adjustments, which we did.

“My thanks also go out to our partners in the private sector and the area residents for their cooperative spirit in helping us to overcome initial challenges.

“As was previously stated, the adjustment to the budget for this project was funded by realizing cost savings with the ministry’s budget.

“Bringing this specific project to a close is an important milestone. It allows the Ministry to continue pushing forward with the remaining road works in the eastern, central and western parishes.

“It has been the firm commitment of this Government to provide and maintain jobs to Bermudians through the execution of significant infrastructure upgrades to our highways and byways, electrical grid and water/waste management systems.

“Over the couple of months, we anticipate traffic disruption associated with trenching to be eased in the following locations:

St. Georges:

  • Road, Southside Road, and Carters Bay Road.
  • Duke of Clarence Street to Old Military Road.
  • Mullet Bay to Ferry Reach.


  • Tamarind Vale to Burnt House Hill


  • Verdmont Road to Middle Road/Store Hill
  • Harrington Sound Road – Devils hole/Knapton Hill
  • Manor House Bridge

“In addition to the list above, I want to highlight the commencement of the road widening project between Tamarind Vale and Burnt House Hill.

“Commuters have seen the limestone excavation in December, which will allow for a sidewalk to be built, making it safer for pedestrians and motorists alike.

“The residents in that area have my sincere thanks for allowing boundaries to be moved and for their patience with the necessary disruption to access their homes. The retaining wall and sidewalk installation will occur after the trenches are complete, with an estimated completion time in the fall of this year.

“The Ministry of Public Works will be providing updates on this project and the status of each of the other listed locations in the coming weeks.

“We will also be sharing a map of the island showing the locations of each trench, showing the estimated completion times with the named roads.

“Once the trench work has been completed in a particular area, asphalting will commence to smooth out the roads and repair potholes and damage to the road surface.

“The area from Harington Sound Road to Paynter’s Road has been identified as the first to be asphalted, with that phase estimated to begin mid-February.”

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    A flip flop,the roads are a disgrace, as is our debt and the condition of the island. Well done

    • Caitlyn Rowsw says:

      He is not nick name Flip Flop without reason.I wish it was made public what are the hrs of W&E? 2:30 packed on gone a fact on Harbor rd.

    • James says:

      He was named flip flop because the whites in the UBPoba couldn’t find any blacks to help them after Wayne flip the board on them. Lol 30-6

  2. Rig says:

    Joke Government! Think of the thousands of hours this has cost Bermuda!
    The Govt engineer didn’t know the land by the water was owned by a resident! – this is hilarious. Yes by a wealthy lawyer known for her love of the courts.
    Nice work Wayne, puppet!

  3. imjustsaying says:

    I think the public have run out of patience do to incompetence.

  4. comfortably numb says:

    Perhaps Flip Flop could comment on the section of road washed out by rain on Mangrove Bay Road roughly nine months ago? W&E worked on it for a while and then abandoned the project. Ironically the abandoned project is directly opposite former MP Michael Scott’s house – presumably he is no longer part of the PLP F&F group?

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    “I am pleased to announce that the critical work carried out to reinforce the section of Harbour Road between Lover’s Lane and Highwood Lane has been completed”

    Thank you Mr. Furbert. It is good to know that you and your UBP can get things done

  6. aceboy says:

    A classic “I don’t know when work will be completed or how much it will cost” from Fruitbat.

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