Sidewalk Enhancement At Washington Mall

January 8, 2019

Work on the City sidewalk at the southern entrances to the Washington Mall on Reid Street has started and is “expected to be completed in approximately three to four weeks,” the City said.

“In 2018, owners of the mall, Washington Properties, completed renovations to the eastern wing of the ground floor and the work currently being carried out will be a continuation of that upgrade, accentuating the entrance to the mall,” the City said.

City Sidewalk Bermuda January 2019 (1)

Paul Slaughter, General Manager at Washington Properties, said of the project, “Washington Properties is delighted to collaborate with the Corporation of Hamilton on this sidewalk enhancement project.

“We’ve recently completed work on our new entrance and the sidewalk improvements will add to the public enjoyment of this area. The new glass canopy over our two Reid Street entrances unifies the mall frontage and the coloured lighting added some ambiance to the late-night shopping during the Christmas period.

“The new seating, planters, upgraded lighting and decorative paving will look very attractive and create a relaxing social area on Reid Street.”

City Engineer, Patrick Cooper, added, “With all of the infrastructure upgrades as well as public art that has been done around the City, this is just another improvement that will help to beautify a high-traffic area in the City and enhance the pedestrian experience.

“We have worked closely and seamlessly with Washington Properties to ensure that this project progresses in a timely fashion and that impact to the public during construction is minimal. I believe the finished product will certainly improve the aesthetics in that area.”

City Sidewalk Bermuda January 2019 (2)

The City of Hamilton purchased the brick and seating to be used in the project while Washington Properties is absorbing the cost of the design work by Linberg Simmons and the installation by Horsfield Landscaping.

“The work is expected to be completed in approximately three to four weeks. The area may experience some temporary traffic congestion with the unloading of materials and while lane closures are not expected, should one be necessary at some point during the project the appropriate notices and signage will be posted by the City,” the City added.

“The City apologizes for any inconvenience caused throughout the duration of this project and thanks the public for its patience.”

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  1. DriverDontStopAtAll says:

    Parking to deliver goods is hard as it is. So now deliveries are going to be even harder. Corporation cut down the size of some loading zones and now they’ve done away with another. Did they even canvas the area as to how things operate on Reid St.? Or did the all mighty $$$$ win their vote?

    • Imjustsaying says:

      And more people will be shopping online.

    • PBanks says:

      They should probably just get on with it, block vehicular traffic on that stretch except delivery and service vehicles and have it pedestrian-only otherwise.

  2. Goonie GooGoo says:

    That is going to look So Freaking Amazing!! I love that area.

  3. Joel says:


  4. Tester says:

    Parking in Hamilton has become the most annoying thing. You can never find parking and it seems like every month a batch of parking bays are being removed within the city.

  5. Aguiar says:

    A great first step!
    That entire portion of Reid Street, from Burnaby to Queen streets, could be with some vision, transformed into a vehicle free, walkers only inspirational garden. Shade trees, benches, sculptures, street artists and musicians. This could be a safe and inviting area, an event attraction of itself for the city, welcoming residents and visitors alike!

    • Closing Advice says:

      I’m not sure if you are aware. But there is a place just down the street a couple steps away that has trees, benches, sculptures, street artists & musicians….it’s called the park!

  6. Baffled beyond belief. says:

    As time goes on, you have to wonder what the mind set for the COH is. Just about every junction in Hamilton has these ridiculously wide sidewalks which have now created traffic congestion. In the past you could turn left while traffic turning right or continuing straight on could continue on. Not now, traffic has been reduced to a single lane. WHY??? Why do these sidewalks take up 8 feet of additional carriage way? Continue on with this mind set and retail sales will continue to fall as many people will skip coming into Hamilton and will choose to shop online. This is already happening. I hear people saying that ” I’m not going into town, parking sucks, COH continues on gobbling up private car parking bays, private cars parking in loading bays all day long so now delivery companies have to double park to load and offload.
    The only benefit that I see in these extra wide junctions in Hamilton are is for the weekend parade goers to really spread out in total comfort and leave more trash behind for COH to clean up. You guys clearly aren’t thinking this through are you???

  7. Hamilton Retailer says:

    This is so stupid. Taking away more parking and hurting more Hamilton retailers.

  8. Ronnie Viera says:

    I have always thought that the street should be closed to traffic and turned into pedestrian only. Bars and restaurants as well as retailers can have seating areas and kiosks in the street. Many cities around the world do it and it actually increases retail activity. To suggest that lack of parking is going to effect sales makes no sense. There are rarely empty spaces on the street anyway and parking is available elsewhere close by. Plus as anniver weight population it would help people to walk a bit further.

  9. Re-edit says:

    I had heard that these sidewalk changes are part of a COH vision to make Hamilton more friendly to persons with disabilities and to promote walking / exercise around the city. If this is correct then they haven’t promoted the vision well.

    They may also need to consider changes to the parking lots in the central city as street side parking is diminishing.
    I appreciate the new parking structure at the major lots, but the #1 dock is full many times, so expansion of that area may be beneficial. City Hall lot is great in that I can always get a parking space.

  10. sandgrownan says:

    The only people who complain about parking are those that now have to pay for it.

    For the rest of us, it’s no worse.

  11. Honestly says:

    If this is the case… why is it when you walk off the sidewalk by Stationary Store you can only go one way if you have a wheelchair. That should be their priority as I’ve watch tourist walk up that far and try to pop off the high sidewalk. COH are trying to make money but they will lose people traveling to Hamilton to shop. Be creative with your planning!!

    • Spell check says:

      Stationary Store. Is that a store that does not move?

  12. Wagwon says:

    I cant believe this means less parking on Reid St!

  13. Tania Stafford says:

    What an excellent public- private initiative to enhance our City for visitors and residents alike! The City of Hamilton is to be commended for taking pedestrian safety and comfort into account as is every major city in the Western world. Barcelona’s superblocks, New York’s Highline and London’s Covent Garden and Embankment being just a few examples.

    I live in hope that the Corporation of St. George’s will pedestrianise Water Street West.

  14. Birdlegs says:

    The C of H forgets that one of its main revenue bases is the city taxpayers,ie retailers. Sales are falling and businesses are struggling. Creation of parking should be a priority not a reduction. The current administration needs to go. 2019 is going to be the year when I decide if it is worth continuing in business. Two staff may not have a job in 2020 if the currnet fall in sales continues.
    BTW how many people use the current benches etc? Also there are no trash cans so the few who do use the benches tend to leave their garbage behind. The Front Street benches are always full of trash, how the lone street sweeper keeps up is nothing short of amazing.

  15. Y-Gurl says:

    Even less loading and parking for taxpayers, all from the self proclaimed “engineers” of the shambolic C of H oh dear poor Hamilton

  16. Keith and the Scientist says:

    We love all these new places to lounge around and annoy people.
    I wouldn’t sit there after us though.