Opposition Leader On Privy Council Ruling

March 14, 2022

Opposition Leader Cole Simons has responded to today’s [March 14] Privy Council ruling on same sex marriage, deciding in favour of the Government.

Mr Simons said, “The One Bermuda Alliance was surprised by today’s decision by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London. Here we are in 2022 and we are still lagging when it comes to protecting the rights of same sex couples.

“The UK Court’s decision means the legality of same sex marriage is firmly a matter for the elected members of Parliament to decide upon. At present, Bermuda’s laws do not impose on our state an obligation to give legal recognition to same sex marriage.

“Our constitution does not protect individuals against discrimination based on sexual orientation, even though they are protected against discrimination based on race, place of origin, political opinion, colour and creed.

“The One Bermuda Alliance supports the comments previously made by Lord Pannick, QC that Bermuda is a multicultural country with people of different beliefs and it would be unconstitutional for the government to create a hierarchy of beliefs by showing preference.

“We would like to express our empathy for the Appellants, Mr Ferguson, OUTBermuda, Mary Ellen Jackson and others, as surely they must feel that their desire for marriage equality has yet again been stymied. This needs to be addressed by the Government, and Parliament as we are one Bermuda.

“There are those beyond our shores who will be undoubtedly paying close attention to this judicial outcome in London.”

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  1. SWING VOTER no more says:

    Didn’t we all read something about the OBA equally was to blame for this? You didn’t support SSM when you was the ruling party. Now like a bunch of hypocrites you continue to sit in 6 seats. Michael and Jetgate Craig are just as worthless as the PLP because they didn’t support it either. The only difference is the PLP told us they were worthless and didn’t support ssm before Bda voted.

    • saud says:

      Your political parties represent you. Most of you are too stupid to understand that. LOL

  2. Platinum says:

    You would like to “express your empathy” but uh…. you could’ve done something about it when you were the ruling party. Keep your empathy.

    • Yep says:

      That’s why the oba is so ZZZzzzzzzzz @ the wheel. Their paid consultant probably said stay away from this topic and choose your words wisely. God, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny was there when they didn’t support the movement!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      What do you suggest the OBA could have really done after they were voted out of power?

    • Verdad says:

      Exactly. Cheap political stunt.

  3. Rich says:

    Are you joking? Michael Dunkley literally declined to vote AS YOUR PARTY LEADER and said to leave it to the court. These parties need to be gone… none of you have any real interest in Bermuda. It is time for diversity and inclusion through a vote of people who deserve it. Party politics and these comments are done.

  4. Andrew Simons says:

    What a strange comment from the OBA.

    How hard is it to say: “The OBA supports marriage equality, and all of our MPs and Senators will vote in favor of marriage equality legislation.”

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Bermuda’s laws do not impose on our state an obligation to give legal recognition to same sex marriage”

    I read “Bermuda’s laws do not impose on our state an obligation to treat people equally”

  6. Appalled says:

    Appalling discrimination by a hypocritical government. With a majority of 30:6 in the last election, the ruling “Progressive Labour Party” is able to ignore any opposition and exercise its repressive, not progressive, policies.
    This is a travesty and an embarrassment to Bermuda. Already suffering a massive economic decline through the lack of tourism, it is now presenting itself as an intolerant society that will alienate many potential visitors and foreign workers considering taking their money to Bermuda.
    One more nail in the coffin for Bermuda as a desirable destination to visit or work.

  7. watching says:

    Did Mr Simons support the SSM legislation?

    • White Wash says:

      NO and NO none of the past OBA leaders did. They might as well join the PLP.

  8. Angela says:

    I’m all for people coming around to the ideas of LGBTQ rights. But he needs to apologise for his voting history that has always been against gay rights.

  9. Hey says:

    To every Bermudian, how did the period when same sex marriage was legal affect you? Did your life suffer because of it? No it didn’t. On the other hand, rules and restrictions, actions and inaction by the PLP have directly and indirectly made you suffer.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      It did not affect me at all. I have been married since 1985. On the other hand, I have family and friends that cannot “marry” the same way I did because of who their partner is. How is that fair?

  10. LOL (original TM) says:

    So you did not get your way and now you are tring to bully people.

    The patern ask for acceptance, then compele acceptance, then force them on others.

    Think not see Canada’s bill c16. Netfilx cuties 4 criminal indictmemts. Shows a patern of sickness.

  11. saud says:

    “So you did not get your way and now you are tring to bully people.”

    Yup…just like the airport protesters, who deserved to get pepper sprayed. LOL