Brownies Hold Jump And Be Fit Extravaganza

May 15, 2022

First Devonshire Brownies recently held a Jump and Be Fit Fitness Extravaganza as part of their focus on healthy living.

A spokesperson said, “First Devonshire Brownies have culminated their healthy heart, body soul and mind Brownie year with fitness jump rope highlights aligned with the Department of Health’s upcoming health initiative to be celebrated on Friday, May 13th at City Hall.

“They held a Jump and Be Fit Fitness Extravaganza hosted by BDA Jump Rope Federation Coach Sionna Barton, who held two sessions with the Brownies.

“Coach Sionna taught the basics of jump roping, which is designed to improve cardiovascular health and develop gross motor skills.

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“Brownies were provided with jump ropes from Brown Owl Cathy as end of year gifts for participating in the numerous health ventures, which were partly sponsored by Argus Insurance Company.

“The girls, who range in age from 7 through 11, had embarked upon a year of healthy living, body soul and mind ventures, which enabled them to earn several badges.

“They designed healthy foods cookbooks with their own recipes, which were published and presented to the Brownies, and worked on fitness and interest badges including dance, agility, swimming, healthy heart, cooking, baking, gardening and stamp collecting.

“They completed dances which were filmed during the pandemic and made healthy smoothies, salads, soups and meals at home.

“They ventured into mindfulness, studying stress management and virtues with Virtues Coach Danica Bascome of marvelous morals, an Education Therapist and Brownie mom.

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“The girls planted an herbal and vegetable garden and had a healthy cupcakes making day where they decorated vegan cupcakes with yogurt, applesauce and various fruit toppings. They swapped chips for popcorn as a chosen healthy snack and made hats from foliage to develop mindfulness and an appreciation for spending time outdoors during the pandemic.

“80 percent of meetings were held on Zoom and the girls are ecstatic to be able to spend time together once again. Each day they must test negative before coming to Brownies.

“Presently the Brownies attend Harrington Sound Primary, Prospect Primary, Purvis, MSA, Warwick Academy, West Pembroke, Home School and Northlands Primary.

“They have soared in spite of quarantines, ĺock downs and being impacted by Covid.

“They have learned that healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand in hand.”

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