Rise Launches Monthly Membership Options

July 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

Rise Marketing is launching a monthly marketing membership for small to medium businesses, which they said will offer “access to revenue generating marketing tips, lessons and guidance,”

A spokesperson said, “Running a business today can be challenging. Smaller businesses are recovering from the pandemic, dealing with shipping issues and trying to keep up with technology which continues to evolve the way people spend their time and money.

“It has never been more important for businesses to invest in understanding their customers and develop an effective marketing strategy. Rise Marketing is launching a marketing membership where members will have access to revenue generating marketing tips, lessons and guidance every month.”

Rise Marketing CEO Emilie Faulkner-Meek said “We’re really excited to share this program that we’ve been developing for months. The main goal for this monthly membership is to help businesses access expert advice, feel confident in their on-going marketing activities, and build community among other businesses experiencing similar challenges and opportunities.”

“Rise Marketing invites businesses to join its new membership program as a founding member for just $99 per month for the first year. Founding members will be able to enjoy this exclusive deal and become a vital part in guiding the lesson topics for the membership program.

“I’ve been thinking about developing a membership like this for a long time. Having just taken Rise Marketing through the entrepreneurial Ignite Accelerator program, we learned about launching a new project or business in a LEAN manner. Basically, you start with a first version of your offer and iterate as you go based on customer feedback to improve the product or experience. We’d like to invite founding members to be part of this project and guide us in the creation of this membership to identify what marketing topics, trends, and content will be mostly impactful to their business.” Ms. Faulkner-Meek said.

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This membership program will include 2 live sessions each month and 2 pre-recorded videos containing practical marketing tips. The first live session will come as a mini course and consist of a hot marketing topic or strategic planning lesson. The second session is a Q&A where businesses can ask any marketing related questions and will receive professional guidance.

“The membership is for businesses who need marketing guidance but don’t have the budget to pay an agency or consultant. It is designed to help businesses who aren’t doing any marketing, are starting to do marketing, unsure how to market and those with part-time marketing help. “Launching this membership at a low price for founding members will allow us to focus on developing content specifically for these founding members and getting feedback as we go along. The monthly membership rate will go up, so it’s an amazing opportunity for small businesses to join our membership community now.” added Ms. Faulkner-Meek.

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“As a member, businesses will learn how to utilize and execute the right marketing strategies to successfully connect to their prospective audience. Rise Marketing will analyze insights from its founding members to create timely content that addresses the specific marketing needs of businesses.

“The membership will be led by Rise Marketing CEO Emilie Faulkner-Meek who has over 12 years of marketing for organizations like L’Oréal, Digicel, Horizon Communications, and DuchPops Bermuda. To sign up for the membership program, visit www.rise.bm/membership.”

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