OBA Deputy: ‘They Failed In Their Obligations’

December 3, 2022 | 34 Comments

“The response from the PLP explains the problem Bermuda currently faces,” Deputy OBA Leader Jarion Richardson said, adding that “they failed in their obligations and we held them to a higher standard.”


His comments follow after the House of Assembly was adjourned at 2.10pm on Friday as there were not enough MPs present, with the Speaker noting there needed to be a minimum of 14 members — of the 36 elected MPs — for the session to continue.

The House of Assembly consists of 36 elected MPs, currently there are 30 PLP MPs and 6 OBA MPs, so the vast majority of MPs were absent on Friday.

As part of  the PLP response, they said there “were 11 PLP MPs in the House and only 1 OBA MP, as the other 2 OBA MPs who were present after Lunch left right before the OBA Whip called for a quorum and didn’t return when the Speaker called for a quorum.”

“It is unfortunate the OBA’s planned PR stunt led to a delay in passing important legislation related to the minimum wage today, but we will return next week to complete the business of the Government,” PLP MP Neville Tyrrell said, adding that “as the newly elected Government Whip – I take this matter seriously and will be speaking with all members of my Parliamentary Caucus to ensure that despite the political games that may be played by the Opposition, we will always have the required numbers present to advance the Government’s legislative agenda.”

Audio of the exchange in the House:

Mr Richardson’s Comments

Mr. Richardson said, “The response from the PLP explains the problem Bermuda currently faces. It is inconceivable for them that the Opposition’s legitimate use of an enshrined rule and precedent that held them accountable is proper.

“Everything to them is a stunt. They again cast us as the villains where the truth is, they failed in their obligations and we held them to a higher standard. We in the Opposition used a Standing Order. We didn’t write it. We simply said there are rules and we all have to obey them.

“Typically, few Government MPs speak in the debates. And this is certainly is not the first time we noticed there weren’t a lot of Government MPs in the chamber. But before, there was a quorum. This time it was very evident there just weren’t a lot of Government MPs there.

“Were the PLP embarrassed? I’m sure.

“What was the alternative? Continue to let them do whatever they want? Maybe walk over and tell them they should have a quorum? Where is the line between what is their job and what is ours? Shall we also draft the legislation for them.

“They failed. We noticed. And then brought it to the attention of the voter. That is not a stunt – that is democracy.”

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  1. Dismiss the whip says:

    In fact he should resign. Thanks to those who were present. The absentees need to be sanctioned by their Central Committee. This poor conduct shows a clear sign of a lack of discipline.

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    They were all watching football.

    • Lol says:

      I rather look at football also the OBA had 1 member in the house. The others where out trying on the new red elves outfits and looking for a new Santa Leader.

  3. So says:

    On a Talk Show today the host asked Mps to call in. Good idea but hoe can they if the one line has repeat callers and those talking for over 10 mins. I personally tried 220 times and the line was busy. Yet callers say ,”the MPs won’t call in because….” but if they stay on forever or call twice how can an MP respond?

  4. You never listen says:

    Jarion you can try and play politics and tricks all you want. Nothing will change in the next election as the results will remain the same. The voters are simply not selecting a party that changed its name to runaway from its racist past. Continue being the next front man and wasting time when you already know the truth. I voted UBP and OBA but never again. Voters desire a third party because we all know what the OBA is.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Never ever give up on the lie. It’s all you have.

      • The people says:

        Actually the PLP is in charge and the obaUBP has nothing accept trying to run away from its racist past 30-5 and 1 jet gate.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Keep the lie going, it’s all you have.

          Psst… we all know about the real Jetgate.

  5. Billy says:

    Does anyone believe that the Old Boys Association aka obaubp will win another election in 20 years? Stop now by wasting your life away it’s not going to happen. Curtis will be the next pLP leader.

  6. Facts says:

    Both parties are wrong and with a collective responsibility they both need to shut up and move on. If another election was called in 3 months or later the OBA would still lose.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Correct. The electorate will hold their nose and vote for failure time and time again.

      Stick a fork in it, Bermuda is done.

      • Facts says:

        Stick a fork in the obaUBP their done and done and done. Now blog for them and continue frustrating yourself the party that changed its name to try and attract black voters to return isn’t wining ever again. You’re in denial mate.

        • saud says:

          You’re right. Bermuda is done. $4Billion in debt. LOL…losers.

          • Tom says:

            Yep done with the racist OBA. Hopefully a new party is formed.

            • Double s says:

              Name one racist thing the OBA has done or said.

              I can do that easily for the hateful PLP.

              • Sandgrownan says:

                Not a chance, you’ll never get an answer!

                • Lol says:

                  The answer was 30-6. Now run along and try to find more front men for a party that will never be government.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    You didn’t answer the question. It’s all you’ve got..party over country every time.

            • saud says:

              But, you’re happy with the racist and homophobic PLP?

              Seems like you’re a hypocrite who should be ignored :)

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Party over country … always the same for the PLP ….

          Bermuda is going down the drain, failure after failure……

  7. Ringmaster says:

    Interesting to read the comments. Why would the OBA even want to win the next election? They won in 2012 and look what happened. All the PLP want is the power, nothing else. They have no business experience and Bermuda is suffering from it. Supporters will continue to suffer, unless they have been able to sell their soul to the elite.

    • James says:

      Jarion Richardson even the OBA supporters know your just a sacrificial lamb. Start another party your PEOPLE can actually depend on. Break away from a group who has no use for you accept complain.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Rather than moan and complain about the OBA, why don’t you take a critical look at the PLP. Look at where Bermuda is, debt, failing public services, demographic timebomb and take a long hard objective view of whether or not the the PLP is equipped to tackle these challenges.

        I’ll give you a clue – they are not.

        Remember the OBA are not the government. It’s not on them, they didn’t create this mess.

        • Eyes Wide Open says:

          The voters don’t care about the OBA your the only clown on here always blogging and complaining.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            I’m not even sure what you are trying to say.

            This is why education is so important.

          • saud says:

            The peasants are turning on your plp…they’re finally realizing that they’re being pounded by burt…


            • saud says:

              If you don’t acknowledge it, then it isn’t real.


            • Answer says:

              Bermudians will never choose a party that has individuals like you as cheerleaders, but continue on helping the oba remain the Forever/Opposition! Oh and black voters are peasants thanks for showing your true racist colors.

              • sandgrownan says:

                Can’t get past race can you. race. race. race. It’s always about race.

                Bermuda will never progress.

              • tucker says:

                Answer (lol)
                You inadvertently revealed more about your bigotry in one little post than you’ll ever understand.

  8. Think about it! says:

    OBA has 6 members. 2 were at the conference in the UK for Opposition parties (required) and one has Covid. The other 3 were in the house but of the three left so that the OBA could make a point and highlight what really goes on. Without the few OBA members there is often not a quorum because so many of the ruling party don’t show up after lunch. That is why the PLP are saying politicks, they wanted the OBA to make up numbers as per normal. It was to say folks, you put in 30 plp mps and they don’t show up!

  9. Double s says:

    Think this is a good thing to be honest. The less time the PLP have in teh House the less damage they will inflict upon Bermuda and her people.

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