House Adjourns Due To Low Attendance By MPs

December 2, 2022

[Updated] The House of Assembly was adjourned this afternoon [Dec 2] as there were not enough MPs present, with the Speaker noting there needed to be a minimum of 14 members — of the 36 elected MPs — for the session to continue.

The morning session was held and then the House resumed at 2.00pm. As Minister Jason Hayward was speaking, Deputy Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson interjected with a Point of Order and noted that they did not have a quorum.

Speaker Dennis Lister stated it was 2.05pm and noted they needed sufficient MPs to attend by 2.10pm, suggesting that members who are not present “put on your sneakers and run to this direction.”

By 2.10pm there were not enough members present, so the House was adjourned, you can listen to the full audio of the exchange below.

The House of Assembly consists of 36 elected MPs — at this time there are 30 PLP MPs and 6 OBA MPs — so the vast majority of MPs were absent from the afternoon session.

As far as procedure, the official website states, “In the Lower House, a quorum consists of ‘the Speaker, or, in Committee, the Chairman, and fourteen other Members.’ If at any time a Member draws attention to the absence of a quorum, the Speaker or the Chairman causes the bell to be rung and the proceedings are suspended until the required numbers are present at their seats in the Chamber. If the numbers required to form a quorum are not present within five minutes after the ringing of the bell, the House stands adjourned until the next meeting.”

We have asked the OBA, PLP and Government for comment and will update as able.

Update 9.10pm: PLP MP Neville Tyrrell, who serves as the Government Whip, said, “Earlier today in the House of Assembly, shortly after the lunch break, the Opposition Whip called for a quorum in the House of Assembly.

“At the time of the call there were 11 PLP MPs in the House and only 1 OBA MP, as the other 2 OBA MPs who were present after Lunch left right before the OBA Whip called for a quorum and didn’t return when the Speaker called for a quorum.

“As is normal, a number of Ministers had engagements during the lunch period such as the Premier who was still meeting with residents of St. David’s at the time the OBA Whip called for a quorum.

“It is unfortunate the OBA’s planned PR stunt led to a delay in passing important legislation related to the minimum wage today, but we will return next week to complete the business of the Government.

“As the newly elected Government Whip – I take this matter seriously and will be speaking with all members of my Parliamentary Caucus to ensure that despite the political games that may be played by the Opposition, we will always have the required numbers present to advance the Government’s legislative agenda.”

Update: The response from the OBA is here.

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  1. Verdad says:

    What a travesty. Name the absentees and advise we the people when their pay will be deducted. It was obvious that neither the Premier nor the Opposition Leader was present. And you want to talk about self governance. First, govern yourselves!

    • Hey says:

      19 PLP members missing. Shameful, what are we paying them for. 19 that’s a while football team ones a full bench. Crazy and disgusting. More PLP arrogance.

  2. Where is the OBAubp says:

    So it was only 1 obaUBP rabbit and 11 plp foxes in the house. 30-6 lol

  3. Come Correct says:

    Jarion basically snitch on the OBA. He was the only member present.

  4. SMH says:

    “OBA PR stunt”

    I don’t think so, they looked stupid too! I think Jarion is just getting so frustrated with both sides, it was time to let the public know what is going on.

    • Magic Mike says:

      Jarion Richardson is truly wasting his time in the OBA and he knows it. His own leader wasn’t even there. Matter of fact he was the OBA in the house of cards.

    • Patricia says:


  5. Plp take responsibility says:

    Plp take responsibility and stop deflecting. You know why three OBA were not in the house for legitimate reasons.

    So where were your people?

    • Hmmm says:

      The OBA was outside looking for more fronting men to make the fake party look diverse to the voters.

    • OBA tricks and lies says:

      Yes the public knows that the OLd Boys Association was busy trying on circus outfits.

      • saud says:

        No, most of the public can count.
        Your party failed to show up for work. Be a real human and own it. LMFAO

    • Patricia says:

      I had a similar thought

  6. Mr. Speaker says:

    It’s OK ..take a day off you have earned it…

  7. Ringmaster says:

    Surprised the PLP is only blaming the OBA and not colonialism for the failure of sufficient PLP MPs to show up. No responsibility. Blame, blame, blame, not our fault.

  8. Sandgrownan says:

    Wankers, all of them.