Gananoque Reporter: “Getting Lost In Bermuda”

January 29, 2023

Gananoque Reporter has featured Bermuda in a travel piece titled “Getting Lost In Bermuda.”

The story says, “‘I could stay here all day,’ sighed my daughter Kelsey as we stood on a pink sand beach on our first day in Bermuda. Beaches on the southern shores of the Main Island have a pink hue derived from coral and the coloured shells of sea creatures that live in nearby reefs.

“Even though pink sand is magical, the beach was just a quick stop on our way to the Royal Naval Dockyard and the National Museum of Bermuda.

Hamilton Princess Bermuda January 2023

“As we squished our toes in the salmon-coloured sand, we both thought about revising our plans for the day. But we really wanted to experience the culture of the place that has spawned so many myths and legends and the National Museum was a better place to start than the beach.

“Bermuda is the perfect place to lose yourself. It’s long been shrouded in superstition and mystery, and so many ships were lost on the treacherous reefs of this archipelago in the 1500s and 1600s that sailors nicknamed it “Devil’s Islands.”

“The first mention of the Bermuda Triangle was in a 1964 magazine article and the popularity of the urban myth grew — increasing the aura of superstition associated with this seductively beautiful destination. Today, Bermuda’s gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise waters, fascinating history and distinct culture make it the ideal place to find yourself in another way of life.”

You can read the full story here on Gananoque Reporter.

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  1. Impressed says:

    This is great. We have to build on our strengths.

  2. Tucker says:

    I guess no one told her how much Bermudians hate Canada.

    • Holy Moly says:

      Speak for yourself… first time I’ve ever seen that statement!