Photos: Community Peace Walk Event Held

March 20, 2023

The Community Peace Walk was held this weekend, with dozens of people taking part.

A spokesperson said, “A diverse group of 60-odd people – pre-schoolers to 90-somethings – gathered on Saturday afternoon at the campus of the Bermuda College in preparation of the Community Peace Walk. An upbeat buzz was very much evident as people assembled, readily engaged with each other. Amongst those folks were the two MPs representing the adjoining districts: Ianthia Simmons-Wade and Scott Pearman.”

When asked about the importance of these initiatives, Ms Wade-Simmons said, “We are all aware of the challenges that our island is experiencing; we will only be able to address them when we come together as a community through means like these, the Peace Walk and donating funds to those in need.”

Mr Pearman said, “It is a pleasure for me to be involved in making this a bi-partisan effort – along with MP Wade – to address these significant challenges and to do the walk and donate to the fund to assist challenged families.”

The spokesperson said, “Proceedings began with a welcome by Pastor Debra Dean of the Rehoboth Church of God. She reminded those gathered that they could donate funds for challenged families, either at the Warwick Workmen’s Club, Christ Church [Warwick], or Clarien Bank [Bermuda] ‘Friends of Christ Church Warwick Trust’ [ref ‘Peace Walk’] account number 6000 166 404.

“An olivewood sapling was then presented by Dave Horan, principal of Warwick Academy, as a symbolic peace tree to two representatives of the student body of the college – Daque Davis [Student Government Council] and Elisha Thomas [MENSPEAK].”

In response to question regarding why Warwick Academy has been a part of the collaboration, Principal Horan said, “Our school is a private school with a public purpose. Since Warwick Workmen’s Club is our closest neighbour, we began a relationship with them some years ago and through this current collaboration we’re linking with the wider community.”

When asked why he was participating on the Peace Walk, Bermuda College student Elisha Thomas said, “I recognize that given the challenges across the island, this is important to foster a sense of hope in our communities.”

The spokesperson said, “Glenn Fubler spent a portion of the journey walking along with Elisha, who explained that he had experienced some of the ongoing challenges, but had been able to overcome these and recently enrolled in the Bermuda College Liberal Arts Program with the ultimate goal of pursuing the law, with a focus on the criminal variety.

“The group then set out on the Peace Walk, travelling west on South Shore Road, before turning right up Southcote Road. At the intersection with Ord Road, the walkers turned left and proceeded west, facilitated by two motorcycle police. At the junction with Tribe Road, the group of walkers paused, allowing for those taking their time to catch up.

“The group took a minute of silence at that junction, given that it was the site of a murder in the weeks leading up to last Christmas. Once this pause of reflection was completed, the walk continued.

“A second pause was taken in front of Paget Primary School, which is also a part of the collaboration. Three cheers were made, celebrating that school family as a representative of all of our island’s children.

“The walkers then proceed to the junction with Cobb’s Hill, where they turned right to climb over to the Warwick Workmen’s Club, where they gathered on the grassy area of the grounds to be refreshed and reflect on their efforts of the day.”

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