Zoological Society Clean Up Harrington Sound

March 29, 2023

The Bermuda Zoological Society recently embarked on a two-year mission to clean up and study the trash distribution in Harrington Sound – Project Sound Solution.

A spokesperson said, “The project launched on Saturday, 11 February, at Harrington Sound Primary Public Dock, with a second clean-up occurring on Saturday, 25 March, at Dingle’s Bay. Led by Andrew Rawson, the over twenty-strong team included staff from both the Bermuda Zoological Society [BZS] and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo [BAMZ], as well as a strong contingent of youth from the BZS Junior Volunteers, BZS Science Club, BAMZ Junior Staff and other members of the public.

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“Funded by an anonymous donor, the BZS hired Andrew, who holds an Environmental and Geological Sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario, to lead the project over the next two years. He will organize the clean-ups in Harringtons Sound and Flatts and collect and collate data on the amount and types of trash and debris collected.

“With help from volunteers, he will identify the hot spots and how fast they accumulate and determine if they are domestic or foreign debris. Project Sound Solution is collaborating with Keep Bermuda Beautiful to categorize the data using their protocols. The data will then be reported to the Ocean Conservancy and included in the International Coast Clean-up Records to track trends worldwide in the ocean pollution crisis.

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“During the first two clean-ups, SCUBA divers, snorkelers, and shoreline volunteers covered over 6000 square meters. The group collected over 500 pieces of refuse weighing 3,689 lbs. Dingle’s Bay was by far the most noteworthy site because prevailing winds drive marine debris into this area of the sound.

“The data shows most of the waste was from individual local deposits, including beer bottles, food bags, wrappers, boating and dock materials. The data broke down the types of debris collected into 36 categories and also noted that the group gathered larger items – including 1 mooring buoy and chain, 2 PVC pipes, 2 mooring weights, 1 dock front and pieces of several boats.”

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Mr Rawson said, “The first 2 clean-ups of this new BZS project were a huge success! Thanks to the extraordinary positive energy of all those patrolling land and sea, we collected and properly disposed of thousands of pounds of garbage. We are overwhelmed with results and the positive impact they will surely have on the environment. Our goal is to remove existing garbage and help create awareness and participation within the community”.

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The spokesperson said, “The next Project Sound Solution is scheduled for May, with the group hoping to tackle Shark Hole. We are actively looking for volunteers! If you are a homeowner on Harrington Sound or are interested in getting involved in this or other BZS projects, please email volunteer@bzs.bm to be added to the BZS Call to Action List, which will keep you informed of future volunteer activities in our community. These include the BZS Microforest Project, BZS Trunk Island Conservation Project and other opportunities at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.”

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