Photos: Sub Aqua Club Hold Marine Clean Up

August 28, 2019

Beach chairs, a motorcycle, tires, bottles and a laptop were among some of the items collected from the water as the Bermuda Sub Aqua Club held a marine clean up in the Harrington Sound area.

A spokesperson said, “The cleanup was participated by 15 BSAC divers and 5 BSAC members working on the dock, which is a good turnout representing 25% of the club membership.

“There were many dive sites on BSAC’s cleanup list and Harrington Sound school dock is on top this year, mainly because we often dive around these waters to conduct training activities – same reason that we have done cleanups by the Devil’s Hole and Clarence Cove in previous years.

“These areas are close to our hearts and we want to keep them clean and safe for all its dwellers and users. We are keen to do more cleanup sites any chance we have, and BSAC is working closely with KBB to make sure we do our part in being good stewards of the earth’s ocean by keeping Bermuda waters clean.

“The rubbish we collect may not only prevent accidents and make for a healthy ocean, but the data collected also contributes to the global statistics which are important to science studies.”

Slideshow of photos courtesy of Silvia Lozada and Jane Liang


“We collected

  • 2 beach chairs
  • 1 motorcycle
  • 3 motorcycle frames
  • 4 tires
  • 9 bags of bottles
  • 250m of fishing line, approx.
  • 1 laptop
  • 4 bags other items:
  • Dive mask and fins
  • Plastic pieces
  • Metal pieces
  • Construction materials

“If anyone is interested in learning about BSAC, joining the club, learning to dive or joining us on our next cleanup then please contact us at”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Thank you BSAC for your efforts. I deeply regret that your efforts are necessary though.

  2. Pepper Prepper says:

    all the stolen bikes n trash thrown in there by you know who. same people who are too lazy to go to the dump to dump their trash or appliances n just chuck em in roadside bushes.

  3. Vanessa Conway says:

    Well done Sub Aqua Club! Thank you for your efforts and for raising awareness.

  4. Dogs of Bermuda says:

    Yet they worry about dogs! Humans make such a mess! Thanks to all for the hard work.