ICO Decision On Bermuda Police Service

April 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

Acting Information Commissioner Answer Styannes issued Decision 03/2023 in regards to the Bermuda Police Service [BPS].

A spokesperson said, “The Applicant had submitted a Public Access to Information [PATI] request to the BPS seeking emails on a criminal complaint made by the Applicant. The BPS initially denied the request on the grounds of it being frivolous and vexatious under section 16[1][e] of the PATI Act.

ICO Decision 03 2023 Summary

“During the Information Commissioner’s independent review, however, the BPS conceded that its reliance on section 16[1][e] was not justified and confirmed that it no longer relied on the administrative ground for denial of the records. On 20 March 2023, the BPS provided the Applicant with the responsive emails requested in full.

“Acting Information Commissioner Styannes is satisfied that because the BPS no longer relied on the administrative denial ground to deny the PATI request and given the disclosure made to the Applicant, no issue remained for her to consider in this review. As a result, the Acting Information Commissioner has not required the BPS to take any further action with respect to Decision 03/2023.”

The full version of Decision 03/2023 follows below [PDF here]:

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