Highlights Visiting St. George’s

May 1, 2023 has highlighted the island, focusing on things to do when visiting St. George’s.

The story says, “Welcome to the stunning island of St. George’s in Bermuda, where turquoise waters, pink sand beaches, and lush greenery are sure to leave travelers feeling absolutely enchanted!

“Explore the winding cobblestone streets and pastel-colored homes of St. George’s Island. Visitors will feel a sense of wonder and awe at the unique blend of colonial architecture and tropical scenery. From the iconic St. Peter’s Church to the charming Town Hall, every corner of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is steeped in centuries-old tales and legends.

“But St. George is not just a feast for the eyes–it’s also a feast for the senses. Savor the island’s world-famous seafood cuisine, indulge in a refreshing rum swizzle, and dance the night away to Bermudian music. No matter the flavor of fun, St. George’s has got it.

“The picturesque paradise boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural beauty that will stir the soul and ignite some wanderlust.”

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