PLP Welcomes Increased Cruises To East End

May 12, 2016

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party today welcomed the news of increased cruise visits to the East End, saying “any increase in cruise visitors to the Old Town is welcomed and will surely benefit St. George’s merchants and residents alike.”

Yesterday Premier Michael Dunkley announced several initiatives as a result of the Government’s renewed agreement with Norwegian Cruise Line, with NCL agreeing to provide a minimum of 12 cruise calls to St George’s per year from 2017 to 2022, as well as support other initiatives such as commissioning two new ferries.

Slideshow of various cruise ships in Bermuda:


Senator Renee Ming remarked, “Any increase in cruise visitors to the Old Town is welcomed and will surely benefit St. George’s merchants and residents alike. With so many Bermudians out of work, and Bermudian businesses struggling to stay open or being forced to shut their doors, this represents a positive step forward.

“My main concern as a St. Georgian is that we have a thriving economic environment in the east end where entrepreneurs can thrive and where our St. George’s residents can find opportunities to work. In that regard, I have no problem welcoming this news,”

Shadow Tourism Minister Jamahl Simmons added, “We encourage the government to continue pushing for more cruise arrivals to St. George’s. Going back to 2010, as many as 24 cruise visits were scheduled to St. George’s and we must do all we can to get back to those numbers.

“More cruise visitors, combined with turning around the 49 year low in air arrivals and rebalancing the disparity between cruise and air visitors would be tremendously beneficial to Bermudians and our economy,”

MP Simmons concluded, “In the meantime, we must ensure that Bermuda’s Transportation services are coordinated to ensure that passengers in Dockyard and Hamilton are given the opportunity to spend quality time within the Town of St. George and that we are prepared at all levels to give our visitors the Bermuda experience that they have paid for and deserve.”

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    I just love great news from both political parties.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Did you just wake up stupid today?? Please re- read what ( bullet man ) Jahmel said over and over again until it sinks into your head!! He is once again spouting political nonsense!! In particular read the 2nd and 3rd paragraph of his nonsense!! He spouts this crap, but fails to mention the real facts, and that would be, the plp destroyed tourism in St George, and that is the simple facts!!!!

  2. george says:

    who stopped the cruise ships to St. Georges anyway?

    • Sara says:

      Oh how quickly they all forget. Even the 2 billion of debt. It is bewildering to say the least.

      • Ann says:

        I’m always confused why people hit dislike when someone is stating a fact.

        • Just maybe their heads are up their rectum? Just a thought :-(

          • By the way while w’ere in the East end…P.L.P. Constituency 33 – Jamahl S. Simmons M.P.’ far as I’m concern this politician is only another scare mongrel.
            Get real u’lot! the maintenance / up-keep will be paid for by the company that will build / run the airport for the X amount of years, (that was mentioned) and when handed over to the Bermuda Govt. in what, 30 years? it’ll still appear as it will look once finished being built in a couple years time…All this at No expense to anyone! So, who is stealing what?

    • info says:

      The ships are built bigger. I know for a fact that Royal Caribbean wants to bring their Mega ships in St. Geo. In order for this to take place they are willing to open the channel more at no cost to Bermuda. People are worried about the ecological balance and storm surge from Hurricanes if they widen the channel.

      • inna says:

        Correct, and you should be worried too. Are you fine with blowing up islands for the sake of allowing cruise ships in for 4 months out of the year?

        Keep those floating monstrosities out of St. Georges and up at Dockyard.

  3. Finally... says:

    something we all agree upon.


    Please PLP and everyone–let this be the beginning of things to come where we work together to drive Bermuda’s future success instead of tearing it apart even before it has a chance to develop.

    Very mature and responsible response.

    Thank you!

    • Terry says:

      Just PLP propaganda to garnish votes for 2017.

      Nothing to see here .
      Move on.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I must have missed it in the story but what part did the PLP play in this good news? Maybe they were not aware of it so no chance to derail it.

  4. serengeti says:

    When they talk like this it makes you wonder why the PLP did all they could to ruin St George’s doesn’t it.

    • The whole time they were in “power” what was it that the the Progressive Labour Party do for St. George’s and its merchants / residents? They made it a damn ghost town! I personally thank everyone that has made this new look a reality.

  5. Good says:

    Nice to read encouraging comments from the Opposition. I’d encourage them to continue publicly supporting the OBA Government when both sides of the aisle agree to the same thing. It helps us the public incur less stress and tension that we have become accustom to!

  6. Awake says:

    Jamahl Simmons doesn’t give two hoots about St. George’s, let alone Bermuda. He needs to stop pretending. I didn’t trust him before, but after his his tweets a couple of years ago, it became very clear that he’s nothing but a fake:

    “What if we decided that if your business model requires you to abuse your workers and pay slave wages that u need to get out of our country?

    “What if we stopped supporting businesses that don’t hire us, pay us slave wages and give nothing to the community?

    “What would happen if we stopped shooting each other and started putting bullets in the heads of those who hate us and won’t hire us?”

    “If you are excluded from the society what do you care if society burns? You aint a part of it anyway. It might even be fun to watch it burn.”

  7. Flip flop says:

    Hes being a little constructive it seems. Be careful probably getting ready to swap sides of the floor.
    Just putting it out there …

    • “If” you’re being presumption then we need to tell him to stay right where he is! The O.B.A. have / are doing quite well with a snake like him in the Party.. :-(

  8. St.Georgian says:

    Well done OBA. The PLP tried and we’re unsuccessful in getting cruise ships to our town.

  9. Wahoo says:

    Did someone even ask them? They are redundant, lame, lost at sea and out the running.

    LMAO at them!