Music Video: Fire Wayne’s New Song ‘One Blood’

June 12, 2023

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Bermudian artist Fire Wayne has a burning desire for his new song, One Blood, to reach every household on the island.

Fire Wayne, whose real name is Wayne Raynor Jr, has again linked up with local producer RTwoG2, also known as DJ Rusty G, on the song, released on all major streaming platforms on April 24.

Their first collaboration, Full Stop, released in May 2021, proved a huge success, and Raynor said their second offering carries a universal message about the importance of loving one another.

“We needed a part two for Full Stop and thought One Blood would be the one,” Raynor told Bernews.

“It carries a message the world needs right now, not just our island. We want to push this song to the rest of the world and show them what [music] Bermudians are into.

Fire Wayne June 2023

“Everybody loves the positive message. My hairdresser recently said, ‘Most of your songs are clean – the kids can sing it, the adults can sing it.’

“Everyone knows Full Stop; now everyone needs to know One Blood.”

Raynor, who recently turned 40, said the popularity of One Blood is gathering pace, surfacing regularly on social media networking services such as Instagram Reels and TikTok, which have become essential tools for recording artists.

“It’s been getting some airplay, and hopefully, it will start getting more,” he said. “I mostly hear it on Instagram reels.

“It’s all about Instagram, TikTok, Facebook – if you do a good job there, you can reach the rest of the world.”

Although Raynor has been interested in making music for years, recording songs on a smaller scale before his breakthrough track, Full Stop – used on a television episode of American medical drama New Amsterdam – it was not until visiting Trinidad for carnival eight years ago that he decided to immerse himself in the soca genre.

“I used to send my music to Rusty G all of the time,” said Raynor, a line technician at Digicel. “He was brutally honest and would say, ‘It’s nice, but not quite there yet’.

“I took offence at first but fast-forward a few years, and he invited me to audition for Full Stop.

“I’m glad he looked at me as an option as someone who could get the job done. I’ve been serious about music ever since. That was the beginning of Fire Wayne.”

He added: “I’ve always been a soca lover but never thought about making soca music until I went to Trinidad for carnival.

“You need to understand what works outside of Bermuda and see what people are grooving to.”

Raynor, who grew up in Southampton, hopes to turn his passion for music into a full-time career and has already gained experience performing at live shows, including Flag Invasion at Fort St Catherine last month, the Ubersoca Cruise as a “Rising Star” on the Norwegian Epic in April, the recent Bermuda Football Association Awards Ceremony at City Hall and will again take the stage during Bermuda Heroes Weekend, starting next Friday [June 16].

“These soca artists travel to all the various carnivals – this is their job,” said Raynor, whose younger brother, Calvon Raynor, is DJ Mystro.

“I want this to be my real job. I’m speaking it into existence.”

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  1. BIGGA says:

    I really really really like this song and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MESSAGE. I hope the names on those buildings in the background get the message and stop this SHYTESHOW that happening now.

  2. ella says:

    Becuz I am your friend not your enemy so it’s nothing but love love love between you n me – You know we are ONE BLOOD!

  3. Reid RC says:

    This song is AWESOME!
    Well done Wayne and all involved!
    I am eager to learn this song and will use it as a rallying “call to arms” to encourage all of us.
    Blessings…and…One Love! One Blood!