Students Create ‘The Life Of Mary Prince’ Film

June 21, 2023 | 1 Comment

Clearwater Middle School students recently held the premiere of their film “The Life of Mary Prince” at the school’s auditorium.

A spokesperson said, “This production was a collaborative effort between students and their social studies teacher, Shimaine Furroze.”

Ms. Furroze aimed to nurture a deeper appreciation for Black history among children, saying, “It’s crucial for students to understand and embrace their heritage. This project was about giving students a platform to voice their history openly and proudly.”

Clearwater Middle School Students Premiere 'The Life Of Mary Prince' Film June 16, 2023

A spokesperson said, “Tarryn Matthie, one of the M2 student writers, shared a key lesson she learned from Mary Prince’s life. Miss Matthie emphasized the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs. Other student contributors to the script included Etana Holdipp Lynch, Ariah Peets, Jada O’Brien, Jaylen Sewell, Zion Woods, Keeliah Caines, Callae Foggo, and Jahzion Furbert. The central character of Mary Prince was brought to life by M1 student Kamila Simons.

“Education Minister Diallo Rabain, present at the premiere, commended the students for their contributions to telling this powerful story. He encouraged them to take pride in their hard work and self-belief, stating that every participant had showcased their unique talents brilliantly.”

The principal of Clearwater Middle School, Lisa Swan, extended her gratitude towards Ms. Furroze, saying, “It’s really well done, we could not have been here without you.”

The spokesperson said, “The complete play cast and production included the following participants:

Student Play Writers: Tarryn Mathie, Etana Holdipp Lynch, Ariah Peets, Jada O’Brien, Jaylen Sewell, Zion Woods, Keeliah Caines, Callae Foggo, and Jahzion Furbert.

Teacher Play Writers: Ms. Furroze, Dengie Fisher, and Wesley Hall

Stage Directors, Technical Support, and Provision of Props: Ms. Furroze and Dae’Shalae Hollis

Narrators: Unas Woolridge and Tarryn Mathie

Students Participating in the Movie and their Roles:

  1. Mary Prince – Kamila Simons
  2. Mary’s Mother – Arianna Woods and Sekret Hill-Waldron
  3. Miss Betsey – De’Arrie Inserra
  4. Miss Fanny – Etana Holdipp
  5. Mrs. Prudent – Ariah Peets
  6. Maids of the Ingham’s – Callae Foggo, Keeliah Caines
  7. Mrs. Ingham – Jazmine Borden-Everett
  8. Mr. Ingham – Santiago
  9. Hetty – Tarryn Mathie
  10. Hannah – Callae Foggo
  11. The Maid – Keeliah Caines, Callae Foggo
  12. Mary Prince Father – Nazri Butterfield
  13. Auctioneer – Santiago Almeida
  14. Na’Quhaj – Mrs. Williams

Video Editing: Dean Foggo

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