PLP: Does OBA Leader Support Marcus Jones?

September 19, 2023 | 17 Comments

[Updated] The PLP called on the OBA Leader Jarion Richardson “to let the public know where he personally stands on Marcus Jones’ candidacy and the comments that led to his resignation.”

PLP Deputy Chairperson Lauren Hayward-Bell said, “It is unfortunate, yet not surprising, that the latest OBA Chair would double down on the OBA decision to announce former Senator Marcus Jones as their candidate for the next General election. This is the same Marcus Jones who resigned in disgrace just 18 months ago for shaming victims of sexual assault.

“Jones resigned in February 2022; his sexist and victim-blaming comments were extremely recent which is even more disturbing given all the research-backed public education regarding the negative impact this type of rhetoric has on survivors and the willingness to report attacks.

“These comments followed Jones’ previous public declaration of his ‘staunch’ support for the sexist, misogynistic Donald Trump. In January 2021, the then Senator Jones took to social media to declare: ‘Since he was elected as President in 2016, Holy Spirit has prompted me to be an intercessor for your President who in that time has become my President…..I am a minority supporter of the President in my community but a staunch one.’

“In response to the community’s outrage for this social media statement, the OBA advised ‘their candidate’s opinions may not necessarily reflect the sentiment of the Party.’

“Politicians’ opinions matter.

“On both sides of the aisle, we have seen people have to take responsibility for their public comments and/or actions. However, it is clear that with the recall of Ben Smith and Marcus Jones, the OBA does not feel that they need to take this responsibility? It makes one wonder who will be the next OBA standard bearer? Will it be Leah Scott? Will it be Michael Fahy?

Ms Hayward Bell asked what does OBA Smith’s South Candidate Ben Smith think of blaming the victims and added that they ”call on the latest OBA Leader, Jarion Richardson, who spoke at length about integrity, to let the public know where he personally stands on Marcus Jones’ candidacy and the comments that led to his resignation. Does he truly support his candidacy? Does he support his comments? Why does he want Marcus Jones representing the OBA in Pembroke West?”

Update Sept 20, 12.00pm: OBA Leader Jarion Richardson said, “I believe the PLP’s political attack on Marcus is neither fair nor accurate but rather weaponization. And it being its primary [if not sole] skill, I would note it has clearly prioritized its resources to hovering over the OBA versus fixing the country’s problem.

“There’s hardly an ethical standard which has not been shattered or stood on by members of its caucus, so the party should avoid throwing stones in its glass house.

“Bermudians are smarter than the PLP give them credit. Marcus’ statement read in full is neither sexist nor victim-blaming.

“With all that said, we thank the PLP for continuing to make our point that its priority is keeping power through attack, division and scapegoating, not fixing the country.

“To fix the country, we need people of character. Every person who has spent any time with Marcus Jones can speak to his many virtues. I recommend interviewing Marcus Jones to see for yourself.”

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  1. Ugh says:


    Our roads are a mess, the causeway is a mess, the swing bridge is a mess, the grad Atlantic is a mess with millions upon millions thrown at, the SP is a mess, should have been open for this past season. We are 7 billion dollars in debt and have nothing to show for it.

    The person or you are trying to destroy intentions were absolutely sound, we need the education and want to know what govt are doing about the rise of social media, smart phones, the dangers of AI. How is the Govt helping parents, schools. What program has been developed? Why are there no ads on YouTube or social media platforms warning ?

    WHAT HAVE you done with $7 billion Lauren?

  2. Ugh says:

    Clearly this whole article is to deflect from the article where the opposition are asking about the court deal.

  3. Gwan says:

    LMAO ? Really , Ms. Hayward Bell ad the PLP want to point fingers and question someone’s record? LOOK AT AND QUESTION YOUR OWN LEADER! He is our poster boy, your hero!

    Do you support him and wheat he has done and said? What has he done for this country. Name one thing about Bermuda that has improved under his leadership? Just ONE! Let me help you. I am tired of hearing election BS, don’t tell me about what you are going to do next time you are elected. Tell me what you did while you were elected and getting paid the big $. Your big accomplishments seem to be Sugar Tax! Yay , how has that worked out? More duty for government meanwhile consumers pay more. YAY! Oh, and passing a law raising the minimum wage? So again, employers just raise the prices on goods they sell or lay off staff! ? Yay? C’mon, surely, one of the PLP cheerleaders and F&F should have no problem telling us what they did. With 30 of their own voted in Im sure they can tell of of at least one improvement per ministry per year? Not to much to ask – is it? One thing per year per ministry?

    Education ?
    National Debt?
    Road works?
    Public Buildings?
    Public Transportation (Buses / Ferry etc)?
    Public Health care services ?
    Parks / Botanical ?
    Social Services?
    Immigration Dept?
    Casino Gaming Commission?
    Health Insurance ?
    Police/ Fire services?
    Courts Services?
    It Services ?
    Legal Affairs / Services?
    Public Works / W&E ?

    Tel us, what have you done BETTER! You spent the money, now tell us how you spent it wisely!

    I expect to hear nothing!

  4. Mark says:

    Is their strategy?!?! Lol my god. They are so delusional. They’re trying their best to push their rabid base to the brink aren’t they? This next election will really tell us how many blind numpties we have. They can be counted by every vote for these corrupt power mad people we call a government.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “This next election will really tell us how many blind numpties we have.”

      I doubt it. The OBA is not viewed as a viable opposition by most Bermudians. The OBA did not even field 36 candidates in the last elections if my memory serves correctly.

      Another PLP victory could simply mean that most Bermudian do not see any viable alternative.

  5. watching says:

    The OBA bloggers can distract with the other issues, but the bottom line, is does Mr. Richardson condone Mr. Jones’ hateful comments? Does he endorse the candidacy of Mr. Jones?

    Also makes me wonder why there were no candidate announcements around any of the OBA candidates. Perhaps they nor the leadership wanted to have to field any questions.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Noone cares about this, save for the PLP desperately trying to distract from their utter failure.

    • ugh says:

      there were no hateful comments, stop making thing up. Please people, go listen to the whole video as recently posted then make up your own mind.

      Was this man saying hateful comments? Not at all. To say he was making hateful comments is a LIE ! Why are the PLP lying, ask yourself that.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Please show me these ‘hateful comments’ that Jones made.
      Saying he supports Trump may not be a clever thing to do around here but it isn’t hateful.
      And warning minors that inappropriate postings on social media may have repercussion isn’t hateful either.
      So please elaborate.

  6. lee says:

    all I know is …. anyone openly supporting Donald cannot get my vote period.

  7. lee says:

    all I know is …. anyone openly or secretly supporting Donald does not deserve to get my vote period.

  8. question says:

    It’s always easier to attack the person than it is to respond to the legitimate issues.

  9. watching says:

    So, after seeing Jarion’s response, why then did Marcus resign?

  10. IslandChild says:

    If we disqualified every politician who’s said something stupid/insensitive/inappropriate/badly, we wouldn’t have a single politician in office.

    Could we just move on, please?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Don’t think that you are absolutely correct but you are very very close.

  11. LOL - the real one says:

    “Could we just move on, please?”

    I wish we could, but Bermudians can’t get past race, or hating the gays and foreigners.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “but Bermudians can’t get past …”

      Make that “some Bermudians”. Most of us don’t care about such things as skin colour, sexual orientation, place of origin and the like.

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