Trinity College Newspaper Feature Gombeys

March 30, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Trinity Tripod — the student newspaper of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut — has featured an article on Bermuda’s iconic Gombeys.

The story said, “Inspired by her ongoing research on the Gombey dance tradition in Bermuda, Visiting Scholar in Residence Dorothea Hast invited four members of the Warwick Gombey Troupe to perform and give a lecture titled “Call of the Drum: The Bermudian Gombey Tradition” at the Gruss Music Hall on Thursday March 21.

“The event was co-sponsored by The Center for Caribbean Studies, the Music Department, the Department of Theater and Dance, and the Community Learning Initiative. Irwin Trott is the troupe director and lead drummer, and was joined by bass drummer Alan Looby and dancers Khani Place and Omar Barnett.

“After a brief introduction from Hast, the event exploded into color and sound almost immediately, as a sharp whistle and snapping drum beat urged the performers into the room. Their presence felt huge – literally, as the dancers gracefully ducked under the doorway to make room for their towering headdresses topped by brilliant peacock feathers. The troupe formed a whirlwind of dazzling tassels and shifting capes that soon stopped and stood at attention as abruptly as they had begun.”

Read the full story here on the Trinity Tripod website.

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