June 2024: Top 10 Bernews Instagram Photos

June 30, 2024 | 0 Comments

During June 2024, the top 10 ‘most liked’ photos on the Bernews Instagram page included Kebobs On The Curve restaurant’s opening, Bermuda Carnival images, Olympics siblings Emma & Jack Harvey, Modern Gent Dapper Lounge And Spa’s opening, a collision on Harbour Road, ValeVibe party at Clearwater and the Bermuda flag in Hamilton.

#1 – Kebobs On The Curve Restaurant’s Opening

#2 – Bermuda Carnival With The J’Ouvert Celebration

#3 – Olympics Siblings Emma & Jack Harvey

#4 – Modern Gent Dapper Lounge And Spa’s Opening

#5 – Bermuda Carnival Raft Up

#6 – Swizzle At Sunrise At The Carnival

#7 – Bermuda Olympic Team Logo On BermudAir’s Aircraft

#8 – Single Vehicle Collision On Harbour Road

#9 – ValeVibe Bermuda’s Party At Clearwater

#10 – The Bermuda Flag In Hamilton

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