Yacht Diverts To Bermuda Due To Sail Damage

June 16, 2024 | 0 Comments

A 42-foot yacht – traveling from New York to Martinique – diverted to Bermuda to carry out repairs due to sail damage sustained in recent heavy weather before continuing the voyage.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Tuesday 11th June, 3:30 pm – RCC Bermuda received a call from RCC Norfolk advising that a yacht was disabled in a position 108 miles northwest of Bermuda after suffering an engine transmission failure, they had also received sail damage in recent heavy weather.

“The report was made by a person ashore in Quebec via RCC Halifax. The report contained a satellite telephone number for the yacht but little other information. RCC Bermuda called the yacht Champagnie Madame on Sat phone, only French was spoken onboard, however it was possible to determine that the yacht was Canadian registered with three people onboard. They had decided to divert to Bermuda and were currently making very slow speed due to sail damage. The disabled yacht was put on a communication scheduled after exchanging email and telephone details.

“Later in the evening it became apparent that the yacht was not maintaining the communications schedule and satellite telephone calls were unanswered. The reporting source in Quebec was contacted, fortunately they had received an email and advised on their progress. On Wednesday morning direct communication was established, slow progress was made towards Bermuda and Bermuda Yacht Services towed Champagne Madame into St Georges Harbour on Friday morning. The 42 ft yacht had been on passage from New York to Martinique and will carry out repairs before continuing the voyage.”

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