Ministry Of Transport Launches Shorelink App

July 8, 2024 | 3 Comments

The Ministry of Transport said they are “excited to introduce the Shorelink App, the first Digital Fare Media [DFM] system for Bermuda’s public transportation.”


A Government spokesperson said, “This innovative solution is available to download today, Monday, 8 July, and provides passengers access to public transport—buses and ferries—using digital platforms instead of traditional paper tickets.”

Minister of Transport Wayne Furbert remarked, “The launch of the Shorelink App is a transformative initiative and a shift towards a more connected, efficient, and user-centric transportation experience. Digital fare media is more than a technology; it is a lifestyle. It is a way of embracing the future and making the most of every journey.”

Minister Furbert added, “In addition to the launch of the Shorelink App, the Ministry is pleased to announce that bus and ferry routes are now on Google Maps, providing passengers with bus and ferry route options for planning to go from one location to the next. Passengers can plan their journey on buses and ferries on their mobile devices.”

Key Features of the Shorelink App:

  • Digital Ticketing: Passengers can purchase, store, and use fares on their mobile devices.
  • Convenience: Digital tickets can be bought through the app, and passengers display the ticket on their device to bus operators or ferry crew.
  • Fare Types: Operators can identify the fare type on the passenger’s screen, including zone and age-specific fares.
  • No Price Increase: The app fares remain the same as current fare prices.
  • No Paper Transfers: Digital tickets eliminate the need for paper transfers, with validation times allowing ample transfer time.
  • Traditional Options Remain: Passengers can still use traditional fare methods, including cash payments with exact change on buses and ferries.

Future App Enhancements:

  • Real-time Information will allow public transportation users to see the arrivals and locations of buses and ferries in real-time.
  • Contactless Payments: In the coming months, hardware installations on buses and ferries will enable quick ‘tap on’ payments. Tap-and-go will allow easy boarding with debit/credit cards, Shorelink App, or physical Shorelink transit cards.
  • Enhanced Convenience and Security: Users will enjoy the convenience of managing their travel without cash, tickets, or cards, easily tracking their travel history, managing balances, and planning trips.

The Government spokesperson said, “You can download the App from the Apple Store, Google Play, or For more detailed information, visit”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    “Digital fare media is more than a technology; it is a lifestyle. It is a way of embracing the future and making the most of every journey.” (that the Government can track)

    It is cool, hip, in, mod, dope, rad, phat, boss, primo, radical, the bomb… Seriously, a “lifestyle?” Who writes this marketing material?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Who writes this marketing material?”

      The PLP Government’s public relations advisor. Who do you think writes that stuff?

  2. ella says:

    I have not read anywhere about how this is going to affect our seniors. Has it even crossed wayne furbert’s mind that we have a lot of seniors that are not tech savvy or have phones that will support these apps and because they certainly cannot afford to purchase a new phone.

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