Clearwater Middle School Closed Until Friday

September 7, 2010

While the rest of the Government schools are due to go in tomorrow, Clearwater Middle School will not be opening until Friday [Sept 9], at the earliest, pending the results of air tests which took place last week.

Government issued a statement this evening [Sept 7] saying that ongoing maintenance would cause the school to delay in opening. Clearwater Principal Carlos Symonds as well as staff members are presently working to contact parents to inform them of this delay.

Reports we received allege there are maintenance issues at the school including mold and rotten wood in a room and open ceilings to the air conditioner in the hallways. It is also reported that the air conditioning functioning may be impaired, with allegations that it won’t be working as expected for weeks. As a result of this we understand that fans have been purchased, however temperatures are still reported as being uncomfortably high.

Photos taken today, click to enlarge:

clearwater middle school bermuda 2—-clearwater middle school bermuda

It is understood that teachers met with Department of Education officials today and expressed concerns on grounds of well-being, and it was finally agreed to delay the opening of the school until Friday.

Last month it was announced there would be air quality testing at the school, following the discovery of asbestos in the ceiling within an isolated area in the kitchen.

The East End teachers are joined in their displeasure by some at Paget Primary, where some of those connected with the school are also displeased with various issues with the school grounds.

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  1. rick olson says:

    When will Bermuda make Education a priority this is a display of complete incompetence and is absolutely disgusting ! I see little planning or foresight implemented by this government we deserve so much better and we are certainly paying thru the nose to accept this BS. We are talking about our future people rise up and be counted !

  2. KMHBermuda says:

    Anybody else remember back in the day when we went to school and there were NO air conditioners??? If I’m not mistaken, I believe we had fans and…*gasp*…we opened the windows!!!