Photos: Marine Police Arrest Man Hiding In Caves

September 4, 2010

A man’s attempt to evade Police by jumping overboard didn’t go according to plans, as it resulted in the Marine Police locating him hiding in a cave and arresting him while he was dressed in nothing but boxer shorts.

To add to this unusual situation, a Police car responding to the incident arrived and promptly smashed into the back of a water truck right at the scene itself:

bermuda police water truck 2010

This unusual turn of events happened at approximately 11am today [Sept 4], yards away from the Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club. In his attempt to evade the Police, the man jumped into the water. Numerous police vehicles responded:

police bermuda sept 4 2010 (2)

In addition to the land response, a Marine Police boat with five officers onboard arrived and started searching the shoreline:

bermuda marine police caves

They patrolled the waters edge for a few minutes and drew closer to the shoreline. It appeared as though they saw something, and the boat drew closer and two officers disembarked from the boat and searched the caves:

bermuda marine police caves 4

The Police located the suspect in a cave, and when he came into our view he appeared to be dressed in nothing but boxer shorts. The Police then handcuffed the man and drove him away.

police bermuda sept 4 2010 (1)

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  1. terry says:

    Well….so much for my comments on Facebooooook.

    Det buy needs a teekat…oh the irony………..

    Define Irony………

    (1) Little Pleese Kar

    (2) Beeg iron rear end of fire truck…..

    (3) But Sarg! Sarg!……I taught it was………….

    Baileeez Bay…….two kloze two Sissal Hin………………………

    • joe says:

      Are you perpetually drunk?

      • Uncle Ruckus says:

        LMAO! No he’s just a moron who looks for attention.

        • Specialness says:

          I second that… but then when he gets the negative attention he has something to say, I mean if you want attention don’t complain when you get it regardless if its negative or positive.

    • some mothers do have 'em says:

      And it was a water truck, not a fire truck. Read the article properly before making stupid comments. And if you’re trying to copy how a Bermudian talks, you are sadly failing and instead making yourself look and sound like an idiot!

  2. terry says:

    Amazing the mindset of most Bermudians. During these times of crisis and frustrations, people need a sounding board and apparently I’ve ended up being it. I can handle it. If not I would not post and you all would just find someone else to levy your word against.

    In one breath someone “LMAO” and then cals same a “moron”.

    If you have a laugh just say so but don’t title the giver a moron it gose against the principal that you actually believe in Santa Claus.

    As for a “perpetually drunk” how do arrive at such conclusion. Your off base big time and that is about as close to slander as one can get. Then again, there are so many “joes” out there without a hoe………….

  3. terry says:

    Well…your had yoo. Since you were not on scene, my comments were directed at the photo in question. The “water” truck was backed up to extinguish the Officer who was burnt out from overwork.

    As too how Bermudians talk…surely you jest. You must shop at Miles….Peyhpa hor plzteek………………………………bwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa now go and enjoy your screemp horn dee bar-bee-flys……………………………

  4. shawn says:

    @ terry ???what??? the f!!!! r u trying to say? makes no NOT whats in the foto. n if its something with racist/nationalist undertones it would b nice 2 keep it 2 urself. this is BERNEWS news about BERMUDA so allotta bermudians on here ,,,take a break

  5. its time says:

    Lol Terry been hitting that moonshine again bawhahaha gonna trim that beard of yours and put you back in de army Terry Santas days are over lol