PLP Responds To Candidate Drug Testing

November 10, 2010

All three political parties have made their positions clear on drug testing for candidates in the December 15th by-election for the Warwick seat vacated by former Premier Dr Ewart Brown.

The BDA’s Sylvan Richards was the first candidate to publically address the issue this morning [Nov 10] saying “To show that I am embracing transparency and willing to walk the walk, I have submitted myself to a full testing and my results are here for all to see.” Mr Richards provided Bernews with a copy of his drug testing results.

At 2pm this afternoon the UBP rolled out their candidate; Mr Devrae Noel-Simmons, and he has also undergone drug testing and produced the certificate. Mr Noel-Simmons said the UBP did not ask him to take the test, he took it upon himself to take it and paid for it himself.  His campaign website [which is now down for maintenance] had referenced a drug arrest in his past, with Mr Noel-Simmons saying he is “not without guilt” and has made every effort to turn his life around.

The final candidate, the PLP’s Marc Bean, has not personally addressed the issue, however the PLP released a statement at approximately 3:30pm today which although not implicity stated, appears to indicate that Mr Bean will not undergo drug testing citing the “desire a solutions-oriented team approach to government, not political theatrics.”

The PLP’s full statement follows below:

The Progressive Labour Party supports a drug free Bermuda. That being said, there is currently no policy that requires any Members of Parliament to submit themselves to drug testing neither in advance of an election, nor during their term in the House of Assembly.

The sole focus of our candidate for Warwick South Central is to strengthen and deepen the relationship between himself, his constituents and their government. The residents of Constituency 26 desire a solutions-oriented team approach to government, not political theatrics.

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  1. Scott says:

    Good job to Mr Noel-simmons for stepping up to the plate.

    ..although not surprised by the PLP response.

    • Optimistic says:

      Sounds like the same old PLP rhetoric to me…

      • Peter Barrett says:

        This bye-election is already Historic and I welcome my fellow Bermudians to be a part of the positive energy which Sylvan and the BDA is sweeping across Bermuda. Come join us at our next Regional Caucus Meeting. Deep down, we all know Sylvan is doing the right thing; deep down we all know he is Leading by example; in your heart you know he’s right and that he deserves your vote. The Bermuda govt needs an Intervention, it needs to spend some time in Rehab, the Bermuda govt needs people like Sylvan and the BDA.

        • herbalist says:

          “govt needs rehab” classic

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          It’s to bad that all of those folks that supports Sylvan’s gesture are not participating in the Dec.15th. election. The gesture will have no influence what so ever on the outcome. Political Drug Testing is strictly a muted proposal and a political ploy by the surrogates. The meeting last night included their top brass (18) 6 new members and an additional 10 onlookers. Now what I would like to propose, as a means test, for acceptance in the Legislature, is for all canditates running in 26 to declare their religious affilations. I’m getting sick and tired of those that proponents of “Moral Superiority”. Mark did’t supply evidence of a drug test and the hysteria follows, what are you implying. Come Clean BDA.

          BDA are so easy to read.

          May God Bless You

          • Flush It Down Brown says:

            God instead of a drug test? I’m sorry, but declaring a religious affiliation would be about as reliable as saying one believes in the tooth fairy. Get real!

          • LOL says:

            In theripy again so soon Draggin……………


  2. Jorge says:

    Too funny, but not surprised.

  3. Jim Bean says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! i think most sports have to drug test but hey the plp wont because the hosue does not require it. PATHETIC!!!!!!

  4. Todd says:

    If one of the major issues that we have on this Island is illicit drug use and the resulting criminal and social issues deriding from this, would Drug Testing not be a “SOLUTION” by setting a good example??

  5. Curious says:

    You get drug tested to be a cop, drug tested to be a fireman, get drug tested to play sports on behalf of the Country etc. yet the Government of this Country don’t have to????? It’s craziness it should be an automatic requirement. I have no political affiliation but I applaud Sylvan and Devrae it shows your both willing to give your all for our people and our Country, your both putting your money where your mouth is.

    • LOL says:

      Agreed, after all they do represent the country. Still….


  6. Puff Puff says:

    The misuse of drugs in Bermuda is a societal ill that drives the majority of crime that is currently affecting our country. Families are damaged and lives are destroyed as a result of the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.

    All registered sports persons in bermuda must be drug tested and have to submit to random drug testine. No matter what the sport (even ping pong) participants must be drug tested in order to compete locally. All atheletes, in order to have the privilege to represent Bermuda internationally, must pass a drug test. Our policemen and Firemen must pass a drug test.

    If it is MANDATORY for athletes, members of the police service and firemen to pass a drug test in order to compete locally or internationally or prior to being hired, shouldn’t it be required that members of government and those seeking to be members of government also be drug free and have to prove it by passing a drug test?

    Members of our govt represent Bda on the international stage, they draft important legislation and set the very direction of the future of this country. Shouldn’t we ensure that these people, who are charged with making critical decisions that affect all Bermudians are drug free?

    And the last I checked the use of illegal drugs is…well..illegal! Some may say “well what about alcohol?”. Alcohol is not an illegal drug although it is also a damaging substance if abused.

    Bottom lineis this. It is hypocrisy for the PLP government to mandate that police, firemen and athletes are drug tested…but not arguably the most “influencial” members of society…our government. Come on PLP. Come on Paula. YOU have to do better than this. Our country…our children deserve it.

    • herbalist says:

      wow,how much censoring is goin on here?

      • bernews says:

        Not much…..we only barr comments that could get us sued – such as outright calling someone by name a drug user, ergo saying they do illegal things.

        Bernews has the most lenient comment policy of any local news site, we let people push it all the time, but simply can’t allow comments that open us up to legal action.

    • Jays says:

      There was a 24% increase in crime during the prohibition in the USA.

      Juuuuuuust throwing that out there to all of the weed-needs-to-remain-illegal people :)

      • Sean says:

        That’s a serious debate, one with which the BDA has engaged in internally. Ultimately this one should be up to a referendum for ALL of Bermuda to decide on, not just a small group. Case in point, I’m very anti-drugs, but also realise the harm the drug trade is having on Bermuda. I can see the merrit of taking the profit out of drugs, my concern is what’s next? Again a very big debate with many, many facets. This one has to be nailed 100% correct or it could make a bad situation much worse.

        However at this junction it is against the laws and as such, especially our law makers, should abide by the laws that they create, maintain and amend. To do so otherwise is plain hypocritical.

    • LOL says:

      Shouldn’t we ensure that these people, who are charged with making critical decisions that affect all Bermudians are drug free?

      Not to mention the public purse how much is unaccounted for again? Still………


  7. well to do about everything says:

    I think everyone is missing the point, what we Bermudians need to be concerned with is the betterment of our country, not what someone does in the privacy of their PRIVATE LIFE, I for one could care less if either candidate partook in indulging themselves with any stimulants or depressants as long as my concerns as a citizen are met. It becomes a problem when the individual allows whatever stimulant or depressant they consumed to become a hindrance to the furtherance of the Peoples mandate.

    I think we need to stay focused on the issues- and stop being so judgmental and self-righteous

    • S Brown says:


      • In General says:

        What about the simple knowledge that the law makers are following the laws of the land. It is a reassurance to those that follow the law. I don’t care what politicians do in their personal life! BUT i do care that they follow the laws. The drug test shows this. I think we deserve it.

    • UncleElvis says:

      “I for one could care less if either candidate partook in indulging themselves with any stimulants or depressants as long as my concerns as a citizen are met.”

      So, I guess the question is: Are they being met?

      Mine aren’t.

      But that has nothing to do with the fact that doing drugs “in the privacy of their PRIVATE LIFE” is still illegal.

      Oh, and crime, drug use and addiction ARE some of the issues that we should be focused on, aren’t they?

  8. S Brown says:

    Why don’t we drug test all expats and corporate execs? As someone aptly stated “The misuse of drugs in Bermuda is a societal ill that drives the majority of crime that is currently affecting our country.”

    High ranking members of IB make decisions that affect the global financial markets which in turn affect our day to day life. Lives in Bermuda and the world can be destroyed based on faulty decisions by high ranking execs in IB, why don’t we push to drug test them as well?

    • UncleElvis says:

      The expats and corporate execs you refer to don’t work for us. The Government does.

      We don’t have the right to demand that the expats and corporate execs be drug tested.

      We DO have a right to ask it for those people we hired to run our country.

    • LOL says:

      Further to UE’s thoughts if they were to be found out chances are they would have to go through a rehab program or they would be terminated. I’m sure you know this though.


  9. Interesting says:

    Regardless of what the PLP says or does their candidate will have this hanging over his head.

  10. terry says:

    @ S Brown. You don’t see the irony in your comment. IB make decisions Too hell with the “world”. Until otherwise proven by you, I know that Government run this country.

    We all play a part but the hammer and chisel and gavel is still in their hands.

  11. Victor says:

    What! Test MPs for drugs! Must be mad! They’re outrageous when they’re mellow, cannot imagine how dreadful they would be clean!

  12. Truth says:

    To; “Well to do about everything” and “S Brown”

    How do you ascertain when that which a person does in his provate life is impacting the decisions that he is making that will have an affect on OUR everyday life?

    How do know where that line is? I propose to you, that you can’t. You have no way to measure it. That said, it is better for our leaders to be clean. It has nothing to do with being “Self-Righteous”, which is one of the most common retorts when lights shines into darkness, but rather it has everything to do with good and proper leadership.

    You deserve better.

  13. Aceb says:

    Sylvan. total respect for stepping up and leading by example. Thanks for keeping it REAL. PLP fumbling around for words and explanations speaks volumes about where this country is headed under this govt.

  14. Call it like it is! says:

    Bermuda presently faces the worst problems in its long history, with gang violence, shootings, and an unrelenting increase in serious crime, much of it directly attributable to illegal drugs. Our legislators should be setting an example to all by showing that as the leaders of this country and our representatives they are also role models and good citizens. I personally believe that Ashfield DeVent’s call for a national debate on illegal drugs is sensible and much needed, but in the meantime our politicians should be leading by example in showing that while in office they are drug free.

    Sylvan Richards has led by example (my, what a novel concept!) and Devrae Noel-Simmons has followed suit. PLP candidate Marc Bean has nothing to lose by submitting to the same drug test to show that he is drug free, and I am confident he would pass with flying colours. This is a perfect opportunity for our Government to send a clear message to the country. Surely the message should be that our Government officials, including all Members of Parliament and Senators, in other words, all those persons responsible for passing legislation – are drug free. Any other course of action is a sham.

  15. well to do about everything says:

    to: Truth

    let me speak the truth, the line that you speck of can only be crossed with abuse, when someone is abusing a Drug you can see the physical change in that persons mental stability and physical appearance, have any of the Candidates that you have seen in public look or act like they are being controlled by a controlled substance, NO.

    I do believe I deserve a better Bermuda but Drugs it self is not the problem, the problem is the Demand, and where does demand derive from the people. the criminal element is introduced by a selected few that are supplying that Demand.

    If you remove the entice, you would remove the element

    It makes me no more comfortable to vote for a drug free man without a plan for 26 than a man with a plan and a ? mark over his Drug status.

    I trust the man that has proven his dedication to Bermuda and Bermudians- there is no question mark there.

    I’m voting on merit not fallacies

    @S brown- I agree

    Until the day comes when Directors of the biggest most influential compnies submit themselves for drug testing- I think MP’s and testing is a moot.

    • Truth says:

      to “well to do about everything”

      There are many problems with your method/solution;

      1) You are not always in a position to monitor if someone had gone across “the line”.

      2) You have no way of gauging which ides/suggestions/votes that your rep made whilst high.

      3) Once he is in the house and you discover that he has “crossed the line” you have no power to get him out until the next bi-election/election.

      Surely, you can see that being sober is simply better than setting up subjective tests to ensure that your MP is in fact, sober and in his right mind.

      The assertion that CEO’s of companies should be drug tested in mere deflection from the issue and not a proper parallel because running a company is vastly different from running a Country. But for the sake of addressing the point, most CEOs of publicly traded companies are tested for a variety of things, including drugs.

  16. Really? says:

    Marc Bean is a rasta! And who cares? Alcohol is prevelant at ALL political party functions and no one questions whether or not they are setting a good example. Don;t be blind to the truth, the worst thing about marijuana is being caught with it!!!

    • UncleElvis says:

      Exactly. Because it’s illegal. And if you use it, you are breaking the law.

      Now, I’m all for decriminalization, but until that day, if you use it, you are breaking the law and we, the people of Bermuda, are allowed to demand that our elected officials obey the law.

      Or am I wrong?

  17. Tea Totalled... says:

    If asked , I would submit to a drug test right now ! No problem.

    Why ? Bacause I’d pass .

    The ONLY point one can make by willingly submitting to a drug screening test is that they’re clean.

    Suspicions are raised when , for any reason , one hesitates/refuses. Throw the political theatrics nonsense out the window please. It’s as simple as that .

  18. US Observer says:

    I will say it again….Here in the US, most companies require all new employees to be drug tested along with doing a full background check. In some cases and depending on the security level of the employee, random tests are conducted with very little warning so that the employee does not have time to dispose of drugs in his/her body. Marijuana, Cocaine, etc are the most common drugs that come with a drug test however many companies will request much more. I believe it is a great idea…why not test leaders of a country that has so many problems, especially with drugs. It starts at the top. Wouldn’t leaders of Bermuda want to be transparent and prove that they work and live a drug-free lifestyle. What an example this would be for the people of Bermuda, especially the younger generation. Someone has to take a stand. If a candidate fails a drug test then so be the consequences that follow. I thought no man or woman is above the law…

  19. Makai says:

    We need to judge a person by the merit of their works….what will a drug test tell us? That a person does or does not do drugs. ok, but what next? Can it tell us when or how often they do it? Can it tell us how it personally affects them? Can it tell us if that person is a thief? Can it tell us if that person is dishonest? Can it tell us if that person is a hard worker? A good decision maker? Dedicated? For the people or self serving? No!!! All it will do is give people something to talk about and a reason to demonize another.

    • Tea Totalled... says:

      Makai , please don’t be so naiive .. In relation to what you said , well to do also says the following….

      **when someone is abusing a Drug you can see the physical change in that persons mental stability and physical appearance, have any of the Candidates that you have seen in public look or act like they are being controlled by a controlled substance, NO.**

      As a personal example , I know someone who looks perfectly normal,fit and clean and to the uninformed is just a wonderful individual. He’s also a world class liar and manipulator. A thief and a mental, and sometimes, physical abuser. Able to change jobs at the drop of a hat , he never applies for employment at businesses that drug test because he’d never be able to pass one. But just about everyone doesn’t have a clue.

      All because of his drug problem.

    • Common Sense says:

      The test alone will tell us very little, but it will provide a clear starting point for a discussion on the issue of drugs. If a person desires to be an elected leader, they should make clear their position on drugs, particularly marijuana since its use is widespread in Bermuda (yet people continue to be criminalized for using and possessing it).

      Most of the questions you pose are largely irrelevant, but the key ones you ask are (a) is the person trustworthy and (b) are they a good decision maker. If a candidate believes drugs should be illegal, then I expect them to not use drugs, articulate why they are bad and promote legislation that restricts access to them. If the candidate believes drugs should be legal, then it is irrelevant if they use them or not, but I would expect them to articulate why they are acceptable and promote legislation that does not restrict access to them.

      This has very little to do with demonizing people. As a politician, one should have thick enough skin to take a little gossip. Marc Bean and any politician should not shy away from taking the test since it will allow us all to start with an honest starting point for a national drug debate.

    • Dueane Dill says:

      What it does tell us is the a public servant abides by the laws that they agreed to follow when they accepted the position to which they were elected/appointed.

      Or does that not mean anything to you?

      • Obvious says:

        and what law says that an MP candidate should get drug tested…politricks and spin…

    • rjones says:

      Makai – wake up .. drugs are destroying this island..Almost as much as the motley crew that have been running things for the last decadent decade..

    • Truth says:


      A drug test will seak to a Man’s character. If he likes to get high as a public servant, the public should know that.

    • UncleElvis says:

      Well, to start with, it will tell us whether or not that person is breaking the law, which is kind of important when we’re talking about the people who… um… make the laws.

      Isn’t it?

    • LOL says:


      So would you trust a crakehead with your wallet?…………


    • Tired of nonsense says:

      So you wouldn’t mind if a coke, heroin, E head was in power?

      Don’t you find it hypocritical that you make such a statement to defend the very people that mandate that all of the fire service, police service, Bermudian athletes be drug tested at any time? Shouldn’t the preachers of this policy be made to practice what they preach? Shouldn’t leaderhip lead by example?

      NB: The above question is in no way incinuating that Mr. Bean is a drug user as I don’t know him or what he gets up to in his spare time. It is a hypothetical question for Makai as I wouldn’t want my leaders, who are supposed to represent me and my interests, to be involved in anyway, shape or form with “hard drugs” that destroy this island day by day.

  20. What's crackin says:

    I’ll bet they all drink alcohol and as far as i’m concerned THATS what needs to be tested. ZERO tolerance! NO drugs NO alcohol. Recent studies have proven that alcohol is the WORST drug!. By the way, this is just a dirty political trick. If drug testing needs to be done on government then dont wait till elections are called to bring it up. Sylvan is just another political trickster.

  21. Makai says:

    For those waiting for Marc Bean to take a test I will tell you this, it doesn’t matter if he does or does not because passing a drug test does not make you fit to hold political office and Politically, socially, culturally, Spiritually, and intellectually, neither of the two running against him, or their colleagues can walk in his shoes! In my opinion.

    • jah says:

      Makai what don’t you get? Do you understand the difference legal and illegal? I agree that failing a drug test most likely won’t make the person a better or worst individual in office. However, what he is showing if he fails is a lack of respect for the laws in which he pledged to abide by…do you get that?

    • rjones says:

      Makai,bra, he runs a sports club with young man that aspire to represent Bermuda .. Note to file, they all have to take drub test…

      • Obvious says:

        and the sports club members, bridge community and young men and women are not the ones with the problem…dont try to connect the two…thats what they call spin (and not the cricket kind)…its all politricks..

    • LOL says:

      Becuase he’s in the plp rrriiiiiggghhhhttt thanks for making me ……………..


  22. well to do about everything says:

    Makai – I agree with your sentiments

    Tea totalled- your friend was all of those things before Drugs, believe me, that is just his personality- don’t blame Drugs do your research

    jah- what world are you living in, one with rainbows?
    you are talking like you know for a fact Marc Bean does drugs where is the evidence, each and every person on this comment thread that is harping on illegality needs to stop speculating.

    On principle he shouldnt take the test- it is his right not to he isn’t mandated to full stop. tell me this, will that test deliver any personal benefits to any constituent in constituency 26? No, will the results of the test effect any of us personally? no- so why should he take it, i understand why mr. simmons did he was on blow just two years ago, now thats a serious Drug, and I cant gleam to see one person properly address that with the UBP

    IT IS SO clear this was a political ploy by Richards- GURANTEED

    Im for action, hard working individuals that are dedicated to fighting what is important to me, so far Simmons and Richards are trailing Dead last behind Marc Bean that boy works hard.

    • Truth says:

      The speculation is fueled by the fact that he won’t take a drug test and the PLP is defending it. All the speculation would die if he took a test. But he won’t, because that would open the door to other PLP MP’s to get tested.

    • Tea Totalled... says:

      Tea totalled- your friend was all of those things before Drugs, believe me, that is just his personality- don’t blame Drugs do your research

      So you’re saying I didn’t know this guy before he started on his downward spiral ?

      Keep makin’ them assumptions babes. .. lol

      People with opinions like yours almost make it sound as though you’d be happy if a bunch of crackheads ran this place .As long as they were ‘your party ‘ .

    • MPP says:

      Umm, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen rainbows in this world.

      There is no reason based on “principle” for not taking the test.

    • LOL says:

      Can some tell me what he has done exactly? No I’m not talking about the rant against White “Neo Fashists”…………..


  23. Rockfish#2 says:

    If the Minister responsible for sports, insists on our athletes submitting to mandatory drug testing, surely he should be willing to lead by example!
    The same applies to the Minister responsible for the Police (to a certain extent) Correction officers and Firefighters.
    This is the ideal time for the new administration to send out a positive/serious message.

  24. Call it like it is! says:

    I see and hear an awful lot of bobbing and weaving on this issue. While it’s true that a drug test doesn’t guarantee that someone is fit for office, it does send a clear message that someone who is standing for political office is really walking the walk and setting a good example. It would, as ‘jah’ says, show respect for the laws that our politicians pledge to uphold. Surely Marc Bean would pass a drug test so he has nothing to lose. Take the darned test Marc and set a good example to the kids who look up to you and think of you as a role model.

  25. Flush It Down Brown says:

    The PLP wants no theatrics? Ha! That’s all they’ve given us in the last few years. They are pathetic now the “Platinum One” has left them. I look forward to their fall from grace and popularity. I am watching and loving every minute of this slow but steady decline.

  26. US Observer says:

    Why is Marc Bean being used as the subject of this discussion? Something doesn’t smell right here. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  27. Common Sense says:

    If people can’t comprehend the difference between holding legislators accountable for the laws they can directly change for the better/worse versus holding a private citizen accountable for the laws of the land, then there’s little we can do to advance this discussion.

    This doesn’t have to be about Marc Bean, the PLP, Sylvan Richards, etc… This is about politicians establishing laws to criminalize their citizenship that the politicians themselves may not even abide by. If you ask me, they should all be held to this higher standard and I have no problem with it. The same argument could be made with regards to speeding – if the leaders feel it is reasonable to drive at 35 kph on Bermuda’s roads, then I wouldn’t mind fitting their cars (that we pay for) with speed monitoring devices that ensure they comply with this law, too.

  28. mark says:

    Australia: Wire: Drug Test Plan For MPS Rejected
    Newshawk: Ken Russell
    Votes: 0
    Pubdate: Sun, 19 Mar 2000
    Source: Australian Associated Press (Australia)
    Copyright: 2000 Australian Associated Press


    The federal Government said today it would not drug test politicians or public servants as recommended by the head of the Australian National Council on Drugs.

    Salvation Army Major Brian Watters had made the recommendation saying he was appalled by how tolerant lawmakers had become towards drug abuse.

    “There’s at least one politician in the New South Wales parliament who’s stated he’s used marijuana and doesn’t see anything wrong with it,” Major Watters said.

    However, a spokeswoman for Attorney-General Daryl Williams said the Government had a number of successful anti-drugs programs in place, but random testing for MPs and bureaucrats was not under consideration.

    Major Watters had defended his idea saying a cross section of the percentage of drug users were among MPs.

    “If we’ve got 40 per cent of the community occasionally using drugs, there’s no doubt a cross section of that are among our law makers.”

    He said the community expected public transport drivers and police to be drug-free.

    They expected the same from those responsible for driving Australia’s drug laws.

    “They ( politicians ) should demonstrate they are also drug-free and that they’ve got the right sort of faculties about them to deal with these issues,” he said.

    Major Watters said if MPs tested positive and a blood test proved the result, they should be removed from duty and sent to a detox program.

    The spokeswoman for Mr Williams said the federal government had achieved demonstrated success with its Tough on Drugs policy

    “There have also been record seizures of drugs targeting the source points,” she said.

    If any MPs were suspected of using drugs it would be a matter for the police, the spokeswoman said.

    The government had no plans to bring in random drug testing for MPs, she said.

    “No, that is not under consideration.”

    Major Watters, who was appointed by Prime Minister John Howard to head the council on drugs, said the idea was prompted by recent proposals in NSW to test parents with drug problems to ensure proper protection of children.

    “That’s not a bad thing, provided it leads to treatment and it’s not seen as some punitive thing,” he said.

    “There are other people in our community that have much broader responsibilities than their children and I think they ought to be looking at their own problems.”

    Foundation for Drug Law Reform spokeswoman and NSW upper house MP Ann Symonds slammed the plan to test MPs, saying it would divert much needed funds from families and other causes.

    However, DrugWatch Australia backed the proposal, saying there was an urgent need for an increase in prevention policy and practice throughout Australia.

    “Drug testing can form a successful component of this approach,” DrugWatch director Jill Pearman said in a statement.

    “Certainly, the individuals involved in the front line of determining drug policy should have no problem agreeing to random drug testing.”

    • Obvious says:

      And yet the Australian people selected the practicising Rastafari who from the outset stated his belief in cannabis as a sacrament to serve as an MP…tells you what the average Australian thinks…wonder how the average Bermudian feels, those who are not associated with politricks…

  29. Puff Puff says:

    This is not a moral issue or an issue of personal choice. This is a legal issue. Bermuda has on the books a misuse of drugs act. It is law. If that law is broken the punishment is a fine, imprisonment or both. The use of marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, herion etc in this country is illegal. All Members of Parliament swear to uphold the laws of this country. If an MP decides to use illegal substances for whatever reason he or she is breaking one of the very laws they are sworn to uphold. Therefore, all MP’s should obey all laws regardless of personal preference or choice. Leaders must lead by example. Those making arguments about whether drug use affects the user one way or the other are missing the point. Using illegal drugs is in breach of the law. It is illegal!!! All the aarguments defending this behavior amounts to double minded babble-speak by PLP operatives. Let us embrace Tranparency, Honesty and Integrity for a change.

  30. US Observer says:

    Puff Puff – I could not agree with you more. And even so – if you make laws for people to abide but, its for obvious reasons. However if you break the law, especially if you are a figure, symbol or an example of the law, you should also be punished. Bermuda needs to start showing by example.

    By the way – were the police able to pull finger prints off the gun they retrived earlier this week?

  31. Rockfish#2 says:

    Granted, our Members of Parliament are not required to undergo drug testing. However,Marc Bean in his capacity as president of Somerset Bridge Recreation Club is in an ideal position to send a powerful message to the young men/women in the area by proving he is drug free!

    • Skeptical says:

      Well said rockfish#2!!!!

    • Obvious says:

      That would have value Rockfish if the young men and women had reason to question the integrity of someone who has been President and Senator…those young men and women, many of who if you asked would vouch for Bean, have not asked for him to submit to this giving of his body fluids… the BDA has and their intent was not in relation to any “powerful message”, it was political…if it was intended to be a powerful message they would have taken the test and left it for its value as that, as well as all the BDA MPs and candidates, reps, etc. standing up with their tests in hand(but we know that day wont be coming any time soon)… but the statement and political show-boating/theatrics that went along with it proved that it was a typical case of “giving alms while ringing a bell”…aka: saying “hey Im doing a good deed everyone, look at me!”…pathetic…

  32. Flush It Down Brown says:

    The PLP has been balancing on the edge of disaster for a while now. They are one controversy away from pissing off the ignorant masses who kept them in power and untouchable under the ‘Platinum One’. I would have thought that the TCD $10m overrun would have been the one that swung against them but in typical fashion, Bermudians let it slide. Perhaps this issue will be different. I wonder how many of their supporters lost a job opportunity due to drug testing?

    If I was a PLP minister I’d be worried right now. After all, I’d swear they’re on drugs the way they’ve been running the country the last few years.

    Man up and do the right thing. Remember, the ‘Platinum One’ has gone now – and you are no longer untouchable. As I said above, I will enjoy watching the fall from grace of these liars and thieves.

    Flush it down with Brown!

  33. Call as it is says:

    How long before you guys get it?

    plp stands for politically lying person

  34. James Simmons says:

    Soooooooooooo, Marc Bean wants to talk the talk and not walk the walk! Very silly decision, I hope he realizes how many of us (PLP voters) will read between those lines and now have to give some thought to the rumor mill.

    Talk is cheap, very cheap. Bermuda requires action!

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Thank You Bernews,
      To James Simmons,
      Your previous comments to Dragging a Lure indicate to me that you were a former UBP supporter and now trying the divide and conquer tactic for the benifit of the surrogate child. Ask Bernews to put a photo next to James Simmons to confirm your identity!!! When blogging, all BDA members sign their name. What is your position in the group? You have never ever supported the PLP or ever will.
      Be Tranparent and Honest.
      There are a lot of skeletons in our closets.

      • UncleElvis says:

        Says the guy hiding behind a pseudonym.
        This is nothing but a desperate, ad hominem attack.

      • James Simmons says:

        Lol, you are funny Lure! How comical is it that you want a photo of me to confirm my identity when you yourself are in hiding?! Ask Bernews to email me and confirm my identity, if you want to know so badly. But you first Lure! (Are you a lure for chickens?)

        No, I haven’t been a UBP supporter at all but I do try and look out for what is best for Bermuda. If that be UBP, PLP, BDA, XYZ, or whatever. I want someone to lead this country the best way possible.

        FYI, I have mostly always voted PLP. To me it depends on the person/party and their stance on the key issues I deem important. I do not and have not ever followed anyone blindly. Perhaps you need to remove those blinders mate.

        Divide and conquer, please bie, you need to give people (ME) a lot more credit than that. No games here Lure, just trying to help make a better Bermuda for ALL of our Bermudian children.

        It would be great to call you by your actual name. If not I just will ignore your comments because if you can’t stand by them with your name then perhaps you’re not worth listening to. Its the same logic as with people who don’t vote, I don’t want to hear their complaints. They just need to shut up and take their licks as they come.

        My name is James Simmons. No lure here. LOL!

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          Just making sure. still not convinced.

          • Peter Barrett says:

            Is it the PLP that you are afraid of? Is it the UBP? It sure is not the BDA. Again, I invite you Draggin to our regional caucus meeting.

          • James Simmons says:

            Going to do you one better Lure, just to show that I am ME! Email me:

            Now let us all see if there are spherical items south of the border on your person!

  35. Chardonnay says:

    Gotta give it to the BDA. They know that anyone wanting to run for public office in this country has to lead by example. Bermuda is hungry for integrity and transparency and screening for illicit-drug use among our MPs is a good place to start. Amazing that the PLP plays smoke and mirrors instead of addressing the incredible injustice of protecting their MPs while drugs, gangs and violence are tearing this Island apart. How in the name of sweet Jesus can you expect our beautiful children to reach their potential by saying no to drugs if the people at the very top who make the laws of the land refuse to subject themselves to random testing (and not just the urine test)?

    • I'm Voting UBP! says:

      Sad that you feel the BDA has integrity and is transparent. Check the reputation of their candidates that sit in the house, except Hunt and the one they plan to run.

  36. Uncle Ben says:

    Those what like are calling for PLP to be drug tasted are just prej….I mean……predg…….UMUM……. they is racists. I know that the UBP & BDA cand….cendid….UMUM people are black too but that don’t make no defference – its racism all de way!

    I mean, if our leaders smoke a bita ‘erb so what?

    Racists all of em.

    • LOL says:

      Now that was Racist………..

      White \ Black we are not really doin to well with racism recentlly. Could it have been a bad example that people are following…………


  37. Axpact says:

    Just what do you axpact? PLP has never been accountable to the public so why should they start now? They have told us numerous times, “We don’t care what you think”.

    Clearly they have something to hide or they’d all get tested. I imagine that Bermudians – pathetic as they are – will let this slide just as they have let other things go by the way.

    Nothing will change until Bermudians get pissed off enough to actually get off their lazy asses and DO SOMTHING ABOUT IT!!!

    You get the Government you vote for. You have nobody to blame but your stupid selves.


  38. Flush it down Brown says:

    PLP are under the mistaken impression that they don’t have to be held to a certain level of scrutiny. Look what happened to Clinton. They went to all sorts of lengths to catch him having sexual relations with a consenting adult – and it almost cost him the presidency. And she wasn’t even attractive!

    At some point the PLP must be held accountable for their. The ‘Platinum One’ is gone now so there’s no hiding behind the veil of the ‘chosen one’. You’re in the real world now PLP. Live with it. Cog has been in power a coupla weeks and its falling apart already. I’m loving this.

    • Ray Charlton says:

      @ Flush it down Brown, I may not be a supporter of the PLP, but I do have to say that you go too far. I find your posts offensive and that you are lowering the tone of this debate.
      Your nom de plume “Flush it down Brown” is particularly distasteful and you are doing nothing to foster reconciliation at a time when we must make change for the better.
      Although I am not in favor of censorship, I do appeal to the editor of Bernews to establish guidelines for public decency in this forum. I would further suggest that your pen name would not meet an acceptable standard.

      • LOL says:

        Co-sign on this part “@ Flush it down Brown, I may not be a supporter of the PLP, but I do have to say that you go too far. I find your posts offensive and that you are lowering the tone of this debate.”


      • Flush It Down Brown says:

        I feel I must apologise to Ray Charlton who is obviously easily insulted by things that I say and in fact my name. I would also say to him WAKE UP! Smell the rotten vegetables.

        If I was to be really picky I could say the Charlton was similar to CHARLATAN: (also called swindler or mountebank) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.

        I could also say that Ray is short for Ray-Cist. You see, if you look hard enough you can be insulted by absoluetly anything. Religious people in fact do this all the time.

        So Mr. Charlton: Forget if you like that Dr. Brown almost single handedly ruined Bermuda. Do I really need to give examples? The four Chinese who he continues to tell us were taken for free when other countries were paid $10mill each for. Mr. Charlton, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

        Bermudians can be as polite as they like, as inactive as they like BUT IT AIN”T GONNA CHANGE SH*T!

        Until Bermudians get up and actually do somthing, this Government will continue to sell us down the river.

        So Mr Charlton. I apologise yet again. I hope that the sand packed in your ears isn’t proving to be too annoying as you sleep.

        Most of all, let’s admire and respect the politicians who continue to rear end us.

        Have a nice Bermudaful day!!!! :-)


        • Ray Charlton says:

          It is very easy to attack when you hide behind a pen name.
          It is obvious that you are incapable of having mature political discussion and it is a dissapointment that BERNEWS lowers their forum to your level.

          • Warm 'n' Fuzzy says:

            I (rather Flushy) am more than capable of mature political discussion. Once again I apologise as I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else. I respect your position, but respectfully submit that the time to be nice with our Government is over.

            Secondly, and you must know this, that anyone who is found to disagree with the PLP is automatically branded a racist – irresepective of the point being made. That is the reason, and the ONLY reason, that I wrote those comments under a pen name.

            I have publicly protested many issues over the last 30 years – all under my own name. I am not afraid to do so and my name is well known with several causes. However, when dealing with PLP’s racial reotoric, I have found that the only way to make a point is to use a pen name. I find it rather sad that this is the case – but you must know very well how PLP operates. Shoot the messanger and accuse him of hating blacks. It is a well work tactic that still works!

            I look forward to the day when we can disagree with Government and not be branded so. Unfortunately, that will be when PLP has dealt its last race card.

            Until then, I and most other people on this site will have to resort to pen names.

            Thanks for listening Mr. C.

            W ‘n’ F

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        Ray Charlton,
        Take the time out and read BERNEWS Code of Conduct, than make your recommendations on what you see should change. In the meantime stop being some type of Moral Judgemental Jerk.

  39. Number 3 Bus says:

    As I understand it, there are dozens of Bermudians who have been refused bus driving jobs because they failed the MANDATORY DRUG TEST. Yes – MANDATORY! The problem is apparently so bad that Government may have to employ foreign bus drivers at some point. So when you see Phillipinos at the wheel – you’ll know why.

    Yet in total contrast, our politicians won’t subject themselves to VOLUNTARY drug tests. Says a lot don’t you think?

    Something to think about.

  40. Obvious says:

    Boy, you OBVIOUS BDA and UBP supporters seem to really believe that all PLP supporters or non-supporters of your two parties are ignorant and dumb…when you write on these blogs your true colors come out…how disrespectful of all the PLP lineage that have fought for equal rights and justice in Bermuda for the past 5 decades…trust me, divide and conquor can’t work with all of us…just like with Marcus Garvey, we know how people will sell out their own for a mere promise of the proverbial rice and peas….

  41. Number 3 Bus says:

    ‘Selling out their own’ is exactly what PLP has done to this island. I truly feel sorry for people who are too stupid to realise.

  42. Obvious says:

    The BDA candidate is a hypocrite…he wears a big Bob Marley tattoo on his arm, yet is spouting off about some drug-free lifestyle…or maybe he is just confused…

    • UncleElvis says:

      Are you going to post the same lines in every thread?

      Just curious.

      • Obvious says:

        I am making a sincere, and I believe, valid observation…

        • UncleElvis says:

          So… yes, then? You’re going to post the same thing over and over in your attempt to smear him?

          Got it.

          In the other thread, I asked what one thing had to do with the other and what his tattoo (of a famous musician) had to do with drug use, seeing as he’s been tested and found clean.

          Interesting that you didn’t answer there, but did here.

  43. Hide & Seek says:

    It is indeed unfortunate that the PLP won’t lead by example. It just throws an air of suspicion over them. But I have to agree with someting Flush said (although his commenst are on the edge). Nothing will change through inactivity. Activism isn’t always pretty and people need to know that. Being polite won’t do anything – it hasn’t for 12 years.

  44. Warm 'n' Fuzzy says:

    Flush it Down Brown here – and with apologies yet again to Mr. Charlton, I’ve decided to rename myself Warm ‘n’ Fuzzy. My comments from now on will be so inoffensive in nature that nobody could possibly get upset – in fact they won’t have any backbone at all! I mean, better to keep quiet or just say something bland rather than actually get one’s point across right? Besides. I’m sure PLP knows whet its doing – who are we to question them in any way?

    Apologies once again Mr. C – you guys up Somerset know much more better than us east end byes!

    Flush is officially retired. Peace.