Queen’s New Years Honours List 2011

December 30, 2010

Her Majesty the Queen has recognized six Bermudians in the 2011 New Years Honours List: Gene Steede, Jane Bielby, Myrtle Perinchief, Karen Pollard, Linda Sousa and Kristy ‘Miss Thang’ Burgess.

To be a Member of the British Empire:

  • Mr. Gene Steede – for services to music and culture.
  • Mrs. Jane Christine Bielby – for services to Guiding in Bermuda.

Awarded Queen’s Certificates and Badges of Honour:

  • Mrs. Myrtle Perinchief – for community service.
  • Mrs. Karen Pollard – for contribution to the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts
  • Mrs. Linda Sousa – for services as a Disabled Riding Instructor.
  • Ms Kristy Burgess – for community service.

Mr. Gene Steede is recognized as one of Bermuda’s cultural ambassadors. His music grew in popularity when Bermuda reigned as the destination of choice and musical entertainment in hotels was at its peak. Mr. Steede is applauded for his untiring contribution to Bermuda’s Musical Industry and for the strengthening of Bermuda’s culture in the minds of our visitors and locals.


Mrs. Jane Christine Bielby has worked tirelessly for 30 years to help the Girl Guides, Brownies and Rainbows in Bermuda. She was secretary of Girl Guiding Bermuda from 1980 – 1990; she was Assistant Guide Leader from 1990 and she has been Treasurer since 2006. Guiding in Bermuda has benefitted directly from her co-ordination and successful running of annual Guide Training weekends and camp fires; improvements she has made to the Guides’ annual Thinking Day Service, and her leading of the Guides’ successful fundraising each year for overseas causes such as water pumps for Somalia and mosquito nets in Africa.


Myrtle Myra Perinchief better known to the community as “Sally” is a member of the Altar Guild at St. James Church. She does the weekly floral arrangements for St. Michael’s Chapel; she assists with The St. James Stage Group and all functions at the Church. She sells tags for the LCCA, Committee of 25, Teen Haven, the Orchid Charity Club, and The Women’s Auxiliary of the Somerset Brigade Band. Mrs. Perinchief is very active at the Packwood Home where she organizes fundraisers; the Christmas service, donates the Christmas tree and ensures that all Packwood residents have a Christmas gift. She is a former Secretary and Past President of The Inner Wheel Club (the ladies of the Rotarians) and a founding member of The Women’s Auxiliary of the Somerset Brigade Band. Dedicated to helping others, Mrs. Perinchief is always ready to assist families in need and to transport elderly persons to appointments and functions.


Mrs. Karen Pollard has been recognized for her outstanding contribution to the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts and the Bermuda community. She is a firm believer in the positive role that drama and the arts can play in society.

Mrs. Karen Pollard

Mrs. Linda Sousa is one of three founding members of the Bermuda Riding for the Disabled and the sole instructor. Mrs. Sousa has never lost sight of the needs of her now adult special riders and she continues to dedicate her time to them with sessions on Tuesday mornings. Mrs. Sousa is committed to making life better for everyone but especially those least able to help themselves.


Ms Kristy “Ms. Thang” Burgess, a well known Hott 1075 radio personality, is described as “a young woman with a mission. She is defined as the type of person who makes a difference in the community in which we live: an ordinary person who is doing extraordinary things.” Ms Burgess has been involved in a number of charitable causes, and recently spearheaded a drive to collect gifts for needy families over the holiday season.


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  1. Jilly says:

    Congrats to those who well deserve their honours .

    * sigh of relief* that the ex wasn’t included.

  2. Call as it is says:

    Ms Kristy “Ms. Thang” Burgess has done NOTHING to deserve this award!

    • Jeanann says:

      If “NOTHING” gets this much attention someone noticed. Did you see all the gifts people donated to needy families due to her efforts. Probably not. “DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU GOT.” Do not be a hater.

      Good job Kristy.

    • areUserious says:

      Oops! my apologies so sorry that YOU were overlooked after all the hard work that you’ve done!

    • D. Evans says:

      And you my friend has done what???? at least she is trying and people are noticing, so stop hating. It’s a new year tomorrow, perhaps you can start to do something for the community and will be on the list next year. Happy New Year.

      • Call as it is says:

        typical sheep…the wrong use of the word hate!!

        D. Evans
        ……..I do NOT seek any notice for the things I do

  3. D. Evans says:

    Congratulations to everyone,

  4. Pissed Of Bermudian says:

    Wtf out of ALL the Bermudians that actually DESERVE this award you give it to this (edited out) wtf is wrong with you she hasn’t done anything for the community she does not deserve it for her to even be listed in the same category as people like Linda Sousa and Karen Pollard is ridiculous to say the least bottom line she doesn’t deserve it….that’s it…no pressure

    • areUserious says:

      @ Pissed of Bermudian you really do sound pissed! let’s use a bit of logic for a second..If it was felt that she didn’t deserve it her name would not have been put forward..duhhh! She obvioulsy received it for the good qualities and dedication that she has exhibited throughout the year..DON’T HATE! CELEBRATE! ..that’s it…no pressure!!

      • Call as it is says:

        She obvioulsy received it for the good qualities and dedication that she has exhibited *throughout the year*

        yeah rite!!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      Dude are you on Crack or do you ignore the many events she participates in? From giving out soup to the homeless to the gift the kids got this Christmas. I’m not her biggest fan but please dude give her respect for her efforts in the community.


    • Call as it is says:

      I agree!


  6. areUserious says:

    “MS THANG” you truly are a “Phenomenal Woman” Congrats to you!!!!!!!

  7. Yng Black Mind says:

    Let us not forget that these awards are commissioned by a committee made up of numerous persons in the community (black & white). They are submitted to the Governor who then awards the individuals. I agree with everyone on the above list – - yes, I could think of a few other people to include on the list, but they will get their time to shine. If you believe that K Burgess does not deserve to be on the list, that’s your issue – not hers. Her community involvement is only overshadowed by her love and passion for children. Because of her and her hard work, over 100 local Bermudian children received Christmas presents this year – - not to mention the numerous Princess/Prince parties her Phenomenal Women’s organization organized over the last 4 years.

    Get it together people – - positive energy produces positive results – - try 2011 in the right frame of mind – - tired of the negative killing all the positive energy in the world – - do us all a favour, get with it or get out of the game

  8. The 411 says:

    I agree Yng Black Mind…

    It is easy to question whether she deserves it…but turn that question inward…what have you done to help mankind / serve God? The answer is probably nothing…I commend all those who unselfishless and relentlessly make the effort, find the time, use personal resources to help others less fortunate….its what God ordained. Ultimately, he and he alone will stand in judgement of all those who have given and loved others unconditionally as he loves us…Congratulations to Kristy and the others who have this year been recognized. Thank you for who you are and your contributions to mankind.

    I challenge the readers here to make a small committment of any sort to do the same in 2011. Bermuda will be a better place for it.

    Best wishes for a year of recovery. Don’t think it will be prosperous…but I think we will start the pace of recovery.

  9. Antonia Simons says:

    Good Day All,

    I would like to take this time to congratulate all of the recipients of the Queen’s Honor. It is a blessing to be recognized for hard work and diligence within your community, that often goes unnoticed. I would like to address one thing, the disrespectful comments about Ms. Burgess. I know Ms. Burgess personally because I am her sister. Do not misunderstand, I do not write this in a bias manner, however I would like to shed some light on your ignorance. Ms. Burgess is a true testament of the power of community involvement in raising our kids. Having lost both her mother and father at a young age, she has persevered through her challenges because of the community that stepped in to guide her, and because of the grace of our Lord.
    As a result of her life experiences, she is now determined to help the children of Bermuda to succeed in every area. She has faced many obstacles in planning events for the PWA Prince & Princess Parties, back to school drives, christmas drives, soup and clothing drives for the homeless, and the list goes on. Despite many obstacles, at times having to do many events on her own, she has succeeded to help people in their time of need on a consistent basis.

    You may hear her on the radio and have developed a one sided impression of who she is, but i will tell you that Ms. Burgess is a PHENOMENAL WOMAN, who is fulfilling her life’s purpose within her community. I pray that your dislike for Ms. Burgess or anyone else, will change within the new year and that God will impress upon your heart to get out into the community and make a difference where it matters. Im sure that you must have heard the following saying somewhere, but if not let me share this final thought with you…. If you have NOTHING nice to say, DONT say ANYTHING at all!

    • Kisha says:

      Well said Antonia. It is amazing how many people judge others but do not know the person they are judging. Kristy I want to say “Congratulations”. You have worked very hard over the year to improve our community and it has shown with the amount of “REAL PEOPLE” that have supported you…

      One thing I must say is that we as “BERMUDIANS” need to stick together and have each others back and support the positive one is doing. If we can’t support “OUR OWN” who will. We need to get back to being the loving BERMUDIANS we use to be..

      Kristy don’t let these “negative” people rain on your parade, continue to shine like you have been doing..

      Congratulations to all the other receipiants

      If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Maya Angelou

    • Call as it is says:

      If you have NOTHING nice to say, DONT say ANYTHING at all!

      LMAO!!~! tell that to da thang!! sista

  10. Terry says:

    That works in a civil world Kisha.

    As for changing attitude, well tell that to people/s in Africa, Afganistan, Iraq, break away Nations from Russia.

    As for Maya Angelou, words of wisdom.

    Wisdom plays no part in today’s society. Save all you want, comprimise, even be frugle……your neighbor will rip you off.

    Think about it.

  11. KeepItReal says:

    Turn your negativity into something positive!

    H.A.T.E.R.S = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success