Anthony Hunter Awarded Soccer Scholarship

April 4, 2011

On June 5th Anthony Hunter Jr. will graduate from South Kent Prep School in the U.S., however today he has already begun to map out his future signing a partial soccer scholarship to Depaul.

Anthony Hunter Jr.  Bermuda April 2nd 2011-1_wm

Spring is the season for growth, and that’s exactly what DePaul men’s soccer coach Craig Blazer has in mind for his young team. Hunter Jr. said, “I am hoping to get a chance to start early and I will be looking to make sure he keeps his spot.”

“I am looking forward to this new challenge and I want to make sure I make it work,” continued Hunter Jr. Proud parents Debbie & Anthony Sr. were thankful that their son was offered this partial Scholarship. “I am grateful to the Bermuda Football Association (BFA) who awarded Hunter Jr. a scholarship when he attended South Kent,” said Hunter Sr..

“DePaul is a Division One School playing in the Big East against powerhouses Uconn, Syracuse, St. John’s and Rutgers just to name a few,” continued Hunter Sr..

Hunter Jr. attended the Berkeley Institute for his S1 & S2 years before moving to South Kent as a result of a Prep School Tour where he was offered a scholarship from the school as well as the BFA scholarship to attend and play football.

Mother Debbie Jones-Hunter, a former sprinter who ranks amongst one of our best ever, said, “What I am mostly proud of is the fact that when Hunter Jr. was at South Kent he maintained a 3.7 grade point average for his two years and has been on the Principal Honors list for two consecutive years.”

Hunter Jr. played for the Somerset Eagles locally, and has represented Bermuda internationally. While at South Kent he played on two Class B Connecticut State Championship Teams.

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  1. kai says:

    Way to go Hunter Jr. Great to read for once a young black Bermudian male,doing positive THINGS!!!!
    Its not easy but this is proof that it can be DONE….right Mrs.Hunter :) Maybe we should encourage Bernews
    to highlight 1 a day if that’s too much to ask then maybe 1 a week…to encourage their peers, I know I would
    love for this to be one of my sons’ one day…we need to save our youth ppl, its can be done and its not to LATE,
    All I see is our young black males being slammed into Westgate,and then on the stop list, what’s going on around here..
    Making me proud this morning to be Bermudian,may Hunter Jr be the best that he can be, and others be encouraged that, if
    you want it go for it!!!! Harrington Sound PTA family from back in the day loves you, Hunter family!!
    What we need is just a little more highlights about good..thanks again and all the best!!!!

    • DJMS says:

      I totally agree. Please let us highlight more great works. As Kai says do a daily blitz.

      • bernews says:

        We do all the time, it just doesn’t get very high readership compared to hard news. Whether it be sports wins, scholarship winners, musicians, business appointments or just fun events etc. For example we have a 70-page profile section that highlights Bermudian accomplishments all through history. Its a ‘work in progress’ but for anyone who hasn’t seen it, its here:

        Also, anyone is welcome to submit positive news they would like printed, we would *much* appreciate any assistance in the area…Our email is

        • bernews says:

          Also, hate to double post, we do have a little section of scholarship winners here:

          Issue it can be hard to find out…so if anyone ever hears of anyone winning a scholarship please send us an email! There are probably stacks of young people out there winning them that we have no clue about..

    • Robert Kirk Sr. says:

      I hope you both will get this email.

      Congrats to Anthony Hunter Jr!!! Debbie and Tony, It’s been years since Rose and I had a chance to see you both. I remember My first time on a plane was when i was in your wedding in Bermuda. Yes, it has been a long time. So, I thougt I would try to find you on the internet and came across your picture with your son signing a letter to play for DePaul University, what a blessing. You both look great, besides the gray Tony Sr. (LoL) I hope this reaches you. we would love to hear from you.

      As rose says, we are living in New Jersey and have been away from St. Louis since 1998. Your son looks like you both. I searched for a long time to try and contact you both. This is definitely a blessing and your son looks like the both of you.

      I hope I hear from you soon. Possibly take a trip to Bermuda to see you both with our youngest son Connor. Robert Jr. is doing great! He is 36 years old and living in Texas. Many Blessings again. Congratulations Tony Hunter Jr.

      Robert W. Kirk Sr. (Old St. Louis, Missouri)

  2. SomePositivity says:

    Some great news! We often hear about the ‘bad’ but this is some great news!

  3. Hudson says:

    Congratulations Mr. Hunter – Bermuda is proud of you!

  4. LOL (original) says:

    Excellent. Congratulations.


  5. David E Chapman says:

    Well done Hunter Jr! Still much more to come, I am sure! We should always seek to celebrate the success of our youth, in whatever areas they are seeking to fulfill their full potential. Having instructed both Hunter Jr and his sister, I know of the level of involvement that his parents have put into their children’s lives and thus contributed to their various successes! Job well done to all in the “village” that help raise this child!

  6. Clear View says:

    Congrats to the Hunters. Well done Jr.

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Indeed congratulations to the whole family! It is all of their hard work that got Mr. Hunter, Jr. to this position. Well done, and congratulations- in this day and age it doesn’t seem quite enough…

  7. Lady F says:

    Congratulations Hunter Jr. We need more of these articles on a Monday morning!!! Job well done to his parents and family. Bermuda is now watching with pride. Continue to excell and be blessed.

  8. On a Different note says:

    Wonderful! Look at what a little hard work and dedicated parenting will do for a young person. Work it Hunter Jr.!!! High hopes for you man!

  9. Mrs. Hollis says:

    Congratulations Hunter Family. It’s a blessing to see a young Bermudian male successfully fulfilling his purpose. I know this could not have been accomplished without the structure and guidance of his parents. Well done!

  10. Paw Paw says:

    Congratulations to the Hunters!! This is a prime example of a young man having the support and guidance of two responsible, hard working and “no nonsence’ parents.
    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Hunters for many years and have also commended them on how well they have raised their children.

    Good luck Anthony Jr.

    And kudos to Tony and Debbie!!

  11. skeptical says:

    Well done Anthony and the Hunter family!!! You make this former teacher of yours feel proud!!!
    Linda Hines
    Harrington Sound Primary

  12. Rinelle says:

    Congratulations to the Hunter family! Very excited for you! I know this is the result of a lot of hard work!
    Rinelle, Kalai & Josh

  13. Malinda Simmons-Jennings says:

    Congrats Hunter Family! I know Nana Beverley would have been so, so proud!

  14. Winnie says:

    Good job young man, keep it up the sky is the limit. Thanks to Bernews for highlighting the positive happenings in our community.

  15. True Dat says:

    Yes Hunter jr so glad that your love for football is taking you places!!!! Stay positve and stay Strong I wish you all the Best and much success in your future endevours.

  16. Taurus says:

    Well done!!! An example of good parenting at work.Congratulations to him and his parents!!

  17. Bermuda says:

    “…He’s kind of following in my foot steps; wish he run in my circle, but he chooses to kick a football. What can i say…. ” Sounds very supportive. *sarcasm*

  18. Karen says:

    Wonderful job Hunters & Co.! Anthony Jr, continue to make us proud. These kinds of success stories come when the whole village is involved in the raising of our youth. We have to get back to the days when a neighbour can correct a child without worrying about abuse from the parent. Or the teacher can speak to a parent about a child’s behaviour without being afraid of being attacked! It really does take a village to raise a child! Good story Bernews! Keep them coming!