Horseshoe: Largest Bermuda Kite Winner

April 22, 2011

Despite the influx of plastic kites in the past few decades, traditional Bermuda kite making is still a part of our culture with many Bermudians buckling down before Good Friday to complete their works of art. A kite competition was held today [Apr.22] as a part of the Annual Bermuda Kite Festival, a popular event held at Horseshoe Beach, hosted each year by Young United Bermuda.

bermuda kite 2011 (2)

In the Largest Kite Category, the entry by James Butterfield – pictured here – claimed the win for the day. Other winners included Allan Daniels in the Adult Category, Elfreda Jeffrey in the Visitors Category, Joshua Fisher in the Child Category, and Marcia Currin in the Smallest Kite Category.

bermuda kite 2011 (1)

Photos by John Manderson

Update: See photos/videos of a 21 foot tall kite that was flying in St David’s here.

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  1. ming says:

    Did this pretty kite FLY?????

  2. Despouse says:

    Can’t recall seeing this one go up and I was there all day…would be inetrested to see it in the skkies

  3. K!e23 says:

    The largest kite down St Davids which was two times larger went up and was held in the air by a truck the entire day!

    • D. Everett says:

      saw it, and they couldn’t get it back down lol

      • Bermy Born says:

        At least 10 strong men and a few women pulled this kite down with no problem! Pretty 2 Watch!

        Yesterday was a great day!

  4. United says:

    I miss those days. No kites here in the U.S. and when there are kites they’re those ugly, plastic things. My brothers and I , every now and then will make one or two but the materials are kind of difficult to find, at least in Massachusetts.

  5. Icefielder says:

    Beautiful kites, indeed, these Bermuda creations.