Online Petition Started To Ban Dark Visors

April 29, 2011

bermuda-helmet-with-dark-visor 2[Updated] As many locals are aware, it is not unusual for the perpetrators of crime to be described as wearing a helmet with a dark visor, and a move is underway to urge the Government to ban the use of them.

The online petition is spearheaded by the group ‘Colfords Family Against Violence,’ which was formed after 29-year-old Colford Ferguson was murdered earlier this year. The family said after his murder they decided to try and take action to put an end to this senseless violence that is plaguing our  island.

The petition says, “We, the undersigned citizens of Bermuda along with Colford’s Family Against Violence and HSOB “Help Save Our Bermuda” are presenting this petition to eliminate the use of tinted visors on bicycle helmets.

“The increase in the shooting incidents have bought this idea with the hope that assailants faces being visible to others would hopefully dissuade the culprits from taking action. This might seem like a small matter, but at this time anything that we can do to hopefully avoid another life loss. We have to stand up an start somewhere, and what better place then here.”

“Our Country is currently suffering from this violence, families are watching their loved ones die to gun violence. April 27th, 2003 our 1st ride by shooting with a tinted visor occurred, now April 2011, 18 murders later, majority murders were ride by shootings with tinted visors and they are still legal to use. ”

“We, the people of Bermuda, would like to request our Government, to please put the lives of our people above everything else. It is our people who repeatedly suffer and suffer. Enough is enough. Therefore we ask that the Government of Bermuda to ban the use of tinted visors.”

The online petition was started yesterday [Apr.28], and has garnered close to 200 signatures thus far. A hard copy is also circulating.

Update 11:05am: National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief said, “I appreciate the concern of the public translating into action. I would be happy to receive the petition. I have previously indicated my support for some revision to the law and support the banning of tinted visors.”

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  1. Alicia B says:

    It’s a start! I support

    • Intelligence says:

      I swear some stupid people run this country or wanna run it.

      I wear a dark visor so that THE SUN STAYS OUT OF MY FACE

      I wear a dark visor for MY OWN REASONS…

      not everyone on this island is a worthless savage who robs people or commits crimes!

      I am so !@#$&^ tired of everyone suffering retarded CRAP because of these cockroaches.

      And what makes me MORE ANGRY… is YOU STUPID people on here supporting it! you all drive cars or something? %^$&^ off!!!! driving a bike you get tons of dirt and particles and BUGS even BEES in yoru face nonstop and I always have stuff caught in my eyes….

      so dont %^$#^%$# tell me it should be banned.

      You know what SHOULD be banned???

      %^$#$^%# stupid people like you lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope God takes the idiots off this island before it is too late. I wish wish WISH that it was a LAW that you had to be LOGICAL AND SENSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
      how many idiots would be in prison then? especially our politicians!!!!

      Wanna end the gang problem?

      GO TO: Middletown, Gun Alley, Frizles Hill, Hollywood, etc etc Ord Road, and TAKE OUT THOSE CREATURES!!!! why do you cops always pretend ohhhh we dunno where they are…. while they LIVE IN THE SAME GODDAMN HOUSES AND NEIGHBORHOODS FOR decades!!!!

      give me a BREAK

      If I was cop for a day….hahahaha this island would be CLEAN AS A WHISTLE.

      The good should NOT suffer because of the bad. The BAD should be erradicated.


      • Nicole says:

        Well if it were a law that you had to be logical and sensible you’d surely be arrested for breaking it. Again the want to ban TINTED visors. None of those bugs would touch your precious face. Wear shades! Your EYES do not cover your entire face! Seriously! Get a grip. Yes we can’t have tint on our cars either when most crimes are committed by cockroaches on SCOOTERS!

        • Intelligence says:

          I would kindly ask you to mind your own business and keep your stupid comments to yourself, and don’t attack me personally for voicing my opinion you moron.

          My face is precious thank you.

          • Nicole says:

            Out of my comments and yours you came to the conclusion that mines was stupid? Let’s see:

            1. You posted on a public forum putting out your own “business”
            2. You ranted on nonsensically laced with expletives
            Now explain how I’m in your business you moron? Or how I attacked you? I voiced my opinion as well

            I’m sure it is ;)

            • Black Jesus says:

              Good point Nicole and good response. Thumbs-up!

            • Changing Status says:

              I support Intelligence and their opinion. its rediculous that they should try to ban this when the shootings are done at night anyways! you still won’t see their faces!!and have you seen the size of shade that are popular now? they practically cover half your face anyways, soon they’ll be banning that too… and what about full face helmets? shall we ban that too because it covers the face up and we won’t be able to see potential murderers? f*** what might happen to your face should you have a serious accident.

              common people, be realistic and understand, the government is stupid and weak, and rather than go look for the people head on, they’re going to strip us of our rights until we’re walking naked in the streets.

          • A-non-no-mas says:

            intelligence isn’t too intelligent lol

            ignorant bermudians… always complaining about something that isnt important..

            LAY DOWN “Intelligence” . No one cares what you think

      • Enough! says:

        You are absolutely RIGHT, eliminate the PROBLEM once and for all!

        Genocide is the way to go.

        But as we ALL know nothing will change until this spills over into the lives of the precious UPPER CLASS.

        As long as the lower and middle class are the only ones effected NOTHING will change!

      • Black Jesus says:

        @Intellegence – YOU are NOT intelligent; instead you sound like a fool. I could care less about your ugly face.

        People are being killed and the killers are hiding their identity by using dark-tinted visors. Banning dark tinted visors is not the solution to gun violence, but at the very least, not having them available makes it a lot easier for the public to identify the perpetrators after they commit a crime.

        Because of your stupidity and rudeness, I suggest you go stand in the corner and face the wall!

      • Mr T says:

        If you were s cop for a day? Join then! Instead of ranting on here join the police and fix it in a day……..I’m thinking you won’t.
        I agree with Nicole your a moron, wear a clear visor or if you are so able to fix all this shit get off your ass and do something if you think it’s so easy, now it’s started you’ll unfortunately never it end as these gangs are recruiting and training low lives everyday!

    • It Never Ends... says:

      I’m irritated now… So are the people writing this partition going to give me and everyone else back the $200+ that we spent on a helmet or give us a substitute CLEAR visor… Ever thought of what a visor is for? When your driving in your car and the sun is in your eyes what do you do… Pull down the blind right… well that is what a dark visor is for and I know some ppl use it for fashion but come on. People that break the law find loop holes (shades) and a visor is not going to make the crime rate change. Strict Laws, longer prosecution sentences and more police presence for those that think I don’t have any good ideas. Come on BDA, partition for that. Make that paper count!!!

      • ANGRY BERMUDIAN says:

        ALL helmets come with clear visors from the factory and that is a LAW! Any tinted visors that come as standard must be retractable unlike your NOLAN helmet which I am sure you have (and paid too much for)!
        If this law was passed and only one person was saved a bullet in the head would it be worth it?

        • J Galt says:

          “If this law was passed and only one person was saved a bullet in the head would it be worth it?”


          • shamel says:

            @J Galt: so the value of all the tinted helmets in bermuda is greater than the value of one human life? that’s pretty messed up.

            that being said, i doubt this will deter the people who are killing our children – but it does take away one of the tools that allows them to do so anonymously, and it does give the man another indicator of whether they should stop someone or not…cause if dark visors were banned and someone was seen wearing one, they’d get stopped and have to explain themselves.

            anyway, i’ve rode a bike for years and i agree – stop moaning and put some shades on!

      • Black Jesus says:

        @It Never Ends – Sometimes in life you have to sacrifice for the better cause. Ask yourself, is finding the prepetrators more important, or is having the right to wear a dart-tinted visor more important??? Think about it. I would think that anybody with any sense would say that finding the prepetrators is more important… by far.

        We have a serious problem in Bermuda that nobody seems to have the solution for. The problem negatively affects everybody, including yourself. If you’re not willing to sacrfice for the better cause, then don’t complain about the gun violence. Your $200 is NOTHING compared to bringing justice for all the victims of gun violence and their families. It’s ashame that you’re worried about some ‘pocket change’. Go sell your damn helmet on Ebay if you have to.

        You say we need strict laws and longer sentences, I agree, but how are the police suppose to bring the prepetrators to justice if they can’t identify them, HELLO!!??

        Dark-tinted visors makes it much harder and sometimes impossible to identify those who are responsible for the bloodshed. Getting rid of dark-tinted visors is a step forward in the right direction.

        • sorry.. says:

          i agree wiht your point… if it would help find them then yes i would go with it… in my opinion though, i dont think it will do that.

  2. Shady Corners says:

    that’s the biggest pile of crap iv’e heard to date. how is a visor going to stop whats going on you people need to wake the hell up and stop dreaming!!!

    • Alicia B says:

      In my opinion I would not imply that it will ultimately solve our problem with gun violence but it will prevent these cowards from hiding their identity. Yah, they could try to wear a face mask/ski mask under their helment but then they would be more obvious they are up to no good and possible be noticed and reported.

      So like I said – I support this 100%.

      I wear a half mirror-tinted visor to block the sun – it’s intended purpose. I believe they are acceptable.

      • jason says:

        what you believe doesnt really matter..Who cares what type of helmet you wear, honestly.

        • Alicia B says:

          Really not called for – please stop the madness. I have a right just like you to voice my opinion – if you don’t like it then read it and move on.

          Some Bermudians level of respect is lacking and that’s part cause to the issues we are facing today.

      • Scott says:

        this ban will in no way prevent them from hiding their identity. just will not happen..

        what about full face helmet?? they are safer then regular.. will they be banned? throw a pair of sunglasses on and you have full coverage of the face..

        • LOL (original) says:

          Or a helmet and a scaf. Gona ban that too. Please I just got my mirrored visior and I love it as it keeps the sun out of my eyes and dirt out of my face.


        • ok says:

          What makes you think these guys would even adhere to the law anyways. They obviously dont care about law and order. They break the law every day. Selling drugs is illegal, Shooting guns and gun possession is illegal too. So if I was one of these guys intent on shooting someone, I’d just wear the helmet with the visor anyway. Police are never there when they do the shootings anyways. lol

          • shamel says:

            but then if you go out and wear the tinted helmet to do the crime, this legislation could give police reason to stop you and see what’s goin on…whether you care about the law or not, it gives them a reason ‘care’ about you

      • Scott says:

        half mirror tinted would be acceptable..

    • Think about it says:

      You sound like someone who uses a full face visor. It will help to stop “what’s going on” because these fools will know that their faces can be seen and they will think twice before shooting someone.

      • Scott says:

        ?? are you serious??? please say no..

        are you so short sighted that you think taking a way a visor means their faces can now be seen?

        as if they’ll go “oh crap, i cant wear this visor… i guess we shouldnt go shoot this person”…

        really????? WTF?

        • Think about it says:

          You people are dumb I’m convinced. They do not claim the ban on the visor “tint” will stop shootings altogether. They will stop ride by shootings.

          They only have an issue with the dark tint on the visor, not the visor itself. There is no need to have the whole thing tinted or mirrored. Last time I checked your nose and mouth dont need to see.

          • Scott says:

            lol well im pretty convinced you are just as dumb as you think i am if you think this will stop ride by shootings.. you’d be better off banning passengers on bikes..

      • Shady Corners says:

        well the fools arent the ones getting caught are they??? did yo uever think that the ones that are getting away are prob a tad bit smarter than u thats y you would be so foolish as to think that there gonna let themselves get causght ove a visor !!!!

    • Tani says:

      It wont resolve anything because there are people who wear those visor and don’t commit crime. Your going to band people from wearing those visors really? Might as well band people from wearing sunglasses with the same tint. Got to think of something more then banning a visor people.

    • BossDogg says:

      real talk i agree with you on that one

    • Concerned says:

      it will not stop what’s going on, only possibly help in identifying who the perp is!!
      as a victim of a robbery at knife-point where the guy was wearing a full-face mirror-reflective visor, I AM ALL FOR A BAN ON THEM!!!

    • Black Jesus says:

      @Shady, Banning dark-tinted visors will probably not stop gun violence, but what it can do, is help better identify the perpetrators, so that those responsible for gun violence can be charged and brought to justice.

      Nobody has found the the solution to preventing gun violence. So unless you have the solution, I think you should hush your mouth; you are not helping.

    • Changing Status says:

      i agree, what is removing a tinted visor gonna stop when you can easily put a pair of shades and a scaf on? the many will end up suffering for no reason at all.

  3. Bermygurl says:

    I entirely agree! If there is legal tint only allowed on cars then what is the difference with visors on helmets. The majority of people with the blacked out visors are hiding themselves and not blocking the sun.

    • Scott says:

      “The majority of people with the blacked out visors are hiding themselves and not blocking the sun.”

      ..where do you get this from? i think you have your statistics backwards..

      • Think about it says:

        You don’t need a full face visor, period. They were created for people riding bikes at 100mph, not 25mph(50k) to protect them from the environment.

        • jason says:

          well you ride a bike around Bermuda for an hour, and ttell me how much dirt/exhaust particles are on your face

          • Think about it says:

            Well if you idiots don’t ride so close and weave in and out of traffic and actually rode how you are supposed to, that wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t see how riding at 45, 50k at least one car length behind the vehicle in front of you would have you getting that much dirt in your face. I drive less that a car length behind people and the only part of my car that gets dirty is the very bottom of the front, so at most, your feet should be getting the dirt.

            • Nicole says:

              Bingo @Think about it! I wish they would ban bikes all together really. They are like annoying bugs you just want to squash.

            • Scott says:

              lol then drive a bike for a few days and you’ll realize. there doesnt have to be any vehicles around and you can still get rain, dust, bugs in your face..

              its skin, not a freakin car… it takes far less irritant to be annoying/distracting/dangerous then what it takes to make your car dirty.

              • Nicole says:

                They didn’t say a ban on visors but a ban on TINTED visors so what is your point Scott? You can still wear one to protect your face it just can’t be tinted.

                • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

                  Seriously? I have read all the comments and I just cannot believe the way some individuals are thinking! It is always about me, me, me.. bugs in my eyes, love my tinted visor keeps the sun out, it wont stop the shootings etc… UNTIL it hits YOUR family and friends !!!!.
                  I think we are intelligent people (I hope)and I support the ban of ALL frigging visors point blank. The killers are wearing these, we don’t want to look like them, we have to make them STAND out, look different so they can be easily spotted- it’s just common sense.
                  Get over your selfish selves and think about helping to do something to make a difference in your community and stop blaming the police, government.Start by looking at SMALL ways we can eliminate the comfort ZONE of these shooters and invest in a good pair of sun glasses- we use to manage quite well without helmets without visors before and its a very small sacrifice on our part to assist in apprehending these wrong doers!!! Everyone is caller for “someone” to do something, to ‘stop this madness” What part are you playing?? The decisions YOU make today, will determine OUR destiny tomorrow! Are we so spineless that we will allow a handful of misguided young men/women with the help of “someone in a suit” (because there has got to be a head man here”) to destroy and send a beautiful country in fear. Get off your a$$es, leave your custom built houses and dinner parties and get involved!!We are ALL affected!

              • Think about it says:

                Then ride at the speed limit, stop overtaking constantly and riding along the yellow line. Stop ‘undertaking’ zig zagging between traffic, stop overtaking on corners. If people on bikes did all these things, I’m sure the dirt, exhuast etc. won’t be a problem.

                @ Nicole,

                as you can tell with my above comment, I agree with you. People on bikes are nothing but an excercise in patience for people in cars. All they are is a constant irritant on the roads. But, that’s another subject for another time.

                • Nicole says:

                  Yup we are >>>here<<< I didn't really want to get into that either but we are on the same track.

                • Nicole says:

                  Yes @Think about it we are certainly >>>here<<< with each-other.

                  • Funny says:

                    I guess that you do not ride a motor bike. I do. My speed is less than 50kph, which means 1/2 the cars overtake me. I do not overtake like a mad man. I don’t “undertake” or zig-zag. Yet I wear a full face helmet, with a clear visor. It stops the bugs getting into your eyes, which sunglasses don’t, and in the rain it is a godsend.

                    • Think about it says:

                      @ Funny

                      They have half face visors, and the issue is the tint, not the visor itself. Please read all the comments before posting one yourself please.

            • Onion says:

              No we wear the visors for the dirt and rocks that get kicked up from the cars. Oh and btw NO ONE drives one car length behind a car commuting to work. Also for the car drivers that feel the need to clean their windscreens while driving. In case you didn’t know the water shoots right over the car too i have been hit in the face many times, it’s not cool being shocked like that especially if you’re on a corner.

              • Nicole says:

                Cry me a river.

              • Lissa says:

                Yes, we car drivers know this. That this why we only clean our windscreens when a rider is less then one car length behind our car. heh heh!!

                • Scott says:

                  lol psh you should aim them sideways and clear your windshield when passing a bus stop!!

                  i know..rudeness :P

            • SMH says:

              @ Think About It…. You must not ride a bike! i am a bike rider that does not speed nor ride foolish, I keep my distance between me and the car in front of me. Yet I still get dirt in my face and when it rains its almost impossible to ride without a visor, and dont talk anout when the sun is in our eyes or how about when you are riding and a bug smacks you in the face/eye not a nice feeling. With no disrespect intended you sound like a damn fool

              • Think about it says:

                @ SMH

                With disrespect, you sound like a damn fool. I do not believe that you don’t drive foolishly because I have not once seen a rider under the age of 45 NOT ride in a dangerous or foolish manner. So if you are then I apologize. Also, just like I told other people here, the issue is with the tint, not the visor itself. So if you want to protect your face and eyes, then get a helmet that has a half visor and wear shades.

                I work with people that have CLEAR half face visors and they are fine when coming to work, and one in particular does ride like a fool, yet he doesn’t feel the need to have a fully tinted, full face visor on his helmet.

          • LOL (original) says:

            Jason the world must be ending as I agree with you on that point. Banning the tinted face shield is dumb and will not stop them from doing what they are gonna do. Do you guys remember that their are cameras up and people still shoot at each other. What’s next mandatory curfews for all Bermudians.


        • Pete says:

          With all due respect – with the type of drivers and those DUI on the roads, I’ll continue to ride with my full face visor thank you very much. Slippery slope….. And agree with Jason; too much dirt AND pebbles that fly up in your face. I happen to like my face as is.

          • Scott says:

            and bugs… and rain..

          • Think about it says:

            But they don’t want to ban the visor altogether, just the tinted and/or mirrored visors.

            • Scott says:

              Can someone please answer the question… what about full face helmets? you anti-visor people seem to be avoiding that one.

        • Serz? says:

          Although I commend those having the initiative to take some sort of action, this is not it. Banning tinted visors is taking problems of Bermuda’s gun violence and putting them right into road safety, for those of us who aren’t gangsters and ride under the Bermuda sun on a daily basis. So i would find it as somewhat of an insult to be asked to sign this petition.
          You can’t jus ban gloves to prevent robberies. Maybe we should start focusing a little closer to the issue like the ban on GUNS.

          • KMHBermuda says:

            The jerks doing the shootings don’t seem to care about the fact that GUNS are banned; what makes anyone think they’ll give a rat’s ass about a ban on tinted visors? Please. They’re murderers.

        • What??? says:

          Are you insane! Have you ever seen what happens to someone’s face after they have been in an accident wearing helmets without a visor or full helmet? I think that we should ban the half shell helmets for safety reason. Full faced helmets with tinted visors are the way to go, both for safety and visibility. A ban will be very stupid and will not stop anything.

  4. W.T.F.??? says:

    next you will want to ban sunglasses.

  5. mark says:

    that is crap they could just put a something round there face same thing

  6. aald says:

    I support crime prevention, but this is impractical. I have a dark visor because Bermuda sees sun 80% of the year and riding with a glare is dangerous and annoying. Dark visor’s will not stop violence. If anything, it will just annoy people.

    • Black Jesus says:

      The ban is not intended to stop violence, but rather to identify those who are responsible for violence while wearing dark-tinted visors.

      • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

        Thank You! the keep the bugs and sun out of my face users seems to miss that point.. People its about taking away the comfort zone of the perpetrators..

  7. BabyRocko says:

    Actually, it is an idea and a start to deter the perpetrators from trying to hide their identity. Before calling it a pile of crap and telling people that lost their loved one to gun violence that they are dreamers, how about offering up your own idea or solution! Make good use of your response instead of writing the insensitive nonsense you just wrote! Stop being a part of the PROBLEM and be a part of the SOLUTION.

    Also we may have to pay closer attention to tint levels on some of these cars as a deterrent as well. SMDH

    • Onion says:

      This is not a start this is a knee-jerk reaction to the problem. Like aald and bermudian said people use dark tinted visors for regular use to block out the sun and glare riding. Also what will be next full face helmets? scarf’s after that? what about the model of bike being used? The list can go on and on. The fact of the matter is a lot of normal things can be used in the commission of crimes to conceal identity or to make good your escape. Making these illegal one by one just hurts the rest of the people who use them everyday. I don’t have a solution for you but i can tell you that this isn’t it.

      • Scott says:

        don’t forget banning of passengers on bikes… cant shoot straight if you’re driving, and if you dont have a passenger hten there’s no one to do it for you..

  8. Bermudian says:

    Fact is I wear a full face helmet with a dark visor. If I remove my dark still won’t know who I am and yes, I use the dark visor to block out the Sun as I have light sensitive eyes.

    Waste of time and full of you know what.

    • Alicia B says:

      Wear Shades

      • LOL (original) says:

        That still hides the identy so yo will have to ban the shades too.


      • Think about it says:

        @ Alicia B

        Exactly, I have to wear shades in my car. Why should you get better treatment because you’re on a bike? I have light sensitive eyes too

        • Scott says:

          what is “better treatment”? lol are you arguing about banning tinted visors beause you’re upset you cant have a tinted windshield?

          • Think about it says:

            Better treatment is less on license fees, insurance, free parking everywhere on the island etc. THAT’S what I mean by “better treatment.”

            I have to pay damn near $15 a day to park when bikes get it for free, how is that not better treatment?

            • Huh? says:

              Um, big-ass SUVs take up a hell of a lot more space than bikes.

              The insurance is lower because the value of a bike is like, what, 10% of a car?

              And the last time I checked there was only pay parking in Hamilton??

              • Think about it says:

                You and Scott are both morons. Cars take up more space? Are you kidding me? On my morning drive to work, there are so many bikes on the road they look like a swarm of ants compared to cars. They may be smaller than cars, but when you get them together in packs(which they always seem to be in) they easily take up more space.

                And what do you mean only pay parking in Hamilton? There is pay parking all over the island, and the bikes never have to pay anything. They wouldn’t even try and find a way for bike owners to contribute, they just keep raising the price of parking for those with cars.

                • Scott says:

                  LOL fck me…

                  are you really saying 100 ants takes more space then 1 cockroach, therefor the ant is bigger???

                  have you been at the bar the whole time you are writing on here?
                  that “pack” is transporting 1 person per vehicle. so 10 bikes takes up the space of 2.5 cars, and is transporting (usually) 7-8 more people…

                  how can you even attempt to argue that bikes take more space then a car just by saying when you add them all up… im literally baffled that you said that..

                  as for paid parking outside of hamilton, besides the airport, where exactly are you talking about?

                • Scott says:

                  ..i really am just in awe of you right now… lol. you dont call teh whole traffic jam of east broadway a “pack” of big cars, with 75% of seats being empty? and you worry about bikes taking up too much space???

                  • Think about it says:

                    Are you serious right now? 100 ants spaced apart definitely takes up more space than 1 cockroach, that’s just common sense. East broadway traffic jams are made much worse by idiots on bikes weaving in and out of traffic, and changing lanes etc. It causes cars to have to constantly brake or maneuver to avoid them which adds to the already high amount of confusion.

                    Bikes are a nuisance. They are less fuel efficient, more noisy, more dangerous, more annoying etc etc. And as far as you saying they don’t take up that much space, how long is the typical bike? Just over one car length? So when you get maybe 4 of them all bunched together but say maybe 2.5, 3 feet apart, how does that not take up more space than 1 car?

                    • Scott says:

                      lol ok now you are making me laugh… i dont know if you are serious…

                      yes 100 ants is bigger.. the point is.. there are ONE HUNDRED of them… therefor it is far more space efficient…>.<

                      secondly traffic is not cause by bikes weaving, its caused by the high number of cars that flow into town, turn up different roads, stop at lights.. its called large volume, small throughway

                      lol your assertion that bikes are less fuel efficeitn??? WTF? $50 dollars in gas a week for car vs $40 for a month on a bike… seems you lost that one..

                      i have NO clue how you see a typcial bike being just over one car length.. fine.. its you want to get into minute numbers 4 bikes, with space added, takes up more room then a car while driving… while parking that is not the case though as they are all pretty much touching. Still, with that extra space, there are still 4+ people being stransported on those 4+ bikes, whereas a car is most likely one person. So the space efficienty still exists.

                      earlier in the day you could have made a case.. when people were arguing over unknowns and hypothetical. Now you are trying to argue that raw math is not true… i think you've reached your mental limit for hte day.

                    • Scott says:

                      ..did you ever pass a math class?

                • huh? says:

                  I’m sorry, I thought you were bitching about parking.. but clearly you were just bitching. I hope you are not really the ignorant, angry little person in real life that your posts suggest you are.

                  Might I suggest a few remedial classes on basic math, economics/business, spatial relations, and logistics.

                  Then call up your insurance company and ask them about the reason for the differential on insurance rates for cars vs bikes.

                  Maybe for fun, imagine this: every bike rider is replaced by another car driver. What do you think would happen to the price of parking in Hamilton then?

            • Scott says:

              you also drive a vehicle that takes up the space of 4 bikes… you dont get rained on.. you get to have a 2L engine, a stereo.. people have to wear a helmet etc etc etc…

              You clog up traffic with 3-4 empty seats (unless you carpool all the time).. bikes come in, take little room, make almost no traffic.. and that is why they are free to park.. to encourage their use.

              you also pay tens of thousands more for your car to the deals… does that mean bike people are getting preferential treatment from PW’s?

              for insurance, you bang that thing, and it costs a hell of a lot more to fix then a bike.. therefor your insurance is more expensive..

              if you are so upset about the better treatment, then get a bike. my god you sound like neletha butterfield in church right now.. but but but they get cheaper rates for their bikes and can park free… its not faaaair..

              seriously.. use your username and freakin think about things before you write. or are you going to go write to Marine n Ports and complain that bike riders get to take their vehicles on the ferries and you dont??/

              • Think about it says:

                Wow Scott, you’re talking very brave now that you finally have some back up. First to address you and the idiot who agreed with you, bikes are not 10% of what cars cost they are 20% or more. Also, the insurance for a bike should be more than that of a car because 1.) they are more likely to get in or cause accidents and 2.) they get stolen almost all the time. And bike’s do not get free parking to encourage more people to use them instead of cars, I don’t know where you get that from. The reason it is free is because they haven’t found a way for a bike to pay and display.

                Lastly, your final comment was just as dumb as you are, even though it was just an attempt at humor. Why would I need to take my car on the ferry if I have a car?

                • Scott says:

                  a) i make the same points regardless of what “backup” i have

                  b) a 50,000 car vs a 5,000 bike = 10%. if you want to lower the cost of the car to 30,000, then ill lower the cost of bike to 3,000… the percentage is still the same.

                  c) dont know statisitcs, but i see more car accidents then bike accidents. You must not know how insurance works with that comment.. i’m sure the premium ratio for theft insurance is far higher then that of cars.. trust me these insurance companies are not out to screw you over because you are a car owner.. it is the basic math of insurance, regarding risk and value..

                  d) according to those in charge of hte city, i have heard nothing regarding not being able to charge bikes, and a lot about people using them to ease congestion.

                  e) its not dumb. some poeple have bikes, why would they need to take them on the ferry if they have bikes? because its quicker and bypasses traffic. the point was bikes and cars are fundamentally different, and therefore have different pros/cons

                  • Think about it says:

                    So why not just catch a ferry and leave the bike at home 1, 2 the average 150cc bike in Bermuda goes for at least $6000 so it wont still be 10%, I dont care what you say. There are WAY more bike accidents than car accidents. With cars you have fender benders more than anything else.

                    • sorry.. says:

                      perhaps the average 150cc bike is 6000… but you’re assuming that 150cc is the average size bike… which it isnt…

                    • sorry.. says:

                      and why not just acth the ferry instead of the car then if thats your logic? i bike should just leave ht ebike at home, but a car driver should drive their car cause they have it?

          • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

            Scott, are you Bermudian? Because if you are you should think less of your comforts and more of your country at large.. NO ONE knows what will stop these shooters BUT we do know that they wear these types of helmets to commit the crimes.. if one of your family member gets shot by someone wearing one of these… I wonder if you would feel the same way when you don your “tinted helmet” to keep out the bugs and sunlight!! FACT is, they wear it, eliminate that option that enables them!

            • Scott says:

              >.< yes i am bermudian…

              and to be honest there was a shooting, and i remember the police asking for a week just for the make/model of the bike used….

              i would support if i thought it would change naything or make things easier… but i just dont think it will, and im not going to support randomly inconveniencing the public simply because the criminals use something we all do.

              And if htey just want to allow half visors too..thne thats ok..

              but when someone told me they'd like to ban full face helmets entire, which takes away from a lot of peoples safey, and then goes and says "if cars cant have it, nor should bikes", i start whether anyone else really thinks this would do anything.

      • Bermudian says:

        I’m sorry, do you feel like forking over $800+ for special prescription shades for my eyes?? I didn’t think so. Next time you reply to my post…actually take time to think about it before posting back.

  9. Stupid says:

    This is stupid and pointless, if you ban dark visors on helmets, then crimials will turn to something else to prevent their face or faces from being seen.

    I ride my bike sometimes with a dark visor and it is not fair that we as a general population have to lose out and bend our backs because of criminals and gangs…

    • Concerned says:

      a few always ruin it for the rest of us…you know that!!

  10. Confused says:

    A ban on visors will stop nothing, people picking up the damn phone will!

  11. Can you handle this says:

    Whilst it may be a preventative measure to a certain extent it is not the answer..They will just put a scarf over their face like they do now and than what? are we going to ban scarfs as well? I agree with Mr. Perenchief as stated in a previous article they will just look for another way…and it’s unfortunate that others will have to suffer for a few losers who choose to do the wrong thing….Why should I, who has no criminal record be denied the opportunity to have a tinted visor, why should I have to have the glare of the sun shining in my face..(and before any wise ass says just wear shades..I’ll give YOU the order number of a pair of Gucci Shades that I like and you can get them for me!)I Just don’t feel that we as a whole should have to continue suffering or losing it is we are subject to these frequent stop and searches because of these young men making wrong choices and yes while some may say that if you have nothing to hide than you shouldn’t have anything to worry about being stopped, it does get a bit cumbersome and annoying if you have been stopped more than once as they have no way of knowing if you have been stopped before since it is a random selection…I ask that it not be a hasty decision. Just rethink this through as I am tired of suffering for the ignorant few!!!

    • Think about it says:

      Why do people keep saying they will tie scarfs around their faces? Which seems less conspicous: Riding up to someone with your visor down and then shooting them? Or pulling over, tying a scarf around your face, take off again and then shoot someone? It’s common sense people. They use dark visors because of it’s ease of use. All they have to do is ride their bike as if nothing happened or is about to happen. If you see someone putting a scarf over their face, that’s a dead giveaway(no pun intended) and suredly the police will be called.

      • Scott says:

        you do realize, the way light bends, that even a clear visor can obscure an identity too?

      • LOL (original) says:

        At any rate do you see how many people where the scafs now? Its really not an unusual occurrence on our roads. This is just dumb and I will not sign it like I said next they will want you to stay inside at 7:00pm or some other dumb thing. The answer is to get people trusting in the police and get them to tell the cops what they know.


      • Can you handle this says:

        Because they have and they do..obviously you are not in the know or have not ead recent arcticles stating this fact….

        • Can you handle this says:

          The above comment directed at ‘Think About It”

    • Nicole says:

      Well if they ban tinted visors and a guy is riding around with a scarf covering his face I’m sure that would alert people.

      You don’t NEED GUCCI shades to block the sun our of your eyes. People with cars can’t have tint either, so why should people who have cars who also don’t have a criminal record be denied the right to tint their car windows?

      • Think about it says:

        Thank you nicole, I agree 100% Why should they be allowed to have fully tinted full face visors, when all we get at the most is a little 3.5 inch strip of tint on our windshield.

      • Scott says:

        here is why….

        firstly, with a car, you cannot see in, and you cannot see osmeones actions. on a bike, you can see their actions. If someones doing something wrong in a fully tinted car.. you cannot tell. if osmeone is doing somethign on a bike, you can tell.. you just cant see their face.

        secondly, what happens at night..when its dark? do you drive with your sunglasses on? no because you cant see sh!t.. so if you hvae a fully tinted windsheild, are you going to just take that off when night comes? or just drive wiht overly dark front windhsield so you cant see anything?? visors on the other hand, like glasses, can be removed at night so the ride can see….

        to be honest you just sounds spiteful and jealous over who gets tinting, not like you give a rats ass about the criminal aspect of it.

        • Nicole says:

          Wow. Scott that was just wow! First you claimed dirt would get in your face, but they are only banning tinted ones not visors altogether. Now you are saying that tinted visors can be removed at night? What about the dirt? What about the DIRT Scott?

          What’s harder to do in Bermuda? Get away in a car or getaway on a bike? How many murders have been committed by someone in a car? You can tell if someones doing something wrong on a bike and yet shootings are still happening. Logic? Clearly you’ve never been in a car with tinted windows at night. You can still see dreamer.

          Who in their right mind with a car would be jealous of anyone with a bike? LMFAO! Please stop.

          I agree with Concerned. My leather interior is getting ruined from the sun damage in Bermuda but when I had my tint I didn’t have to worry about that.

        • Think about it says:

          Are you serious? So you’re saying that you just remove the visor at night so you can see? So that completely destroys your previous argument about the dirt getting in your face. If you can deal with it at night, then you can deal with it during the day.

          And fyi, I have no interest in tinting my windshield, I only mentioned it to make a point. Also, while you can see a persons actions on a bike, if their face is covered and they take off from the police, what are the chances of the police finding the guy? If the guy is a criminal the bike might be stolen, so they cant trace the license plate. With a car, whether or not they can see in my vehicle, if I try and get away, he can ALWAYS catch up to me or find me later.

          Also, what do people mean by “doing something wrong in a fully tinted car?” What could I possibly be doing? I can’t throw drugs or guns out the window, surely the police will see. The only thing I can think of is someone switching seats because the driver is drunk, which to me is bad, but not in comparison to the violent crime going on. So that argument is poinltess and an excuse on the part of the police

          • Lissa says:

            A little late to the game. Most helmets have to visors. A tinted visor for day and a clear visor for night. So yes at night you remove the tinted visor.

        • Scott says:

          lol for both of you.. the dirt sucks like hell at night… and the rain and bugs.. but if i drive with the visor down, then the wall swill suck like hell..

          i ahve been in many cars with tint in them… and no.. i couldn’t see crap out of the back window, or side windows that were tinted…

          as for think about it… why do you seem to say the bike is stolen but the car is not? like they’ll find you later?? just as much chance of that being stolen.. yes bikes can get away faster.. so lets just ban those?? people are getting a bit ban-happy on this island…

          just for clarification.. what is the law on car tint? no car tint? or no car tint in the front?

          and you stil have yet to address my question from before. should we ban full face helmets (far safer option) also?

          • Think about it says:

            @ Scott-

            Are you SERIOUS?! Lol! How often do you see stolen cars in Bermuda? And I’m not talking about you lending your car to someone and they didnt bring it back on time. I’m talking about, how often do you see someone go into someones yard, break in and steal the car? It doesn’t happen! Car mechanics are so much more advanced than bikes so it would be nearly impossible for the common criminal to figure it out. For instance, I just bough a new car and my car WILL NOT START unless the key is INSIDE the vehicle PERIOD. The computer will not allow the engine to turn over unless the signal the key gives off is present. It is a push button start also, so there is no key to be forged or what have you.

          • Nicole says:

            Wow again Scott. Think about it’s earlier comment in regards to you was sooo right. So you can tolerate the bugs at night but not during the day time, when we’ve stated already that tinted visors will be banned not ALL visors. So do you want to try again?

            Now you are just being silly, how do you explain the millions of people who have tint on their cars and drive daily? Yes they are getting ban happy but if people who have cars, who don’t commit crimes either have to suffer when most crimes are being committed by fools on bikes then that’s just stupid. You want to answer that?

            I don’t know but I do know my cars tint had to be taken off when it wasn’t even that dark and I had only a small strip on the top windshield.

            Yes they should ban those too.

            • Think about it says:

              @ Nicole

              You’re a very smart lady, I like you. That’s a great point. Car owners who have tint on their vehicles get stopped by the police constantly, and we have to deal with having it removed and the legal tint put on and STILL get bothered by the police. Now the sole reason we are not allowed to have dark tint is for crime prevention purposes, even though I cannot recall one shooting or any crime being committed using a car. Yet when people on bikes start to get the same treatment we have been getting for years, you all want to be up in arms. Why? When stats show that these crimes are being committed on bikes. If it were up to me, I would ban bike riders from towing people, unless the passenger is a child, and I would ban tinted/mirrored full face visors altogether, PERIOD, end of story

              • Nicole says:

                Thank you. You are very smart as well and make great points. I agree 1000%. It has never made sense to me, people in Bermuda pay way too much to have and drive a car to be doing dumb crap. They can always be traced back to the owner regardless. Bikes on the other-hand are stolen and disposed of at will and used for drive-bys yet car owners have to suffer.

              • Onion says:

                Sorry,could have sworn the guys who shot Yankee used a car. Also there have been several shooting in which they used cars it just that most of the recent ones have been one bikes. As for being bothered by police i think bike riders have it worse. I drive a car and ride a bike and trust me I’ve had way worse experiences with police on a bike than in a car. I get stopped for made up things like a broken tail light that magically “just came back on”, but you need to run my plates and my drivers license.

          • Think about it says:

            With that being said, show me some stats that say cars get stolen just as much as bikes in Bermuda, go ahead.

          • Scott says:

            ok… no more comments from me until one of you answers the question i keep asking. we have been going back and forth, and both of you (and everyone else who is anti-mirrorvisor) have avoided this question entirely without even a hint at answering it..

            ..what about full face helmets? with the hard bar protecting the jaw? and just eyes showing? the helmets that are extremely safer then regular helmets, but you cannot see the face..

            should those be banned too?

            • Nicole says:

              Maybe if you listened, in this case read more than you talked(typed) you’d see that I answered your question with one sentence. I enjoyed how you danced around our rebuttals with your nonsensical ramblings.

              • Scott says:

                i can’t find it anywhere. please answer it again. you mention full face visors, not full face helmets.

                • Nicole says:

                  AND I QUOTE

                  Nicole says:
                  April 29, 2011 at 12:40 pm

                  “Yes they should ban those too.”

                  Anything else you care to argue about?

                  • Scott says:

                    ah thank you…

           no need to argue further. i see you are more then willing to risk people’s safety for this non-effective cause.

                    so far you seem to think that:

                    1) without a full face visor, or helmet, that you can suddenly see someones face..
                    2)bike riders are annoying bugs that need to be squashed
                    3)if you cant have tint, why should bike riders, seemingly because your leather is getting damaged
                    4)safety is not very important
                    5) call people stupid and tell them to cry you a river..

                    we are going to just continue to butt heads. I still think it is a rediculous idea to ban them, and the intended results a) will not come about and b) will just inconvenience others and you seemingly do not.

                    • Think about it says:

                      Scott you are dumb, period. Full face helmets ARE NOT NEEDED in Bermuda. You are not supposed to be riding at a speed to which if you went down, your face would be at that much of a risk to be seriously injured. That’s like me wearing a full nascar racing suit to drive my car to work. Get the picture?

                    • Scott says:

                      LOL how much force do you think it takes to crush your face? someone could do it with their hand if they wanted to.

                      even an accident at 15kph could do it, let alone the techincal limit of 35 or the allowed limit of 50. I could pass out walking and still seriously damage my face..

                      the front guard only does to your face what the rest of the helmet does for your head.. under your logic, if we were driving that slow,we wouldnt need a helmet at all.

                      then you have other vehicles that increase the danger. Remember a helmet is like a fire extinguisher.. i dont expect my kitchen to catch fire, but its nice to have if it does..

                      as for you nascar comparison.. you’re a bit off. those suits are made in case of the highly explosive gas causes a major fire from a major crash. Yes, you can wear one if you feel safer.. but comparing a fire suit in a passenger car to a fully enclosed motorcycle helpmet is stretching..

             sure your brain is fried.. you did assert earlier that bikes are less fuel efficeint then cars… so i really have no clue whtas goin on in that head of yours

      • Concerned says:

        I also agree!! Get stopped for tint on cars but can ride around with no face. Tint keeps my car cooler in the summer, protects my interior from the sun and shields my child’s eyes! Also, prevents people from seeing what “goodies” I have inside.

        What’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander!

      • Can you handle this says:

        Worry about yourself Miss Nicole..don’t tell mne what I need or don’t need..the issue is the visors not MY preference of eyewear..stick to the issue at hand….

        • Nicole says:

          I do worry about myself, thank you however if you don’t want people to “worry” about you I suggest you not discuss your personal dilemma on a public forum. So once again you don’t need GUCCI shades to shield your eyes. So I suggest you tell the Government not to “worry about you” should they pass this into law. ;)

          • Can you handle this says:

            My comment was directed at the right need to involve Government here and just as you at times spe nothing but drivel I too can post what I like. However, your view of anything is actually nothing to worry about as you seem to take issue and nitpick with anyone who is not on the same page as you..If the a Law passes than so be it..we are slowly becoming a “dictatorship island” anyway…pretty soon we will be told what color “undies” to wear each day of the week..My opinion, your opinion whose to say which is right..but we as a whole will never get it right because we have certain individuals such as yourself that don’t don’t respect others opinions… Signed…Gucci

  12. Not the original says:

    Funny, I have a dark visor and I’ve never killed anyone.

    • Black Jesus says:

      @Not the Original – what a very very dumb comment. Nobody is claiming that visors kill people, silly. Did you graduate???

  13. Scott says:

    i still cant believe this is an issue. there are so many reasons this is stupid..
    1) these people are shooting each other… do you really think they’ll abide by some anti-visor law
    2) they can wear a bandanna
    3) full face helmets? they’re safer, will they be banned? what about full face with sunglasses?
    4) visors have a legitimate use that we are throwing away over a handful of idiots?
    5)Making new laws banning small things dont address the root issues. Has the hoodie law changed anything?

    the only people that seem to support this ban seem to be the people who are pissed off they cant have tinted front windsheild on their cars…. think about it logically people, this will do nothing but inconvenience the majority of bermuda.

    • Sarah says:

      Seconding this whole comment, and appreciative of the common sense in it

    • Onion says:


    • Black Jesus says:

      @Scott – First of all, the majority of Bermuda doesn’t wear dark-tinted visors, so therefore you’re wrong when you say it will “inconvenience the majority of Bermuda”.

      With everything you said, I still have yet to hear any solutions or anything close to a solution.

      Lets talk less about what wouldn’t work and lets talk more about what will work. Any suggestions Mr or Ms Scott? I didn’t think so.

      • sorry.. says:

        fine..perhaps not hte majority would be affected directly…but the fact that a right/privilege has been taken is inconveniencing to all, regardless of whether they follow through.

        as for solutions.. lets put it this way, i dont know how to make a “slipper nipple” shot, but i do know that black seal will not be part of it. I dont know what hte solution is, but i do feel that this will not help.

        • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

          @ Sorry.. that is just the point- You don’t know or have a solution BUT you know it won’t work! Perfect.. you can predict.. ! It never cease to amaze me- You worry about your right/privilege to wear a frigging tinting helmet!! How about your right to walk the streets and not worry about you or others getting shot at?? I think you all seem to believe that it will never reach you in your ‘nicely tucked away homes and apt’ wake up dreamers, once these gangs are finished offing each other- anyone CAN and will become a target.
          you and Scott are peas in a pod.. Enjoy your pods.. screw the rest of the crop..???

          • Scott says:

            You miss the point it seems. People gainst this petition are not saying they dont care about other parts of the community.. or they think it wont spread..etc etc… its that they think it will do nothing to help the situation, so why do it? Why start stripping the rights/privileges of the public if it will not have any effect? I am sure a lot of people would support this is they felt it would do anything, but the govt seems to have a “shooting from the hip” mentality that usually fails terribly.

            if you honestly think it would do something, then great… but dont us who are against it that we dont care about the community simply because we dont have the faith in this ban that you do. There are a lot of “banning” things that we could do that would have a greater effect.. but they would be TOO inconveniencing to people it it looks to me that people are just trying to ban something they dont use anyway… and does appear to me that almost all people who support this ban drive cars…

  14. Louise says:

    I agree ban em…its a start …if people have sensitive eyes let them wear sunglasses like I do!

  15. The mon says:

    You people complaining make me laugh it a step in trying to limit these guys ability to get around unseen YES you may not see the face but do you think they want to take that chance Yes they can put a SCARF around their mouth if you or anyone see that take the license number and call the police and like wish the police should pull anyone over with a Scarf around their mouth. Oh is someone saying Harasment well you should have thought about it before you when on the road looking like a Thug. STOP COMPLAINING AND SUPPORT THE THING THAT TRY AND PUT AN END TO WHAT GOING ON

    • It is what it is says:

      Duh!! During the winter when it is cold I have seen many people riding with scarfs to keep their face warm….The only ones that are complaining are those of you that feel that tinted helmets need to be banned and are disagreeing with others opinions who feel the opposite…everyone has a voice….

  16. Think about it says:

    This is an excellent idea. There is no need for full face visors to have tint on them. The most you need is in the eye area.

    • Scott says:

      this actually is valid.. a decent compromise, but i still think it wouldn’t affect anything and shouldn’t be implemented.

      • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

        Wow! such a pessimist! What’s your big plan and contribution??

        • Scott says:

          one idea would to make our prison more of a punishment for repeat offenders at least, to get a gang task force, and if they know who these guys are, put pressure on them.

          personally i think that would have a lot more effect then banning a visor.

  17. Nicole says:

    Good. We can’t have tint on our cars they shouldn’t be able to have tinted visors, especially considering most(all?) of the murders have been committed by someone on a bike.

    • Scott says:

      lol you can have tint on your car, just not front windshield.. what exactly would you do at night when dark? take the tint off? or drive around only being able to see things 5 ft in front of you?

      • Nicole says:

        Get a car, put tint on it then you tell me. Seriously have you never been in a car before? LOL!

        • Scott says:

          i dont understand this? are you saying all tint is not allowed? that you can actually see through it well enough at night? cause that’s not the case.. are you saying you can take it on off as much as you want?? ive been in plenty of cars.. what are you asking me to tell you?

          • Nicole says:

            I don’t have clue what you just tried to convey. Is English not your first language? Hell even your second language? What type of dumb question is “would you take the tint off at night”. You can see with tint on your car windows at night, how do you explain politicians, royalty, private police cars etc who have tinted windows? Come on man you have to have a better argument. Try again.

            • Scott says:

              lol because they arent driving.. and the front windshield isnt tinted…

              • Nicole says:

                I can’t even type what I want to say because bernews will just edit it but you know that comment is ridiculous. The front windows ARE tinted! Have you never seen police cars in Bermuda with blacked out windows? OMG!

                • Scott says:

                  no i havent.. and i can see the driver of the governors and premiers vehicles clear the windshield is clear.

                • It is what it is says:

                  Actualy yes Ms. Nicole..the Police Car that transports victims to “Safe Houses” Houses” are completely blacked out, tint very very dark for obvious reasons….

                  • Nicole says:

                    I know that “It is what it is” but apparently Scott is clueless to that fact. It doesn’t matter if it’s to transport victims to safe houses, his whole point was/is that no one can see out a tinted car window which is so ridiculously wrong.

                    • Scott says:

                      funny though, i just saw the governors car yesterday, and it has no tint in it..just a faint blue color. was going to take a pic for you.

                    • Lissa says:

                      Get a room Scott and Nicole. LOL!!!

      • Black Jesus says:

        @Scott – you are clueless. People drive in Canada and the States with dark tint on their car windows all the time. Having tint doesn’t make it impossible to see at night. You must be visually impaired.

        • sorry.. says:

          as far as i know, tint in the front of a car is illegal in the states.

  18. no sense says:

    so are you going to start an online petition to stop riding scooters all together too. what makes no sense what so ever we live in bermuda we need the visior for the uv rays,sun ,glare etc….

  19. Brock Samson says:

    Yeah, someone didn’t give too much thought into this idea. There are also many people who use dark visors to block the sun and not to conceal their identity for criminal activity. Moreover, there are alternatives one can use to get around using a helmet with a dark visor which makes this pointless.

    Another bad thing about this petition is that it’s originating from the site. A joke of a site which has proven many times since it’s inception that it’s completely worthless when it comes to getting petitions off the ground and is notorious for fake signatures.

  20. Terry says:

    If the UBP ann det lot hadn’t brought in cars and bikes we would not have this problem. Next year they will ban cars and cycles ann wee hall kan taik dee Farrys ann Peenk bussas…..detz rite…..ann we kan maik hour hown botes, rahope, puts, ann leeve heply awar aftar………

    Dunt gatt mee startaid horn doze beeg burds det layn dahn dee Heast And……….

    Damn Yoo Bee Pee….hall dah fawlt………….

  21. say wha???? says:

    It’s a good idea in theory, but the only people that it will affect are the ones that acually abide by it. Do you really think people that disregard the no-firearms law is really going to abide by the no-visor law. C’mon people. Let’s have a little sense here.

  22. erica rance-cariah says:

    Sunglasses work just fine to block the sun…it is what we used when I was 16…most of the daylight shootings have had perps wearing tinted visors…yes they can still cover their faces with other things like scarfs but I personally would look closer at the licence plate of some guys riding aroud with scarfs covering their face then people in visors. YES people need to talk but they aren’t…so we as a COMMUNITY need to do what we can. This is not an us and them situation but something that affects or will affect every single one of us in some way somehow. My son uses a tinted visor but I will gladly purchase him sunglasses to use if this comes into effect. Just my humble opinion.

  23. BossDogg says:

    this is by far the stupidest thing I have heard so far

  24. Brock Samson says:

    “National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief said, ‘I appreciate the concern of the public translating into action. I would be happy to receive the petition. I have previously indicated my support for some revision to the law and support the banning of tinted visors.’ ”

    Of course! I’m sure Mr. Jackme Off with the email “” and his ilk signing the petition are very concerned about this dilemma and are happy to take a stance! I’m 100% sure it’s a grave matter to them!

  25. Pete says:

    If this is implemented, I want a $300 refund from the Govt for my helmet!

  26. jason says:

    ..might as well make everything illigal, the bike, the persons in how they ride the bike.

    Hell, might as well make having a bike liscence illegal too

    Question? What about the rain, Have u ever rode a bike in the rain without a visor??? its damn near impossible !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alicia B says:

      Did you just start riding a bike? Just asking! What did you do before they sold visors. When they only sold bucket helmets with a peak; it uses to rain back in the day too didn’t it???

      • Scott says:

        lol we used to do math on paper and write essays in cursive.. does that mean we always should? technology and conveniences change.

        and no.. the helmets with peaks did nothign to stop the rain smacking your face and stopping you seeing..

        • Alicia B says:

          But you still got to where you was going, huh rain, blow or shine. Not my fault its the cowards out there causing all our lives to be disrupted, inconvenienced.

          We have to do something, this is but one small gesture not an end all be all fixer upper.

          For real people, whats the big deal??? I am tired of waking up almost every figging Monday morning to hear someone else has been shot or killed.

          Make viable suggestions, you can hate the message but don’t shoot the messenger (no pun intended)

          • Scott says:

            i agree.. im tired of it too, and small gestures to solve it are great.. i just dont think this will do anything but inconvenience law abiding people..

            i think there is this perception that once the face visor is gone, that identities will come screaming in to crime stoppers or the police…

            i think they had the same mentality when they banned wearing hoodies up… and that law has done nothing.. i dont even know if the bother enforcing it.

            i wish there was an easy answer.. trust me, if i thought it would help, i would support this… and deal with either a clear visor or half or whatever.. but i happen to like my full face helmet and dark visor, for multiple reasons.. and as i dont think ti will do anything, i dont want to give them up.

  27. BossDogg says:

    the police no whos doin all the shooting the acting stupid

  28. A. Dean says:

    I do support the inception of the petition. While I do respect & appreciate pro & anti sentiments; what seems to be of less concern(to the above critics)is that many families;the Colford’s esp.;given this petition, are grieving the loss of sacred LIFE, & are INTENT on making SOME difference in the lives of us still breathing!!! More support & suggestions are welcomed, than is inane criticism & hateful diatribe…IMAO!!! FYI: I concur with logic re: car window tints!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    So is someone ready to buy me a new helmet because my current helmet has a tinted visor?????? These helmets are not cheap!!!!

  30. jays says:

    Why don’t we just ban guns.. Oh wait

    • Common Sense says:

      … or riding around with no license plate. get it together people. seriously.

  31. College Graduate says:


  32. Yup! says:

    guys are talking a lot of Hogwash. let’s break it down for the many slow ones out here. BAN TINTED VISORS! It is to discourage criminal activity. Quite frankly none of you have contributed to things getting better. It’s our children, cousins, brothers, nephews and friends who have become a part of genocide. We have allowed it to get out of control, so when you cant handle your business and keep your lil ones under control you need someone to step in and AT LEAST offer a suggestion to discourage discourage read discourage these….. sorry our friends family and ppl we know to relax a little. there are some ppl who would like to enjoy life!

    • LOL (original) says:

      Put in them values and a valued education, a sense of pride and we should not have to ban trendy things like tinted visiors. Maybe we should be banning bad parents.


      • Everyonefor themselvesuntil.. says:

        @LOL.. you are stupid! Valued education? Warwick Academy graduate are you? .. if I remember correctly, OUR education system failed a lot of young men/women 8 years ago…. and your concern here is what??…. “we should not have to ban trendy things like tinted visors.”

        • LOL (original) says:

          So you don’t put time in with your kids on school work? My kids go to public school and are doing exceptionally well in fact they are so of the youngest taking the GCSC as a result of taking time out of my busy schedule to make sure work is done correctly and legibly. If you work with your kids the education system isn’t as broken as some think.


          No not Warwick A. who you callin names you are the one not investing in your kids future.

          • LOL (original) says:

            Should read “are some” Line 2.


  33. Adam says:

    This is crap, are you gonna ban sunglasses next??

  34. MR. Obvious says:

    If there is a will there is a way. if they do not sell tinted visors i can just tint my own. Think About That

    • Alicia B says:

      If it’s passed, than be harrassed by the Po Po. Than it would another issue to complain about.

      Why have people become so incline to break the law? Laws are meant to protect the people.

      • Scott says:

        a lot of laws have been made under the guise of “protecting the people”.. and a lot have been repealed. just because its made doesn’t mean its right, smart, or useful. Has that hoodie law done us any good?

        • LOL (original) says:

          Nope and people still where em.


        • Alicia B says:

          Maybe IDK – I don’t see/haven’t heard anything to the contrary, U?

          • Scott says:

            havent heard anything..

            all i know is that killings and violent crimes have gone up, and i have a nervousness about me when i walk down front street with a hoodie up becasue my ears are cold..

            so thats my view of it.. dunno if any statistics are out for it.

          • Alicia B says:

            Guys they were banned from being worn up when entering a place of business.

            Like when entering the Bank you cannot wear your helmet inside,Grocery stores too but the managers/shop keepers don’t enforce it.

  35. Truth be told... says:

    Anyone who believes this is a good idea are as brainless as the ones pulling the trigger. This protects no one, the gangs will still be here, the guns will still be here, the violence will still be here, thank the lord all those tinted visors will be off the streets though!

    • Nicole says:

      Same thing I said when they banned it on cars, well what do you know crime(murders) is higher than ever before!

      • Think about it says:

        Exactly, it was b.s. on the part of the police to put such a ridiculous ban on certain tint levels on cars because of the possibility of there being criminals or some b.s. inside. Has the ever been a murder committed by someone driving a car?

        • Nicole says:

          Let’s see what their argument for that is.

          • Scott says:

            no argument from me regarding murder from cars.. it doenst happen…

            at the end of the day though, i can tell you my favorite desert is ice cream, and you can tell me all day that my favorite desert SHOULD be jello, mostly because you are lactose intolerant and its unfair that i can eat it and you cant.. which is basically how i see your car vs helmet issues..

            • Nicole says:

              Hahaha Scott STOP you are beyond ridiculous. You are comparing a ban on tint on cars(when most murders an crime are committed by people on bikes) and being allowed to have tint on visor helmets to me wanting to ban ice cream because hypothetically you could eat it and I couldn’t? What is wrong with you? You have now upgraded from comparing apples and oranges to comparing apples and tomatoes.

              • Scott says:

                LOL exactly.. you were comparing car tint to visor tint because you seem upset you cant have the tint…not becasue of how you feel about murderers. now you’re starting to get it.

  36. Ouch says:

    I think Ben Franklin said it best: “If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both.”

    Attacking a small part of a massive problem is absolutely a waste of time and resources.

    1. There is a law against attacking people on bikes, yet people do it. Does anyone think taking away peoples right to wear different kinds of helmets will make the criminal change their ways? Does anyone think the people who are ignoring laws preventing them from attacking other people will really care about a law banning visors?

    2. There is a law against illegal tint on cars, but cars have illegal tint. A law like this will only stop people who already obey the laws from having tinted visors. They are not the problem and should not be punished. What about the health risks? If you were glasses to see does that mean you have to drive without sunglasses because you cant have a tinted visor? How many road accidents can we tolerate before someone thinks that maybe being able to block the sunlight is helpful when driving east in the morning and west in the evening?

    This suggestion is absurd and disrespectful to all Bermudians. I, for one, will not stand idly by while my rights are whittled away by scared and cowardly people.

  37. Mo says:

    Imma buy all the tinted visors that i can and i will b wearing mine!!!! What about the cases where people are protected from violent threats, and discrimination? If this law is passed our freedoms as Bermudians are gone. All 247 of you people that signed this partition are contributing to the “new world order”.

    • Nicole says:

      Well be prepared to be pulled over, harassed, ticketed and fined and whatever else they plan to do. You must have a lot of disposable income.

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ nicole – um where u been. they already do dat daily…sorry

  38. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    This reminds me of when Government tried to ban Reggae in the 80s. It did the trick huh!

  39. John says:

    This is ridicules. What about the hard working people who wear a tinted visor in summer for comfortability. In no way is banning a tinted visor going to reduce the crime – Bermuda is becoming a sad sad place.

    If you people are really bored and want to ban some things, start with the motorbikes that have been fixed to make this horrible sound – again it will not do anything to crime, but at least the idiot driving up and down my road everyday will be silent.

    Stopping the crime does not start with banning visors, it starts with the Government whom in my opinion is useless in dealing with this.

  40. Critical Thinker says:

    This idea can only come from intensely irrational minded idiots. How is banning visors going to stop what’s going on, I hope that rational thinking will prevail. I guess you can’t expect better from small minds.

    • Alicia B says:

      No, it was thought up by family and friends that lost a very dear loved one to some inconsiderate, inhumane fool that rode up / walked up and killed under the cover of disguise.

      Have some respect for what they are going through. These people are in pain; as a matter of fact a lot of people are in pain at what a minority of **** are doing to our island home. People have lost sight of why this was suggested. They are trying at least to seek and find solutions to avoid another family from going through the intense pain of losing someone you love too soon.

      Raise alternative solutions rather than disrespect the whole reason this was thought up and put out into the public forum. RESPECT – Find out what it means, in the true sense!

      • Ouch says:

        Alicia it seems you have some vested interest in this. Are you related to this family? Do you really think banning visors would have in any way prevented this crime from happening? Its an absurd though. Your fear mongering is not going to help anyone, least of all victims in the future. If you really want to protect people against crime become an in-school mentor or a big sister and target the problem at its root. Avoid the quick knee jerk fix that you are going for.

  41. Winnie says:

    Ridiculous, people kill not visors, at last check guns were banned in Bda so tell me how people are still being killed with firearms ?? Simple answer people, it does not take a dark visor for one to hide their face. This is a stupid idea, why don’t we ban bikes also since this seems to always be the MO of the people commiting these dastardly acts.BTW next we should just ban people…. Stoooooopid Idea…

  42. WTH???? says:


    • Nicole says:

      According to Scott no such thing exists.

    • Scott says:

      why do so many people use the argument “someone else can do it, why cant i” when it comes to these banning laws.. the police also get a taser and license to drive fast… get over it.

      • Nicole says:

        LMFAO! Awww Scotty that wasn’t the argument but we already established that you missed the point about an hour ago. The police have tasers to combat crime and drive fast to catch criminals and help people in distress to get to them in a timely matter. You are comparing apples and oranges.

        • Scott says:

          ..and you think their tint, assuming its there, is just for show? lol

          • Nicole says:

            Are you slow? It doesn’t matter what it’s for and that wasn’t your point. You tried to say that no one can see through dark tint at night when cars around the globe do it everyday. It’s not an assumption when it’s a fact! You will say anything to excuse your utter stupidity.

  43. Pointless says:

    I think a ban on tinted visors is stupid. And i agree with everyone who feels the same way.

  44. Concerned says:

    i am not as savy in the comp as mot of you. but instead of us here ranting and raving about how stupid this is and it is stupid. can someone put together an online petition against this. include that a visor is a visor and distorts how a person is seen. put in the percentage of person actually shot by someone wearing a visor, less than 40%. also point out the percentage of persons that have a tinted visor vs the 4-5 shootings by some one using them. point out we are in a recession. who is going to refund every one for their present helmet. also point out how a scarf and or shades do the same thing. i have walked right up to people with my helmet on and started talking to them and they didn’t know who they were talking to and my visor is clear . tinted visors are also useful for glares ant night from headlight and for protection from the sun during the day.
    iappreciatee that your brother was shot ( and not by someone who was wearing a visor) but if you want to do something lets be a bit more productive. start apetitionn on harsher punishments. have chain gangs and corporalpunishmentt put back on the book. lets not have approx 150 persons out of a population 60000 (0.25%) dictate what is going to happen for the res of us. don’tt let 0.25% of the population take away the fundamental rights of all. yes it is affecting us all but to become a police state of this small population please think about it.

  45. Terry says:

    Lets go back to the 60′s. Ban damn helmets. The way these people ride……..

    When you see a guy with a helmet, you’ll know he’s up to a no-brainer………or it’s for protection. Bann them……………..

  46. Let's Think About This... says:

    So let’s say they ban the full-tint visors (depending on the helmet, there are half-tint visors available too). Does this mean that people who see the shooters/law-breakers committing the crime are going to tell the police? Because there are people who know the identity of the perpetrators, yet aren’t saying anything…Maybe if more people see their faces, someone will decide to tell the police.

    I understand the utilitarian idea of all suffering for the few in the name of the greater good, but it doesn’t always work because there will always be a way to get around laws. Banning heavily tinted visors is like only putting a band aid on a festering wound. Other measures, bigger measures, must be taken to get rid of the problem. So yeah, ban heavy-tint visors. Then everything else that obscures one’s identity will have to be banned. It’ll be a snowball. The problem has to be stopped at the start i.e. the guns getting on the island. Sure, there will still be knives, but it’s harder to stab a person and not leave incriminating evidence considering today’s forensic advances. We don’t want to have to identify shooters because that’ll mean someone has been shoot/killed. Too late then.

    • P says:

      Agreed, once you start utilitarian bans on common items it will surely snowball.

  47. WHT! says:

    I just looked at the petition and I see lots of people making a joke out of it on there. Have some sort of respect for the group & families who are in support of it. If you don’t agree, then just move on and don’t sign, if you do agree, then sign your name.
    Also, don’t you need first and last names on a petition. Maybe the group should make that clear, because the majority are just giving first names, made up names, or simply initials. Just a thought……

  48. Concerned says:

    WOW!! I’m disgusted at some of these comments. Everyone has an opinion and are entitled to voice their opinion and yet people feel the need to start calling names because they disagree?! Just make a comment on what YOUR opinion is regarding the articale and issue at hand and stop the disrespect to other posts because they don’t have the same view. Can’t we just agree to disagree?!

    • Alicia B says:

      I agree wholeheartedly!!! If we, as adults, are so quick to show blatant disrespect towards each other what are these kids learning from all this…..Life in Bermy today speaks very clearly to this :-( Sad, so very Sad.

      RESPECT – Find out what it means, in the true sense!!!

    • Get a grip says:

      Amen, Amen

  49. Reality says:

    Bunch of fools up on here. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, you want to shut them down instead of appreciating their comments. We are all entitled to our opinions and I feel that banning tinted visors will NOT stop the killings. Lets be real folks…again, it will NOT stop the killings.

    I know…..why don’t we just ban helmets altogether.

  50. I'm just sayin...... says:

    Dark Visors….ban them!
    The shooter had clothes on…..heck ban the use of clothes in the commission of a crime!
    The shooter was left handed…..ban them too!


    When will we address the REAL issues, dark visors and tint are not the problem but it must seem easier to address them than the root causes of gun crime in BDA.

    Passing legislation such as this wont stop a coward from taking a life, you can see how effective banning illict drugs and guns have worked out for us so far.

    What we need is agressive and robust policing of the exisiting laws on the books and judges\jurys who are not afraid to punish….if less than 200 persons are making our lives in BDA horrible isn’t it about time for all of us to make those 200 persons a little unconfortable……..

  51. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    I have a full facial helmet with tint – and I’ve never shot anyone ever! Haven’t even robbed a bank. Go figure.

  52. ENOUGH says:

    OK does anybody else see the pattern with these comments. Whenever any solution is just put up as an idea people come on here post their own opinions on the matter and it turns into this post war between people. The whole time this goes on the actual topic has been forgotten because your so pissed off with each other. REALLY Bermy this is the reason why the “powers” that be get away with nonsense because they see that we can’t even agree to disagree with out wanting to rip each others throats out.

    If people comment about how they would change this and that if they where a police officer, actually join and see what it’s like to work in the job. We ALL fail to realize that the Police only work within what the LAWS of the Land dictate. So if certain laws don’t allow certain things they can’t do it, point blank. If you don’t like this talk to the politicians. And lastly on that they are human and make mistakes.

    This is truly a society of finger pointers. We talk a big game when we have someone to blame or think we can blame. Lets stop the finger pointing, the bickering and the fighting amongst each other and fight what we need to, the state of this country.

  53. who feels it KNOWS IT says:

    I wanna say to all you folks who have argued your point over and over again to STFU>>>>but instead I’ll reamain a respectful Adult and ask THIS:

    1. Have any of you had to bury A Brother/ Childs Father/ Uncle/ Cousin the Violence that has taken over our Island?
    2. Have you had to FUND/PLAN a siblings burial beacause your parents were predeceased, for YOUR BROTHER?
    3.Have you or do take Care of a Child that has Lost its Father, Emotionally and Financially due to this Madness?
    4.Do you wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety or can’t sleep,or eat because of the pain and grief you’ve had to endured knowing that ur Son or Brother who has no affiliation with a Gang was KILLED WHILE WORKING?

    have u?

    I’m guessing 98% of you DON’T or HAVEN’T(MAYBE I UNDER ESTIMATED)

    Clearly y’all have your opinions which your entitled to BUT I’M Sure if only half of you had Gotten “THAT CALL” to come IDENTIFY UR SIBLING’S LIFELESS BODY IN A MORGUE, there’s No DOUBT in MY mind that u would Sit back and except what’s taking place in BDA or within your Family (GOD forbid if this should happen to you right now.)
    You WILL (and I”LL BET MY LAST GOD FORESAKEN $)be crying out for the ppl and Gov. to take a stand or START a PETITION just LIKE this.
    IT MAY NOT BE the WHOLE ANSWER which we know is not…However, its a START a Deterrent a comfortable Measure and a BEGINNING or Part of A SOLUTION.
    Of Course its Uncomfortale having critters n dust on ur face take a few seconds to wash it when you get to your destination. OR Try handy WIPES. It’s MORE UNCOMFORTABLE walking or passing by these neighborhoods not knowing who KILLED MY BROTHER or why IS MY BROTHER DEAD> WHY haven’t they found his killers!! Ever stop to think about that?
    BDA ppl need to come to terms and deal with reality with whats goin on and not be AFRAID of CHANGE. Yes, a few always spoils it for the majority,and always will!! How will we take back our communities if no 1 is willing to CHANGE.

    WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT!! Talk to me STR8….. 21sq miles minded ppl!

    • WHT! says:

      I agree with you. This is def. a start to trying to conquer the problem. It has to start from somewhere.

    • WOW says:

      @who feels it KNOWS IT

      I am willing to bet that the brother your talking about was a very dear friend of mine. I say that to say that I understand your hurt and pain, he may not have been my brother but blood couldn’t make us any closer, real talk. And while to this day I still burst into tears thinking about him, I can respect and understand where those who are opposed to this petition are coming from. Don’t you think that people are tired of having to tip toe, change their life styles and have their liberty altered or taken away because of ignorant people who think its ok to take someone’s life? Look at your history – Bermuda has been doing this for YEARS. Making the innocent suffer for the guilty and guess what, it hasn’t changed a DAMN THING. Dark tint on cars has been banned for years – did that help the crime rate any? I think not, if anything it had gotten worse and out of hand. Banning dark tint on visors is not going to stop the murders, in fact I don’t even think that it will reduce them; why? Because the ignorant people are going to adapt and find other ways, they always have and they always will. I’m sorry but Bermuda needs to stop pxssyfooting around – and in my opinion this is a pxssyfoot approach. Yes I UNDERSTAND that it is an attempt, and I agree attempts need to be made but I agree with those opposed, it’s not going to work – what Bermudians need to do is get on this friggin government, they are the reason the island is in the state it is now, not tinted visors….

      R.I.P Colfy baby, forever in my heart x0x0

  54. Sarah says:

    The idiots are out in force today! Banning something doesn’t mean the bad guys will stop using it, it just means that the good guys have to deal with (potentially dangerous) inconveniences that they shouldn’t have to.
    Don’t be so willing to give up your rights, even if they seem inconsequential and don’t affect you directly. It’s a dangerous road.

  55. aye dont be dopeyyy…guns r illegal ppl still use them, aint nothin u can do wit a visor beside make more citizens anger an force them 2 react….if i hv 2 ride in tha sun 4 this petition imma be one of them ppl wit a reason…..all this money that payin these cops, STOP CHEATING AN DO YA JOBZZ… makin thEIR own force an government look DUMBBBB….IM TIRED OF LIVIN AMONGST IDIOTS RUNNIN THIS COUNTRYYY!!! LIKE REALLY I GET EMBARRASSED WIT THA TACTICS THEY COME UP WITHH….THAT NEVA LAST, WHILE THA PPL IN THA COMMUNITY DOIN WAT THEY HAVE 2 R GETTIN BULLIED CAUSE THA 2 SCARED TO ATTACT WAT THEY KNO THEY SHOULD….”passive-aggressive” PPL THAT NEED HELP…..CLEALY NOT HAPPY WITH THA WAY THEY WAS TREATED GROWIN UP….UNFORTUNATELY THAT DONT HV NOTHIN TOO DO WITH THA REST OF USSSSS LIVIN HERE…..SOOO LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!!! BE4 THINGS GET WORST …PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEY CANT SEE THA BIGGGGA PICTURE HERE…

  56. Terry says:

    Well all I can say is, …ah never mind. Nobody gives a crap anymore ..,anyway…

    What we need is more SUPERvisors………work on that one…….

  57. CeCe says:

    Aren’t guns illegal? So what difference would if make if tinted visors became illegal? Do you think the criminals care one way or the other? I think this is a knee jerk reaction. I mean no offence to any of the victims families.

  58. Star says:

    If you ban the visors, they will just end up wearing skii mask… Wake up BDA!

  59. White Jesus says:

    Lets ban pockets, better yet lets ban pants, lets ban sunglasses too. Don’t be so stupid people these are not solutions they are kneejerks. tinted visors can actually prevent someone from getting shot as would be predators cannot see their faces. It’s not fair to punish law abiding citizens this way. why MUST everyone see my face while i’m riding??? WHY??? What would it prevent?

  60. Gully God says:

    It aint gonna stop nothin. Its ah waste of taxpayers money to even tryna make it illegal. Next they would be banning dark colored bikes. lol

  61. NO says:

    DO NOT ban dark tinted visors!! All that will happen is that the “would be” assailant will only wrap a scarf, bandana, sheet, mask, the list goes on!!

    I appreciate the family’s concern and support innovative ways to reduce these perps from staying in the so called ‘dark’, but if you ban visors, then ban all hoodies, and as you can imagine, the list goes on.

    The average public wears a dark visor because it does great at keeping the Sun out of their eyes, and it looks cool!! Yes, looking cool isn’t a crime. Banning a dark visor will just keep us spinning our wheels as we already have in a war against ourselves.

    BDA! I love you, but enough with the knee jerk reactions, lets look in the mirror and get the windex.

  62. K-dub says:

    I respectfully submit that, while on the surface its a great idea and theoretically should allow us to see these criminals…it will not work. These killers are of a different mentality – they already use weapons that are illegal, so wearing illegal visors will have zero impact on their already criminal actions. It will be like the banning of hoodies – you’ll just have the same crimes and criminals, but hoodless and without tinted visors. No bueno.

  63. Fallen Soldiers says:

    Banning tinted visors may not be the answer all by its self because chances are those that are shooting at night don’t have a tinted visor on BUT, if it is banned and I see someone with one on during the day, it would make them stand out like a roach in a bowl of rice.

    If it was banned and I see two people on a bike with tinted visors on during the day, I may notice them sooner and move.

    If it was banned and someone with a tinted visor rides by police officers they would know that person is up to no good. I’m sure in one or two of these shootings the individuals have passed a police car with out being stopped.

    The ban may not stop shootings but, it may help to prevent some and make it more difficult and to say don’t do something that may help, you may as well say let the violence continue.

    A clear visor will stop any bug, rain or dirt the same as a tinted visor. I live in the west so when I go to work and from work to home I am always heading into the sun so I know how bad it is and how bad it isn’t and I ride bike car and van. So why be selfish and more concerned about a tinted visor then stopping the shootings.

    How would you feel knowing someone shot at you or your family and got away with it because their face was hidden behind a tinted visor and couldn’t be identified by an eyewitness in the area?

    I say try it if it doesn’t work the law can always be relaxed or changed, just as traveling at 50k has been because by law its still illegal but police normally don’t even point a radar at you or ticket people for doing 50k.

    It won’t hurt. I say ban tinted visors.

  64. DB says:

    Good day all, this has gotten way out of had everyone on here has very good points. But with all due respect to those who have lost loved ones this will not solve anything but in some ways make things worst for the law biding people.

    1. The way the island is place on or wonderful planet we have the disadvantage almost aways driving in towards the sun,more so if you are coming from the west end you will get it in the morning and the evening. Riding a motorcycle with a tinted visor reduces the chances of getting in an crash, where u can be hurt and or killed.

    2.The helmets of today are not designed for you to wear shades, for one they dont all ways fitwhile the helmet is on , and 2 in a bad crash you have a good chance of losing your eyes.

    3. What next do we ban scotters or bike for that matter, and hey what about tinted cars.

    There has to be a line drawn somewhere, most people know what there love ones are doing sometime they dont think its right. but let encourage them to stop this madness.Because Bermuda is becoming very unliveable and its not just the killings,a lot is to do with all the changes and sacrfices we law bidding people have to go throught for these select few criminals.

    Take care all and May God Bless Bermuda and her People.

  65. mixedup says:

    all i can say is be careful what you wish for. If they ban visors, next it will be baggy clothes, cuz you might be hiding a weapon, or ban heavy jewelry cuz it might be used to inflict damage, or banning dark colored vehicles, cuz they cant be easily seen at night, or….,you get the point. I refuse to give up my civil liberties for the actions of a few! Banning visors is a desperate reaction for desperate people, and i can almost understand the logic, but I’m not willing to give in to desperate ideas, especially when they invade on my personal rights! Ban visors and they will just use a scarf! Come on people!

  66. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    I think perhaps the people starting the petition have their hearts in the right place. However, I don’t think it will make any difference and just be another law that can’t possibly be enforced.

    Like loud sound on bikes. Tint on cars. Wrong colour fog lights. Loud car stereos. Texting at the wheel. Seat belts. Speeding. Talking on a cell-ya phone. Use of fog lights as head lights. Side lights made a different colour, Headlights made a different colour. Tail lights made a different colour. Going thru stop signs at speed, going thru stop lights at speed. Oversize parts on a bike. Oversize parts on a car. Tyres sticking out from wheel well. That’s enough for now.

  67. mik3 says:

    This has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve even heard to date regarding a fix for crime. Ban dark visors??? I don’t need half of Bermuda watching me ride the same road everyday. Plus I like dark visors because it blocks the sun. I can’t believe the people that run this country and this new minister actually supports it???? WTF. I think some sensible people need to form another party and get rid of UBP, PLP, BDA, OBA… Cause this is some serious bullcrap

  68. Triangle Drifter says:

    230 comments over tinted helmet visors……UNBELIEVABLE!

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      This is an indication of the level of frustration felt by a growing segment of the population.Amongst other things,many are simply getting to the point of lashing out at any effort to place more restrictions on them.
      It is difficult not to notice how impatient and intolerant we are becoming. Hopefully, common sense and cool heads will prevail, if not???
      At the risk of sounding like a disciple crying in the wilderness, we must pass any apparent gang related information to the BPS,or if we are uncomfortable with this, talk to a pastor,preacher, evangelist,worship leader, Rabbi, Bishop etc. and maybe he/she will have a private/confidential talk with a member of the BPS.
      That being said, certain members of the BPS must either learn or take a refresher course in how to conduct themselves when doing vehicle stops etc. They seem to operate under the premise that anyone they stop must be guilty of SOMETHING, and get annoyed when they are proven wrong! This is NOT a good way to gain public confidence/trust.

  69. Da truth says:

    I think that if the they ban dark visors their will be more murders because once the victim sees the killer the killer would want to make sure the victum is dead.

  70. Bermudian Thinker says:

    You can see the point in both sides, the problem is many will be punished for the actions of a few. Though the tinted visor, is a relatively small thing it is still somewhat encroaching on the freedoms of the innocent. Is it right for the masses to be punished for the acts of the few is the real question at hand. Yes it is a fact that they have used tinted visors to avoid identity in the past. Though as many of you have stated before it will only lead to these parties using something else. Then the tinted visor ban would be for no reason at all. Yes it may save a life, but at what cost? What will be next, ban on bikes? Then a ban on push pedals, instituting curfews, it can spiral out of control. Yes, I understand it is a relatively small thing the ban on visors, but I am talking about the impact it could have.
    The really problem is the inadequacies of our police department. We have subpar officers with subpar equipment. The police in Bermuda are a joke, we are suppose to have one of the highest police to population rate in the world. An overhaul needs to be done and real assessment of the Police force needs to take place. I know most are opposed to it, but we import some British or American police members on a 1-2 year contract (so they don’t get to know anyone) and have them come do the dirty work. Bermuda is to small to police itself because everyone knows everyone. The broken windows theory that was used in New York in the 1990’s needs to be employed here in Bermuda. This is the solution that attacks the problem not beat around the bush at things that have no really solution. A clean up needs to be done and people who are unattached to the society needs to do it, because we are perpetuating this problem! Lets stop these killings with some really solutions.

  71. youth voice says:

    GUNs are banned n they still use them! Drugs r banned n they sell them come on now dnt make the innocent suffer!! N if dark visors are banned they wa just wear scarfs n ski
    Mask come on now!! Think!

  72. Let's think about this... says:

    Wow – the comments on here are both “deep” or REAL “shallow”. I mean, really, think about what you are saying before you post it. The intention is to ban full faced dark tinted visors that conceal the entire face. And yes, perpetrators can cover their faces with a scarf or ski mask, but that would look suspicious and raise concern, no?

    We have rules about tinting our car windows for similar reasons – why not make it the same for bike helmets?

    Furthermore, I commend this family for taking a stand and trying to do something to help eliminate this violence. All of you are in an uproar when someone gets shot and complain to no end that something needs to be done, then when a family really tries to do something you shoot them down too. All you are concerned about is bugs hitting your precious face, or how much you spent on your helmet – stop being so selfish and look at it for the betterment of our Island home.

    Give me a break!

  73. andre says:

    why do we always look to passing a law to fix our problems?