Pomp & Pageantry Takes Over Front Street

June 18, 2011

This morning [June 18] pomp and pageantry took over Front Street as the Bermuda Regiment, Bermuda Police, Bermuda Cadets Corps and the Bermuda Sea Cadets all combined to take part in the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade. The parade was commanded by soon-to-retire Major George Jones, marking his last major duty in the Regiment after almost two decades of Service.


Due to financial reasons this year there were two guards, rather than four, from the Bermuda Regiment, including the Colour Party who displayed the Battalion’s new Regimental Colours presented by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester last year.


Also on parade was joint Police guard [Cadets, Reserves, and Regulars] commanded by Inspector Charlene Thompson, and guards by the Bermuda Cadets Corps and the Bermuda Sea Cadets.


The military in Bermuda has always celebrated the Sovereign’s Official Birthday with a June parade. From the nineteenth century until 1955, the ceremony was put on by the soldiers of the infantry battalion that was garrisoned in Bermuda.

Until the 1950’s, the ceremony itself was a purely military celebration, with minimal public participation and took place at the Prospect Garrison field. This field is now the site of Bermuda’s National Stadium.

From 1950 to 1955, the Queen’s Birthday Parade took place at Bernard’s Park with units from the British Garrison and the Royal Navy playing the lead role. From 1952, there was participation by local units such as the newly formed Bermuda Rifles, the reformed Bermuda Militia Artillery, and the Bermuda Cadets Corps.

In 1966, following the formation of the Bermuda Regiment, the parade shifted to Front Street where it became a major Tourist drawing card. The parade has taken place on Front Street ever since 1966.

In 1980, the Bermuda Regiment mounted a 120 person Guard of Honour when it presented four Guard sections made up of men, and one complete Guard section made up entirely of Bermuda Regiment servicewomen who were taking part for the first time.

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Comments (15)

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  1. Uncle Nick says:

    All hail the QUEEN!

  2. Spectator says:

    Bunch of puppets.

    • Terry says:

      There’s so much irony in your statement. What an as%$hole you are.

      You come to the site with a ‘pen name’; “Spectator” and pen such words.

      “Puppets”. Never heard it put that way. The people that serve you, the young Cadets whom are our future whether regular service or within the ranks of the Sea Cadets, our sea farring heritage.

      STFU you complete idiot.

      You know nothing of your history and even if you do your still a moron.

      Bermuda is FREE. It’s not like Russia, Syria, Yemen, Afganistan, Iraq, Somalia et al.

      Problems? Yes but if we don’t support the Government, it’s agencies and the young that clearly is ‘in your face’ then doom will come sooner than you think with inciting dumb ass comments like.

      Patricia, please ban me from commenting here. I have had enough of such garbage. I cannot get anything positive out of this. And I know it’s easy to say/reply….”well you don’t have to post/reply”.



      • Soldier says:

        I for one will not miss your posts Terry. You do more harm than good yourself.

      • ppl have small brains says:

        well said!!

  3. Private Nunya says:

    We weren’t no puppets bro, just guys tryna get our tails home and get some rest. More like cheap labor and entertainment.

    • looked great says:

      Can understand that 100% .. been there .. blah blah

      But don’t worry .. we appreciated the performance regardless.

  4. Independent Thinker says:

    There is an advantage of going independent. No more Queen Barfday parade!!!!

    • ppl have small brains says:

      yes!!!! lets throw everything away so we dont have to do one parade! what a bunch of idiots on this island. some people needs there little bubbles popped!

  5. Just wondering says:

    Was there this morning it was a good parade, the weather for it was great and from what I saw every one was in step even the police.

  6. Shaking the Head says:

    Just the pomp and circumstance loved by many visitors. Yet Bermuda dumbs such pomp down because it is not Politically Correct. In 2012 the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. Just think of the marketing prospects for Bermuda if the Dept of Tourism were bright. Make it a week long event. Street parties everywhere, flags, a policeman in the Birdcage. Visitors from the US would start booking now.
    Alas, it is unlikely to happen and a major marketing opoportunity will again be missed, leaving many Bermudians wondering why the world passd them by and visitors don’t come to Bermuda.

    • looked great says:

      Actually , that’s a very good idea ..

      Pity it’ll never be taken up though , ’cause too many people around here have this hate for anything British.

  7. Michael says:

    thanks for that Bernews :) Nice for those of us who couldnt be there…

  8. Advocating for Truth says:

    @ Michael, Yes we can always depend on Bernews. But more like those who choose on a yearly basis to miss the parade then blame the government and other for independence platforms. amazing.

  9. strong says: