Visiting Mega Yacht Plies Bermuda Waters

July 6, 2011

The world’s largest and most luxurious single masted sailboat is in Bermuda – a vessel which routinely fetched charter fees of between $250,000 and $420,000 per week prior to its sale last month.

At 247 feet, the mega yacht Mirabella V is a cutter-rigged sloop large enough to hold a double-decker bus in her hull. Her mast  extends 292 feet above the waterline, almost twice the height of Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Last month Jacqui Lockhart of Select Charter Services on the Côte d’Azur announced the sale of the Mirabella V to a private owner who plans a major refit and then extensive cruising.

The yacht had spent the last eight months in Antigua undergoing routine maintenance before arriving in Bermuda at the end of June. Friends of the Mirabella V’s new owner are believed to have joined the boat in Bermuda to enjoy some sailing in local waters before it departs the island later in July.

Earlier this week the Department of Environmental Protection advised the public not to be alarmed by the build-up of sooty flotsam in Hamilton Harbour after a technical problem  caused the vessel — then moored off the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club – to spit out non-toxic soot into the water.


Mirabella V subsequently moved west of Spanish Point where, given the prevailing south-westerly winds, the soot from its generators was blown out to sea.

Built for an estimated cost of $50 million and launched in 2003, the Mirabella V mega yacht incorporates nearly every conceivable luxury.

The yacht has a full beam owner’s suite, six staterooms with big windows and full size en-suite bathrooms, entertainment systems everywhere — and even a hot-tub and dip pool on the sailboat’s foredeck.

The yacht also boasts a gymnasium and sauna, which are located on the lower deck, and all the latest satellite communications equipment.

The main dining room is capable of seating up to 12 guests in comfort. After dinner, well-heeled sailors can watch a movie under the stars on the outside projection screen (with wireless headphones), or on the projection screen in the yacht’s main saloon to enjoy full surround sound.

Mirabella V also carries a small fleet of watercraft to keep passengers occupied during cruises. For motorheads, there’s a 29-foot Hinckley boat with 400hp engine (complete with waterskis, wakeboard, kneeboard and tube), a 21-foot Castoldi with 240hp engine, a 17-foot rigid-inflatable boat and two SeaDoos.

There are also four Laser sailing dinghies, two windsurfers, a two-man kayak and a rowing skull aboard the yacht.

And for those who get their fun below the surface of the water, there’s full SCUBA equipment and a compressor for unlimited diving.

Mirabella V was built as part of a fleet of super-yachts initially owned by former chairman and CEO of the Avis car rental company, Joe Vittoria, and used for luxury private charters.

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  1. Lol says:

    Must be nice

    • LMAO too says:

      For those of you who “routinely” pay $250k to $420k a week to charter this boat, I say your money would be better paid to a shrink who might be able to diagnose your sickness and also advise how that money might better be spent.

      • Oh, please! If one can afford it, what’s the problem? I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. God knows, that’s the mantra for many of the people living on our island…

  2. cocoa says:

    ahhhhh! I can only dream………..!!!

  3. Spectator says:

    Don’t worry about the pollution we generate in Bermuda, it’s blown out to sea. Seems responsible.

  4. Scott says:

    its been here for a week though… lol and reported everywhere already??? thought the new story is the pollution it caused..

  5. whistling Frog says:

    $50,000,000.00 I could buy a lot of mango’s with that kinda money….

    • JOHN says:

      yes, but they wouldn’t last very long and look at all the stones you’d be left with.