Cannonier Sworn In As Opposition Leader

November 3, 2011

[Updated with videos] One Bermuda Alliance leader Craig Cannonier was sworn in at Government House this morning [Nov.3] as Bermuda’s newest Parliamentarian and also as the new Opposition Leader.

His replacement in the Senate has yet to be named. However, the One Bermuda Alliance is expected to make an announcement on the new line-up of its Senate team in the near future since Dr. Katherine Michelmore will also be stepping down. She and her family are leaving Bermuda for Australia shortly. The “Bermuda Sun’s” Raymond Hainey reports today that Michael Fahy and Toni  Daniels are in line to become the new OBA Senators.

Two days ago Mr. Cannonier romped to an easy victory in the Devonshire South Central by-election, winning almost four times as many votes as his two rivals combined.

He bested Progressive Labour Party candidate Anthony Richardson and Independent candidate David Sullivan to win the seat with 504 of the 608 votes cast. Mr. Richardson placed second with 75 votes while third-place finisher Mr. Sullivan drew just 29 votes.

On a percentage basis, Mr. Cannonier won 82.89% of the votes,  Mr. Richardson took 12.43% and Mr. Sullivan 4.77%.

The by-election was called due to the resignation of veteran Parliamentarian John Barritt, who had promised to step down if the new Opposition Leader selected at a September OBA party conference was not an elected MP.

When Sen. Cannonier bested MP Bob Richards in the leadership contest, Mr. Barritt tendered his resignations as interim OBA Leader and as the Parliamentarian for Devonshire South Central.

Sen. Craig Cannonier was born and raised in St David’s, attending St. George’s Preparatory School and the Bermuda Institute.

After obtaining a BSc in Industrial Psychology from Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland in 1986, he went on to acquire retail management experience in a number of different arenas.

Mr. Cannonier began his career by working for the MarketPlace Group where he was responsible for human resources, training and purchasing. He later served as the general manager of People’s Pharmacy for some ten years, and currently runs Esso City Tigermarket, Collector’s Hill Esso and Warwick Esso.

He entered politics in 2009, and in February 2010 was elected leader of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance, winning 157-38 over Myron Piper.

In May of this year the Governor, acting on the advice of the Interim Leader of the Opposition John Barritt, appointed Craig Cannonier to the Senate, along with Michael Dunkley and Dr Katherine Michelmore.

In September 2011 Mr. Cannonier was elected leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, beating fellow candidate Bob Richards by 14 votes. There were 680 votes cast in the leadership race; 6 spoiled [0.88%], Senator Cannonier received 344 votes [50.44%], while Bob Richards got 330 votes [48.52%].

Update 8.23pm: Short video interview with Mr Cannonier

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  1. Analyst and Voter says:

    Good work OBA and PLP, you are both finally giving the Guvnor some work to do, now he can focus on strategy of BPS and Crime situation.

  2. LOL (original) says:

    Good luck let see if the opposition can put viable solutions on the table and heavily publize them. This is the only way forward as the haters will never vote for you anyway….


  3. Tired of nonsense says:

    Congrats to Mr. Cannonier.

    Unfortunately it is quite apparent that you are naive. Everyone that hates Opposition knows full well that you are just a puppet for the ever evil white people. Just read the comments. They know exactly how all ever evil white people think and act. It is a shame that you don’t. You probably don’t even realize that as you are getting sworn in that those ever evil white OBA members of yours, like Messrs Dunkley, Pettingill, Fahy et al are secretly plotting your downfall and ousting as Opposition leader in a secret chamber whilst draped in their finest ever evil white linen. More than likely their secret chamber is at the bottom of an ever evil white house which has a garage with an ever evil white car with ever evil white rims. Or maybe their secret chamber is the ever evil White Horse. You knows with these cunning and deceitful ever evil white men. Either way you
    know that is exactly what is going to happen.

    You are nothing but a traitor to your black race for even indulging yourself with the ever evil white people. Only smart and caring black people join the PLP, while all uncle toms and self-hating black people would ever dare to join the Opposition or even contemplate working together with the ever evil white man. There is no chance of truly working together with the ever evil white man, because well they have and always will be ever evil. Can’t you see that the only decent whites, where only half of their being is ever evil, are either a member or support the reigning Party? Can’t you see that only true blacks ever involve themselves with the reigning Party while shouting at the top of their lungs how the white man will be forever ever evil? I mean seriously we have been told this for years now and for some reason your traitor brain just doesn’t seem to comprehend. Here it is plain and simple: Opposition is bad, evil white man is worse and the reigning Party is the savior for true black people and Bermuda. Don’t know how many times one needs to say it for you to finally understand!

    Seriously how can you, and all other black Opposition members, sit there and actually believe that you have any power or are truly representative of the ever evil white man Party? Do you hate yourselves that much? Like I and many before me have said there is no chance that the evil white man really wants to work together as it is not part of their inherent ever evil nature. They will use you and then…well I am not too sure, but I believe everything I read. Oh wait a minute I remember now, if you ever get the Opposition into power the ever evil white man will automatically return you to your shackles and lock all black people up and then destroy Bermuda with their evil white ways and then come out and tell the people that we had to deceive you. Typical ever evil white people tactics, trust.

    But you have a chance to redeem yourself like Wayne Furbert did in the eyes of real black people. I mean look at how he was labeled, ostracized and attacked by the ruling Party during his tenure in the ever evil white man Party. And now look at how Mr. Furbert is labeled as a hero for leaving the ever evil white man Party and lauded as having finally seeing the light regarding the ever evil white man’s ways. You still retain that option Mr. Cannonier. You can reaffirm your blackness to Bermuda and to yourself by joining the Party that retains only true black people, not evil white wannabes.

    In conclusion you are nothing but a puppet for the ever evil white man and it is a shame that you cannot see through their ever evil white charade. They have always and will always be evil. The only choice for Bermuda is the reigning Party choice. All the way.

    • Jesus says:

      Tired of nonsense…the power of Christ compels you…the power of Christ compels you…the power of Christ compels you…Thought I would perform an exorcism since you were speaking in tongues and gibberish!!!!

    • St. Davids says:

      @Tired of Nonsense:

      You have officially won the most racist person in the world award, Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself, thanks for sharing with us your ever so insightful views and hatred towards white people. Do you want to know what your prize is??? For winning such an elite award you are now responsible for going up to every white person you see and calling them the, “Ever evil white man”!!!! For the rest of your life!!!! Now you won’t have to sit behind your computer and write your powerful words, you will be able to back them up and publicly flaunt your award for being the most racist person in the world! GOOD LUCK!

      PS. I look forward to us crossing paths one day!

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Don’t get mad at this evil white man.

        I only learned what I know from Bernews posters and several prominent pundits from the reigning Party.

        • St. Davids says:

          well in that case K*LL yourself!

        • Jesus says:

          “Slaves [and Tired of nonsense], obey your earthly [white] masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.” (Ephesians 6:5)

        • bdananny says:

          Why would anyone post such hatred and contempt for another person, race etc????
          You must be a ver bitter person, seek God to help you.

    • Ever Evil White says:



    • Real talk says:

      What’s really sad is that you were so bored that you took the time to post this. Are you employed? I’m highly doubting it. I bet you still live with your parents? From one BLACK person to another… GET A LIFE or a hobby.

      If I was your mother I’d slap you for being so ignorant, go read a book and get educated… #realtalk

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble I am white and educated. Especially educated in the mind thoughts of some Bermudians as I hear it and read it on a daily basis.

        Mother did slap me. But obviously not hard enough.

        The thing about it is you are upset with me that I pointed out the mindset of many. While they may be the minority they seemed to be never condemned by the majority.

        Prime example is you callingme ignorant and saying I need to be beaten. While all the while staying absolutely silent about the two posts below labelling Mr. Cannonier as a HN. No slaps for him?

    • My two cents says:

      I think this is meant to be sarcastic?

  4. Terry says:

    I enjoyed that video.

    I could feel the honesty comming from his voice and lungs.


    Best to you Craig.

  5. boston baked bean says:

    “Tired of Nonsense”, we’re tired of people like you. Bernews should block your comment.

  6. Terry says:

    The irony of all of the comments made by ‘Tired of Nonsense’ is the fact that they believe all they write.

    I read the above and still can’t fathom the vile spewed. This is either a really pissed off white person or one that has no clue as to people of color.

    But remember. If I were to write that I woulod be seen as a racist white man.

    I mean annonimity is one thing but those comments should be removed. Patricia, remove that garbage. Only you know the real author et al.

    Sad days ahead.

  7. Tired of nonsense says:

    It was written in jest and only sought to highlight the attacks and bigotry shown towards the Opposition from several posters on this site and others. It was just highlighting their argument that the Opposition can never be trusted because they retain the belief that wll white men shall be ever evil and that black people who join such organizations are nothing but traitors.

    Read my past posts fools and you will notice that it is completely facetious on my part and that I don’t support such disgusting views.

    Delete it if you want. But it won’t take away from the fact that the mindset, of which I wrote, is very much present in BDA politics.

    • bdananny says:

      Amazing, such a big/proud person to write such garbage but hides under assumed name!!!!

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Perhaps you should direct your moral outrage at the people who actually preach that nonsense on a daily basis, rather than at the individual that highlights such ignorant thought processes as being prevalent in this hate filled little island.

        I mean they might take heed of your opinion being that you have no problem posting under your real name and all…bdananny

    • My two cents says:

      It amazes me that people don’t know when someone is being sarcastic in their post. I could tell right off the bat.

    • Contractor dave says:

      @ Tired of nonsense. I seriously thought someone had stolen your name there! Phew, was seriously worried I’d misjudged your previous posts lol

      You are correct, the mindset is just as you said in some of the population, I still live in hope that it’s a minority mindset though :)

  8. open mind says:

    There is so much racism on this little island that it is absolutely DISGUSTING! When we select a party to run our country, race should not determine that decision. Instead, the candidate’s intentions and capabilities should determine that decision. Also, we need a strong team that is in it for their country and not just in it for theirselves. We need a party that is not about greed especially during these hard times. We need a party that will do whatever it takes to get our country back on the right path. When selecting the best candidates it is essential that we select the best ones for the task at hand regardless of the color of their skin. The sad part about it is that we will never be able to make this happen when there are so many closed minded people and people who are just stuck in their own ways. I really hope my tiny little island is able to recuperate from these tough times and a great first step is to have an open mind.

  9. Jus' Askin' says:

    Why is it that people (white people) can stand on the shoulders of their ancesters, reap the economic benefits of their, actions and still oppress others and it be OK?
    FACT- Craig is Puppet and he will enjoy his time as the ‘face’ of change. Whether his strings are being pulled and/or someone has their hand up his a$$, he is just a Puppet!
    Why the minute someone states something on racial lines, they are deemed a ‘racist’?
    Majority of White People vote one way and that is FACT.
    FACT – OBA is the NEW UBP and Craig will learn andb feel what Wayne and Kim have felt.
    Craig had to go around with John, so that the people of C12 could know this is the new HN.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Preach on brother…

      Preach on…

    • Bermyman says:

      What would happen if ALL of the white people left Bermuda, including tourists? I am interested to see what your proposed Utopia would be like?

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        No ever evil whites is a utopia to such individuals…point blank

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Who mentioned white people and tourist leaving? Tourist leave anyway m8. Are you saying black people of Bermuda would not be able to have an ‘Utopia’ without ‘white people and tourist’?
        It is funny that a white man is never called lazy, yet their gains came from the sweat, hard labour and sufferage of others. Call me a racist, you can call me what ever you like. The days of the few, ruling the majority will end.
        Craig is a 21st century HN. PLP and OBA/UBP are two sides of the same coin!

        • Tired of nonsense says:

          That’s right tell ‘em.

          Not ONE single ever evil white person has had to ever work for their own!

          Sh*t when I was born I automatically was given 10 acres and a mule along with a never ending trust account to ensure that my white behind would never have to work.

          Tell ‘em again until those ever evil, and now lazy, whites get it through their white supremacist skulls.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            You and I both know you got 20 acres, a mule and a cart ;-)
            And the trust account funds hmmmmmm I’ll leave that one alone. These grandsons of Hitler will never get it through their skulls. Not All whites are evil though ;-)
            Just the ones that vote OBA/UBP LOL

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              Nah. Didn’t get the other 10 acres and cart until i graduated nursery school.

              You don’t even want to know what all whites when they finish high school and university. That is besides a full refund from these educational facilities with a note stating “you know full well education is free for all and any white folks.” I was like for real, its good to be an ever evil white.

              I can’t wait until my 50th. I will probably inherit the rest of BDA.

              • Contractor dave says:

                @ tired – hope you’ve not got long till that birthday, cos it won’t be worth much in a few years time :)

            • My two cents says:

              You sound so ridiculous. But gave me a good laugh for the day! Ass u me, ever heard that one?

          • young persons view says:

            It astonishes me that people in Bermuda have such racist views! Bermudians are a mix of all peoples black/white, portugese,english,jamaican,native american etc. How can we achieve anything if we do not work together? The OBA have it right in my opinion, they represent what Bermuda is. A mixture of people black/white and young/old who want whats best for this country that we all call home. We will not see enough of a change until people get involved in it. The longer we sit behind the computer comments and complain the longer nothing changes. I dare people to come out and see what the OBA has to say before you make up your mind.Change is on the horizon wheather people get with it or not.

            • Jus' Askin' says:

              Can you not pick up on the tone of the conversation?
              You would vote for OBA because there are a ‘mixture of people’ in the party? Your standards are pretty high m8. So OBA really is the’Poltically Correct’ party in your eyes?
              OBA does not have it right. They definitely do not represent what Bermuda is. Little advice for you, never go by what these politicians say.
              I will agree change is on the horizan, but it will not be what you think it will be. With the OBA in power, ‘class distinction’ will come into affect and a total destruction of the middle class. For all those that think OBA is the answer to our salvation, are sadly mistaken.

              • young persons view says:

                you are the one who is sadly mistaken. Sick views like the ones that you have keep bermudians foolish, uneducated and ignorant. in my opinion you sound ingorant! and yes I am a member of the OBA and I dont have to sit behind a computer sn and rant about ridiculousness. I would prefer to be public about my views and support whom i think will run this country best. the longer that people argue about race the longer we stand without a solution. i bleed red and i know that everybody else in the world does to. so in my eyes we are all the same, fighting for the same causes, feeling the same pain, hurting the same and breathing the same air. Forget race! its irrelevant. id like to know whens the last time any black person was racially profiled in bermuda! ive never been profiled due to the colour of my skin! it ludacris what some people will believe! VOTE OBA

        • Bermyman says:

          No, I am suggesting that your Utopia is a Bermuda or a world without white people, which is what you seem to indicate in your posts. If you want an answer to your question which is essentially why does institutionalised racism exist then go and read the book by Jared Diamons called ‘Guns, Germs and Steel. Then look at the present and look at the future and look at Bermuda as a whole and try in your brain to figure out the reasons for Bermuda’s existence as a society. Then get over yourself!

  10. UncleElvis says:

    It’s pretty scary that this piece of OBVIOUS satire wasn’t immediately recognized as such. Not that folks are stupid… it’s that worse things have been said!
    It was so completely over the top that there should have been no question.

    It’s sad that we’ve all seen worse things written in all seriousness.

  11. Wondering says:

    Congratulations Craig and OBA!!