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December 25, 2011

When Santa, amidst his Ho-Ho-Ho’s and jingles, visited Happy Valley Child Care Center a few days ago, a dainty faerie from a book entitled the Banana Leaf Faerie Elf, written by Bermudian author/artist, Joan Aspinall, joined him.

Four year-old Amiyah Lake, fluttering excitedly about in layers of green tulle, flapping translucent, blue wings, gave her favourite book, featuring Ronnie Chameau, faeries, and banana leaf angels to each child during their Christmas party on December 17th.

“Since the age of two, Amiyah has been dragging the book around,” said grandmother, RoseAnn Edwards. “She loved the name of the main character, BooBooBanana, and made sounds of zzzzzz…a buzzing chain saw, featured in the book when the banana patch was cut down,” said Ms Edwards.

“Consequently, I would make a buzzing sound, and she would run to fetch the book. To become a real life Banana Faerie Elf is pure magic for her.”

Last Christmas, Amiyah acted as poster child for ‘Books for Kids’, an idea conceived by the author. This year, the project has ballooned, and the author has personally donated 350 Banana Leaf Faerie books to Bermuda charities. This number of books carry a retail value of $5,589.00, but Ms Aspinall says she has a long way to go.

“In 2010, children connected to STAR and Sunshine League received a minimal contribution, with books sold to the public for a small fee then given to the children,” she said.

“This season, I’ve donated two 78-unit case lot of books, one each to the Family Center and Prison Fellowship. Center Against Abuse and Happy Valley Child Care Center received 65 total, plus 120 books will go to a Government school in the New Year.”

“I am personally giving to charities, but this is a wonderful opportunity for an individual, alumnae or current parent, to step in and give a gift of books to their school. What an incredible Christmas present to dedicate books to the children of their choice.”

“It’s also a good time for seasoned politicians plus political candidates to step in and make an impression on their constituents. Happy children make for happy parents, happy voters.”

Since schools are closed for the holidays, books would be presented either as a gift to be used by the school or to the children individually, sometime in early New Year, stated Ms Aspinall.

“We have an assembly in the works where I will do a full presentation of the book accompanied by our Banana Faerie.

“Amiyah loves to give away her book,” said Ms  Aspinall. “A true performer, she took each child at Happy Valley under her care. Look at some of her expressions in the accompanying photos.”

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  1. Phyllis Correia says:

    It is pleasing to read articles involving children and the happiness a book can bring. Joan Aspinal shares her love of art, stories, sharing that makes such a wonderful story to read.