Four Men Charged: Stolen Credit Card

February 29, 2012

Yesterday [Feb.28] four young men Denzil Chase [18], Ryan Richardson [21], DeJuan Simons [23], and Eugene Bassett [23]; were charged with a variety of offences involving the theft and use of credit cards belonging to an American tourist, the handling of the cards, and obtaining goods by deception.

Bassett was unrepresented. Simons was represented by Duty Counsel Leopold Mills. Both men pleaded guilty to a total of six charges involving receiving a stolen credit card; using the card to obtain over $1,800 worth of goods, by deception, from Mr R Thomas; and attempting to obtain goods, by deception, from M&M.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner was told that on 12 December 2011, a visiting tourist couple had parked their bikes at Shelly Bay beach and had gone to admire the Bermuda view. On their return they saw that their backpack was missing.

The pack contained credit cards and other items. The couple searched but could not find the pack. They called Citibank as soon as they could and arranged a stop order on their cards; but by then Citibank informed them that the cards had already been used to make purchases.

Simons and Bassett were identified by M&M staff as the persons who had used the credit cards in order to make purchases at M&M. When Police came to investigate the matter at M&M, Bassett was identified as still being in the shop. Bassett was arrested and was later taken home where his home was searched. Clothing that had been purchased with the stolen card was found at Bassett’s house. Simons later turned himself in to Police and was also identified by M&M.

Following their plea and conviction, both Bassett and Simons were granted bail of $5,000 with each man having to find a Surety for the same amount, and social inquiry reports were ordered for each man. Bassett and Simons come back to Court on 12 April for sentencing.

Chase was unrepresented. For the same series of charges, Chase pleaded not guilty to stealing two credit cards; obtaining, by deception over $300 worth of boots and socks from W J Boyle and Son in St George’s, and $84.95 worth of goods from the English Sports Shop in St George’s. All the offences are said to have occurred on 12 December 2011.

Richardson was represented by lawyer Marc Daniels. Richardson pleaded not guilty to the single charge of receiving or handling stolen goods with it alleged that he was involved with Bassett and Simons in the defrauding of Mr R Thomas of over $1,800 on 12 December 2011.

Chase and Richardson were bailed for $5,000 each with one like Surety. The two come back to Court on 13th March 2012 for mention. Their trial date will be set at that time.

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  1. Truth says:

    Welcome to Bermuda! We hope you enjoyed your stay – sorry you only got robbed – perhaps on your next visit we will break into your hotel, beat you and your wife up, and THEN rob you, that’s the Platinum Package. Ridiculous. Bermuda sucks.

    These men are pathetic. They want more toys so they steal to get them? What a waste of space these 4 are. Pathetic.

  2. Question to be asked..... says:

    I understand theft is normal thing anywhere around the world BUT i just have ONE question……. How is it that these 20 year-olds (Bermudians i only assume) are able to use a US distributed Credit Card???? We have NO Citibank in Bermuda and i’m pretty sure if they committing such crimes, then they are not overseas in school where they may be able to obtain a US Credit Card. Did neither of these merchants even take a second to look at the card and notice it not the typical Bermuda issued card??? I just sayin….

    • YES MATE! says:

      How was MM supposed to know they aren’t in school in the states? Still I think that merchants should request ID when the customer uses a card.

  3. amen says:

    Theft is theft and it’s wrong but who leaves their bag on their rental cycle then walks away? That’s pure stupidity. They surely would never do that in their hometown.

    • Just sayin' says:

      It’s the vacation effect. On vacation, it’s easy to feel like you’re someplace special that must be safer than home. Plus, Bermuda still has a reputation for being a gentle, safe place. (But, it is dim to leave a bag on a bike.)

      • amen says:

        Yeah that’s what I mean people think because it’s a foreign country and Bermuda at that it’ll be okay to do that. It’s stupidity on their part.