Blakeney & Roban Confirmed As Candidates

March 28, 2012

[Updated with video] This afternoon [Mar.28] the Progressive Labour Party confirmed that Walter Roban will represent the party in Constituency #15 Pembroke East, and Glenn Blakeney will stand in Constituency #13 Devonshire North Central.

Mr Roban presently holds the Pembroke East seat, having won 81.63% of the vote over the UBP’s Sean Pitcher [631-142] in 2007. Earlier this month, the One Bermuda Alliance announced that Scott Stewart will stand for the Opposition in Pembroke East.

Glenn Blakeney — the Minister of Youth, Families and Sports — presently holds the Devonshire North Central seat, winning 53.52% of the vote vs the UBP’s Albertha Waite [433-376] in 2007. The One Bermuda Alliance has already confirmed that Anthony Francis will stand for the Opposition in Devonshire North Central.

Update 2.30pm: Walter Roban said, “Our country is facing challenges at this time unlike any other. Many people are hurting and are looking for help, for answers. I am working along with my colleagues to find answers provide solutions and there is more work to be done.

“As we approach the period of decision, the public will have an important choice to make:Which party has always had improving the quality of life of Bermudians at the heart of their philosophy?

“Which party has led the struggle for economic justice for all? Which party has had the development of our people and bringing them together as an objective?

“It is the PLP. This is why I joined. This is why I serve. This is the party I stand for and this is the party
that has already put forth the best plans to take our country, under its leadership, forward.” His full statement is here.

Minister Glenn Blakeney said, “It is with great pride and humility that I sit before you today as an incumbent candidate for Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central, because it is a distinct honor and privilege to have been endorsed again by my branch and the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party to contest the next General Election.

“Since being first elected in 2003, I have had the wonderful opportunity to represent the voters of Devonshire North Central and to serve the people of Bermuda as a results-driven Team Player of the Governing Progressive Labour Party, which has required an open mind, humble spirit and unwavering commitment to service, regardless of personal challenge or any other difficult circumstance that a public servant may face from time to time.”

“Serving my community and the people of Bermuda has been an awesome experience and responsibility, which I have committed to without “fear or favor” in doing my level best to serve with dignity, sensitivity and compassion that has always been based upon a foundation of personal and professional integrity.” His full statement is here.

Update 7pm: Video

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  1. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Ewart’s Cabinet continues…………………..

    LOL same old same old

    • uniformed says:

      What r u talkin bout? Roban isn’t even in the Cabinet.

      • all clogged up says:

        bottom line is they both had a chance to clean up politics….Roban is an honorable person, but still has to pay the price for his comprimise….sacraficial lamb for a guy whose always ‘had it all’ and still wants more…..sorry Walter

        • JD says:

          Honorable, really, click on VIDEO towards the top right corner, and then ask yourself who approved that, and then ask yourself who really is honorable?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        My statement is correct “uniformed”. Was he or was he not in Cabinet before? Under who? So what are you talking about?

        LOL did you just start paying attetion to politics in Bermuda?

    • Come Correct says:

      LOL look what you started, just wait until specialgirl/M.I.A knocks off.

    • Yup says:

      DREB will be making a come back. A vote for PLP is a vote for DREB & Co.

  2. @Work says:

    Not enough white candidates.

  3. Goose says:

    Roban had the decency to resign his Cabinet post when he was found breaking the rules. That’s got to be worth something.

    • ??? says:

      After a lengthy meeting with the premier prior to his announcement, we can assume that premier Cox gave him no choice but to resign. However, he is in a save seat so most likely he will remain in the house :|

    • Waters Edge says:

      Im confused here, just a few months ago Roban resigns because of all the controvery. His resignation was excepted which would make one assume that the party leaders agreed. Today, he is welcomed back, all is forgiven and forgotten and he is on the frontlines again!? What is going on here? Is history repeating itself again…did they have to deceive us again!

  4. Alicia says:

    *SNIFF SNIFF* Smells like an election…

  5. Cancer says:

    The guy Roban resigns his seat (actually made to resign by the Cog) because of unethical behavior then six months later he’s accepted back by the PLP and running again as a candidate! I can’t believe this stuff. I guess that’s what happens when the flipPLoP party has a shortage of good and ethical candidates.

  6. Cancer says:

    Sorry Mr Blakeney but Anthony Francis will run you out of town!

    • what a joke says:

      all Anthony Francis has to do is show up….haven’t see Blakeney and the plp in 15 years…..So Blakeney, don’t start showing up now..

      • Itsaboutallofus says:

        I bet this person either doesn’t live in #13 or is an OBA member anyway…

        • your joking says:

          actually I do…and right now am not patial to either party…but PLP have proven they are not up to the OBA will get my vote and if they can’t do the job in the next 5 years PLP will get my vote hopping they will have learned from their mistakes…this process will continue until those in government realise they are working for us and Bermuda not for themselves…….wish everyone else voted on job performance and not colour…

      • Yup says:

        Anthony and the OBA will pick Bermuda up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Teacher says:

    I am in no way a fan of the PLP, their empty promises, mismanagement of funds, mismanagement of IB, mismanagement of education, racist undertones etc.

    But I can honestly say, as a resident of Walter Roban’s constiuency that he really does do a good job in the community. He is very genuine, follows up on costituents concerns, has made improvements, returns phone calls, and has been out almost every month for over a year whether it be at the Grace church or on the doorstep. I wish him all the best in his efforts.

    • JCS says:

      He needs to share his weight loss secret with the rest of his party.

    • JD says:

      That is everything everyone wants in a politician, at a local level, but we also need our politicians to operate at the next level where they take those genuine views and genuine concerns and translate them to proper policy, not become part of the machine.

  8. Cleancut says:

    The honourable thing to do is run for parliament after one honourably resigns.

  9. Rick Rock says:

    No new faces here then. More from the people who got us in this mess.

  10. Lisa says:

    Please I have no respect for Blakeney!

  11. Hmmmm says:

    Roban is talking nonsense, the PLP has done nothing to bring people together, it has spewed hatred, divisiveness and pulled us apart at the seems. The party that is pulling Bermuda together us the OBA, so I guess Roban will be voting OBA then.

  12. progress in BDA says:

    two more rewarded for loyalty, well done WALTER you will be back in cabinet for the next go round as you are still representing and highly visible on the reservation, Glen I’m not so sure , will depend on what Auntie Jen and Auntie Renee recommend over the next happy hour drinks at Ascotts.

  13. Victor says:

    Why is that woman always smirking? After destroying fifty years worth of accumulated national capital and the attendant prosperity that were practically Singaporean in their per capita size, is she proud of herself?

  14. fatman in Toronto says:

    The Klumps III – the return of the idiots.